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2016 USMS Annual Convention

Historical Convention ButtonsWhile USMS has an elected president, a CEO who leads the professional staff, a board of directors, and an executive committee made up of elected officers, the organization’s ultimate decision making body is the House of Delegates (HOD). The HOD meets each fall at the USMS Convention which is held in conjunction with the conventions of the other U.S.A. aquatic sports: water polo, diving, synchronized swimming, and youth age group/elite swimming. The HOD is made up of representatives from each of the 52 Local Masters Swimming Committees (LMSC) along with members of certain standing committees. Pacific Masters is by far the largest LMSC, being larger than the next three largest LMSCs combined, and has the largest delegation at the convention.

The House of Delegates elects the officers and board members, approves the USMS annual budget, and approves changes to the rule book. The deliberations of the HOD are a study of democracy in action. Major (and minor) propositions are argued with great passion under strict adherence to Robert’s Rules of Order. Many aspects of Masters Swimming that we now take for granted (membership of 18 – 24 year-olds, a professional staff, swim suit standards, etc.) were controversial when first considered. This year a revised transgender policy, changes to the timing system and pool measurement requirements, and various other rule and legislative items will be considered. A complete list of the proposed changes can be found in the convention section under the Volunteer tab of the USMS website.

This year’s convention will take place in Atlanta, GA on September 21 – 25. Pacific will be sending approximately 30 delegates and alternates. Pacific Masters pays for the convention fees, travel and lodging expenses, and provides a small stipend to cover incidentals. Our initial slate of delegates is approved each year in late spring. If you have strong opinions on any of the items on this year’s agenda or would like to be considered as a delegate in future years please contact John King, Chair of Pacific Masters, or Charlene O’Brien, our Office Administrator. 

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