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The USMS Insurance Program, funded by a portion of the National Registration Fee, provides Excess Accident Insurance coverage for USMS members. Liability coverage is provided for USMS Members, Member Clubs, LMSC officials and volunteers acting on behalf of and with the approval of USMS. The insurance is valid while participating in USMS sanctioned events or approved activities.

Sanctioned events and/or approved activities include:

  1. Swimming camps, clinics & exhibitions, learn to swim programs; swimming tryouts; fitness & training programs (including dry land training); swim practices and workouts (for both pool and open water); pre-approved social events (not involving the sale of alcohol); pre-approved fundraisers (not involving the sale of alcohol); and related activities that are sanctioned or approved by USMS.
  2. USMS sanctioned events also include dual sanctioned events (such as practices, combined meets, parallel meets, and interwoven meets) with USA Swimming, whereby members of both organizations are participating in events or activities sanctioned or approved by both organizations.

More information is available on the USMS web site.

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