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Age group swimmer of the year award winners

Displaying awards for 2000

M/FAge GroupAge Group Winner
F19-24Sarabeth Schweitzer
F25-29Maya Nasution
F30-34Tiffany Forbes
F35-39Lisa Ward
F40-44Jill Hernandez
F45-49Laura Val
F50-54Celeste Miller
F55-59Susan Allen
F60-64Susan Munn
F65-69Ann Hirsch
F70-74Gail Roper
F75-79Margery Meyer
F80-84Marjorie Sharpe
F85-89Jeanne Durston
M19-24Jeff Maynor
M25-29Ed Owen
M30-34John Keppeler
M35-39Stephen Stahl
M40-44Mike Keck
M45-49Fred Farley
M50-54Jim Clemmons
M55-59Tim Birnie
M60-64Emory Haworth
M65-69Stan Morner
M70-74Roger Campbell
M75-79Fred Rogers
M80-84Ray Taft
M85-89Jim Triolo


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