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Coach of the Year Presentation Video

Donita Flecker, this year’s winner of the Coach of the Year Award, did an exceptional job pivoting during the pandemic and offering her small fleet of swimmers a safe refuge from daily challenges.

Donita has been the coach of Sebastopol Masters Aquatic Club (SMAC) since 2007. While some clubs struggled to launch a COVID-friendly Masters program, Donita overcame obstacles at the local pool, swiftly re-started workouts, and managed to increase participation in SMAC by an impressive 90% in the process. Many swimmers currently on the team have been with her from the beginning, and some have just this year started benefitting from Donita’s skillful coaching. She is equally as attentive to those testing the waters and learning about interval training as she is to the more experienced speedsters.

Sebastopol Masters is a small but mighty club. Donita has been instrumental in encouraging more swimmers to sign up for sanctioned events and for organizing the “400 Fastest Pull for Sebastopol” postal event. SMAC swimmers agree: Donita is dedicated to welcoming and supporting anyone who wants to join our swimming family. Congratulations, Donita.

See Donita Flecker presented with Coach of the Year award here.

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