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Remembering Chris Homonnay

The Update wishes to express its sympathy to Club Hot Tub on the recent loss of their longtime member Chris Hommonay. Here is their moving tribute to him:

Beloved Club Hot Tub teammate Chris Homonnay passed away on Friday, June 24th doing what he loved best. Swimming 4000 yards Friday morning in a regular 6 AM workout, Chris gladly agreed to a second workout at the San Ramon city pool at the invitation of a close friend. Finishing the last set, he suddenly collapsed. Despite the lifeguards' valiant efforts, Chris did not recover.

Chris was a mainstay at Club Hot Tub (Club Sport in Pleasanton). He was always first in the pool, often getting in 2000 yards before the official start of the workout. Chris had a beautiful breaststroke and was a formidable IMer. Chris swam at Princeton in the 80s and once went 2:10 for the 200 IM long course. He was a long time coach at San Ramon Valley Aquatics under Rich Thornton and loved to talk about swimming: what times Lochte had just swum at an Arena event, or about Maxime Rooney's latest record at North Coast sectionals.

Chris was very well read and could put current events in historical and global perspective. We all benefitted from his witty barbs about politicians across the spectrum.

We normally put the best face on our comrades in death but Chris was the real deal: soft-spoken, kind, always upbeat, and encouraging. In short, Chris was the teammate that everyone loved and respected.

We'll miss you, Chris.

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