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2019 Pacific Masters Coach of the Year Award Recipient Mary Kahn


Mary Kahn has been a coach for Davis Aquatic Masters since 2009. During that time she has exemplified what it means to be a leader, a mentor, a counselor, an advocate and a friend. Her presence on deck has been, and continues to be, settling and inspirational for the myriad of swimmers she connects with each day. She is also a leader by example when she is in the pool, helping to forge and sustain an atmosphere of competitiveness and supportiveness among fellow swimmers. She consistently exudes an aura of approachability and a genuine interest in helping those around her. Even under tremendous duress and adversity, Mary exemplifies what it means to be outstanding in the way she responds to and resolves both ongoing and emergent issues. The totality of her unique skills are unparalleled and her inspiration is unquestionable.

Mary understands the importance of human connection and building personal relationships with Masters swimmers who come to the pool with many different objectives. Because she understands both how important the connection is and how different we all are, she touches each of us in a meaningful and individualized way.

In addition to her duties on deck and in the pool, Mary is a certified Red Cross Instructor that teaches CPR, first aid, AED and lifeguard training to a pool of nearly 60 DAM members. This ensures that DAM have ample substitute coaches and plenty of lifeguards for the multiple workouts and lap swims that DAM offers each week. On April 11, 2019 this training was put to the ultimate test when one of the DAM swimmers had a heart attack in the water. Thanks to Mary's quick response and the help of a few certified lifeguards the swimmer was revived and is back in the water!

Since everything is not as traditional this year - you can see Mary receiving her award in the June Board Meeting (~ 6:30)

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