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Pacific Masters Swimming Event Schedule Development for 2023

Pacific Masters Swimming would like to extend the opportunity for your organization to consider hosting and request dates for pool meet and open water events in the 2023 calendar year.  The sooner events can be set and published on the schedule the more time swimmers have to plan for attending your event.  

Host bids for the Pacific Masters LCM and SCM championship meets have not been finalized, however, we are ready to accept requests for pool and open water events to our schedule for the 2023 calendar year.  Pacific Masters championship events have the highest priority, during the following time periods:

•     April 14 - 16, 2023 is set for SCY champs in Morgan Hill CA (USMS spring nationals are April 27 – 30, in Irvine CA)

•     July 7 – 23, 2023 are "reserved" for LCM champs (USMS summer nationals are August 2 – 6, in Sarasota FL)

•     SCM champs have traditionally been held on the second weekend in October.

If your club is interested in scheduling a single or multi-day event, please use the appropriate link provided below to submit the brief information we need to follow up and begin organizing the event(s).  

Visit the Pacific Masters Event Schedule web page ( to view events that have already been listed.

Contact for any other scheduling questions or concerns.



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