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Michael Moore Receives Ransom Arthur Award

Michael Moore Receives Ransom Arthur Award
In the over 20 years that Michael Moore has volunteered for Pacific Masters Swimming, he has officiated over 100,000 swims.
This contribution is reason enough for the Pacific Local Masters Swim Committee to nominate Michael for USMS’s most prestigious award, the Capt. Ransom J. Arthur M.D. award, but additionally Michael has sustained over two decades of volunteering across a wide array of masters swimming activities.
The Capt. Ransom J. Arthur M.D. award was established in 1973 to honor those who most further the objectives of USMS. The USMS objectives include: 
Improving physical fitness and health in adults, 
offering the opportunity to participate in lifelong fitness or competitive swimming programs, 
encouraging the development of Masters programs, 
enhancing fellowship and camaraderie among Masters swimmers, and 
stimulating research in the physical and mental aspects of Masters swimming.  
Ransom Arthur, the award’s first recipient, was an exceptional role model and a founder of USMS. Deservedly, this award is USMS’s highest honor.
Some previous Pacific Masters recipients of the Ransom Arthur Award include Cindy Baxter in 1981, Nancy Ridout in 1994, Carolyn Boak in 2001, and Barry Fasbender in 2008. Click here to read more about their and other recipient’s significant contributions to our sport. 
It’s likely that Michael has officiated for one or more of your swims, but you’ve also likely been one of the 18,000 recipients of his biweekly email updates for Pac Masters. You’ve likely also visited our website – the one he started.  In the 1990s he developed one of our first LMSC websites and began a biweekly email update to make sure members would be current on announcements, schedules and meet results. Under Michael’s guidance, the website received over 1,000,000 visits.
Michael is low-key and friendly, character traits that have enabled his high energy and incredibly successful endeavors at a scale that has yet to be replicated. In 2006, the XI FINA World Championships held at Stanford achieved the distinction of being the largest Masters or USAS aquatic competition ever held in the US, offering all five aquatic Master sports – swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, open water, and water polo. Who was the chair of the volunteer Local Organizing Committee?
Yes, Michael Moore.
Over a three year period, Michael poured his devotion for all that is aquatic and his considerable management skills into leading a team of ten volunteers to a successful event that included over 5,000 competitors in just swimming alone. For many participants, this event remains the pinnacle of their Masters experience.
It’s no surprise that Michael is comfortable lending his knowledge and expertise.  For more than a decade he has been a stalwart USMS volunteer as a member of the NATIONAL Board of Directors, a member on more than 10 committees and today as a two term Oceana Zone Chair and Chair of the LMSC Development Committee.
Next time you are at one of our 13 sanctioned pool meets or 16 sanctioned open water swims, look for the kind and smiling Michael Moore who will likely be wearing white and officiating - unassumingly. Let’s see if we can’t give him over 100,000 smiles, nods and thumbs up this year in return for his outstanding leadership and service. 
Congratulations, Michael Moore, this year’s recipient of the USMS Capt. Ransom J. Arthur M.D. award, and thanks from the Pacific Masters swimming community for your continued contributions that greatly enhance our vibrant and healthy organization.
By Lessly Field, Albany Armada Masters.

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