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Call for Coach of the Year Nominations

Please consider nominating your coach for the Pacific Masters Coach of the Year Award. Submissions should include a nomination letter along with a maximum of four support letters. A description of the award along with the nomination and selection process from the Pacific Masters Administrative Handbook is repeated below. Nominations for Pacific Masters Coach of the Year are due Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at 6 PM.

7. Coach of the Year

A. The purpose of this award is to recognize the Pacific Masters Swimming coach who has demonstrated outstanding coaching qualities. 

B. The award criteria are as follows:

(1) The coach and club held current Pacific Masters Swimming registration during the year under consideration.

(2) The criteria for the award is as follows (1) impact since January 1 of the preceding year, and (2) impact over the coach’s career with his or her club.  Outstanding contributions to his or her club and its individuals are measured by the following competitive and non-competitive factors:

a. Competitive factors shall include club and individual performance at Pacific Masters Swimming and USMS Championships in any sanctioned course, as well as relay and individual Pacific Masters Swimming, USMS and World records that reflect the coach’s skill and inspiration.

b. Non-competitive factors shall include club vigor, size and growth, club participation and volunteering, and club having hosted well-run events.

c. Outstanding service to Pacific Masters Swimming, USMS and to other public or private community organizations.

d. Outstanding professional contributions, such as participation in clinics and published works.

C. Nominations and Selection

(1) There shall normally be one award given.

(2) A nomination announcement shall be published in the appropriate Pacific Masters Swimming mass email communication.  Nominations may be made by any registered Pacific Masters Swimming club or member in the form of a written statement addressing both the criteria above and the instructional and inspirational qualities of the coach.  The nominating letter and a maximum of four supporting letters from registered Pacific Masters Swimming members shall be submitted to the Chair by February 14. Nominations for the Chair can be submitted to the Vice-Chair. Email addresses for the Chair and Vice-Chair can be found on the Pacific Masters website.

(3) The Selection Committee will have three members.  Unless there is a conflict of interest, the Chair of the Selection Committee will be the Vice President for Clubs and Coaches. In case of a conflict of interest, the Chair of Pacific Masters Swimming will appoint an alternative Chair of the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee Chair and Pacific Masters Swimming Chair will each appoint a member to the Selection Committee. Each committee member will separately evaluate submitted information according to the criteria listed above, ranking his or her top three nominees so that the top-rated nominee receives one point, the second-rated nominee receives two points, and the third-rated nominee receives three points.  The nominee with the lowest aggregate score from among the committee members shall be the winner.  In the event of a tie score, the Selection Committee shall meet as a whole to determine a winner from among the tied nominees based on the submitted information for the nominee’s overall career with his or her club.

(4) The Selection Committee shall submit its choice for approval by the Pacific Masters Swimming Committee at its March meeting.

(5) The Chair or a designee shall write a letter of recommendation for the Pacific Masters Swimming Coach of the Year Recipient for the USMS Coach of the Year award. The recommendation can be used in the current and future years

(6) The award shall be presented at the Pacific Masters Swimming Short Course Yards Championships.

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