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2020, A Very Strange Year

MEMO masters workout at the beach in Alameda <<...>>

In one of our early organizing committee meetings for the 2020 virtual Annual Celebration and Meeting, I volunteered to make a video about this year for Pacific Masters Swimming. I quickly realized that there were no activities during the year, no content to work with. I also never made a video in my life.

The solution was to ask members to send in their stories about how they weathered the pandemic. Many of you were gracious enough to share your stories. That solved the content problem. I still needed to turn it into a video.

While exploring my options, I kiddingly asked my 11-year-old grandson if he could make a video. He'd never made one either, but unlike me, he didn't know what he didn't know. Together we produced this video capturing the essence of Pacific Masters Swimming during 2020. You can view it here.

By: Rich Burns

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