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Open Water Swimming

Pacific Masters has a great program for those swimmers who wish to swim either compete or just enjoy swimming in

Before COVID, there were many open water events; these included Spring Lake (Santa Rosa, These include different venues ocean water and mountain lakes. Berryessa, Santa Cruz, Donner Lake, Lake Del Valle and Keller Cove.

Open Water Swimming has something for each swimmer. For the highly competitive swimmer, there is the contest of how fast the swimmer can navigate the course. For the recreational swimmer, it is the time to enjoy the freedom of swimming without walls or lane lines, to enjoy the lake or ocean. For the new swimmer, it is the challenge of learning to navigate the course and to acclimate to open water conditions.

In open water swimming competition, orange and yellow buoys are strategically placed in the water to help you navigate the course, including highly visible turn buoys to let you know where the turns in the course are. The finish line is usually well marked. Sometimes there are cross winds or currents, so you plan your course accordingly.

Upcoming Open Water Competitions

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