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Pandemic ePostal Challenge Series

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We missed our competitions. They motivate us in practice, provide community, get our adrenaline going and provide joy. Until we are all able to be on the pool deck together, Pacific Masters offers the Pandemic ePostal Challenge Series. Happily Davis Aquatic Masters hosted the 2021 End-of-Summer Splash on August 22 and Mountain View Masters is scheduled to host the 17th Annual Alan Liu Memorial SCM Meet on September 12.

Pacific Masters, or one of its member teams, will host an ePostal each month until we resume in-person competitions open to all. To add spice we are turning this series of ePostals into a competion, the Pandemic ePostal Challenge Series. Swimmers can earn points in their best two events in each ePostal. These points will be combined across all ePostals in the series. When the series concludes there will be awards for the top point recipient in each age group. We will also acknowledge those who swim the greatest number of total events.

This series will conclude with September's Pandemic ePostal Challenge, our return-to-fitness benchmark 500 yard free (or 400 meter free). Thank you all for participating and please join us for this last challenge.

Earning Challenge Series Points

Points will be awarded 7,5,4,3,2,1 for 1st through 6th place respectively in each age group for each event. If a monthly ePostal has more than two events, only your best two finishes will qualify for points each month. We want to keep those who only have time to swim a couple of events in the running for awards but encourage those with time to compete in all the events.

Challenge Series End

ePostals will be offered monthly until in-person pool competitions resume in the Pacific LMSC. The sanctioning of intra-squad, dual meets & other restricted entry meets will not end the Challenge Series.


When the Challenge Series ends, the top point recipient in each age group will receive an award which will commemorate this challenging year. We will also acknowledge those who swam the greatest number of total events. More awards may be added. Check this paragraph periodically.

Awards Ceremony

At the end of the Challenge Series an online event will be scheduled to celebrate all participants. All participants will be notified of event details.

Ideas Needed

If you have ideas for events to offer, or represent a club and would like to host one of the months, please contact Meet Operations Coordinator.


Net revenues above expenses for the Challenge Series events hosted by Pacific Masters will be donated to USMS Adult Learn-to-Swim grants supported by the USA Swimming Foundation.

ePostals in the Challenge Series

Final Standings

Here are the final standings including all seven ePostals.

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