Result format for Pacific Masters Open Water swims
(Last Update: June 7, 2017)
Results must be in Excel format (.csv perferred, but .xls or .xlsx is acceptable)
Each row contains either:
- the result for a single swimmer,
- Titling, column labels, empty line, or descriptive text to help readability (ignored by accumulated points processing.) RESTRICTION: Don't make the first column look like a gender/age group field or contain the word "wetsuit".
Column A B C D E F G H I J  K and beyondÉ
(see below for specific format)
Last Name
First Name
Middle Initial
(REQD) [Leave empty if no data]
Team Abbr
Age on Dec. 31 of race year
Reg #
[This is the USMS # or USA #, depending on the swimmer's affiliation.]
Date of Birth
Time of the swim []
Additional information for your use (ignored by accumulated points processing)
EXAMPLE (correct)  (This example was taken from a previous race.  Names and reg numbers were changed slightly.)
F1824 1 Everdeen Primrose C UNAT 19 383G-04YTI 8/6/92 0:58:49.50 72 9  
F1824 2 Reading Mags A TVM 24 383Q-17ABC 10/17/87 59:41.35 27 12
F3539 1 Everdeen Katniss L FOG 35 382A-3398B 10/29/76 2:18:15.45 55 64
F3539 DQ Holler Rue   RAMS 39 383Q-73HBR 12/21/72 DNF******** 119  
F4044 1 Coin Alma J CRUZ 43 3836-89FGH 5/16/69 1:18:40.10 43 15
F4044 2 Hope Glimmer   FREM 40 OEVT 10/11/71 1:45:09.00 1 45
F4044 DQ Spice Clove S TEME 40 239B-76RFG 4/27/72 DQ********* 174  
F4549 1 Wolfe Foxface A LAMV 47 383V-2295T 6/13/64 1:10:11.20 41 2
F4549 2 Fancy Cashmere   TOC 46 383M-G34GH 8/14/65 1:16:14.25 49 13
F4549 3 Victor Enobaria D MELO 47 383A-45BC4 7/4/64 1:23:49.05 23 18
F4549 4 Maternal Wiress L TVM 49 383K-23GHZ 4/16/63 1:30:36.30 85 23
M1824 1 Abernathy Haymitch W MHSA 22 383W-43JHG 6/11/89 2:14:00.65 113 62
M3034 1 Mellark Peeta   TVM 33 OEVT 2/20/79 1:22:27.40 24 17
M3034 2 Hawthorne Gale G WCM 34 233P-TY874 10/2/77 1:26:43.55 87 21
M3034 DQ Snow Coriolanus   MVM 30 383Z-56YH2 11/9/81 DNS******** 125  
M3539 1 Odair Finnick D LAMV 36 3834-3JNM4 10/15/75 1:05:02.10 33 1
M3539 2 Komics Marvel A UNAT 39 383I-TY845 10/16/72 1:27:52.65 39 22
- The age of a swimmer is their age on December 31st of the race year.  (New in 2017)
  - All results for a specific gender/age group are grouped together (one swimmer's result per row)
  - The results for each gender/age group must be ordered starting with 1st place.
  - If the Middle Initial is not available (e.g. you didn't collect it) leave it empty.  DO NOT slide columns to the left.
  - It is acceptable to include titling and column headings as long as the contents of column A does not look like a gender/age group field or the word "Wetsuit".
  - Empty rows can be inserted for readability.
  - Use only one spreadsheet for all the results of a single race and category (i.e. Category 1 Men and Women of all age groups for a single race are on the same spreadsheet; Category 2 for the same race are a different spreadsheet.)  Title the spreadsheet in some way to make it clear what the results are, e.g. "USMSResults_SPRINGLAKE1MILE2015-05-25-v2.csv" and "USMSResults_SPRINGLAKE1MILEWETSUIT2015-05-25-v2.csv" to distinguish between the Category 1 and Category 2 spreadsheets.
  - If an age group contains no swimmers you don't have to post results for that empty age group.
  - If you host multiple races then the results of each race must be on a seperate spreadsheet  (I.e. the results for the 1 Mile swim must be
in a different spreadsheet from the results for the 2 Mile swim.)
  - Team abbreviations only.  No team names, no cities, etc. 
  - The Date of Birth must be written as mm/dd/yyyy (a single digit can be used for a month or day when appropriate.)  The year must be 4 digits.
  - The time of the swim must be in the form, where the "HH": is optional, as is the ".th".  Note that the decimal point is required to seperate the tenths (instead of a colon) to avoid ambiguity in some cases.
  - To show a swimmer that had an invalid swim, show a meaningful word in place of their Place (column B) and/or Time (column J.)  Examples:  "DQ" (disqualified), "DNF" (did not finish), "DNS" (did not swim), etc.  A letter in the Place and/or Time field will automatically prevent the swimmer from receiving points in that race.
  - NOTE that is is NOT necessary to flag non-PacMasters swimmers in the results.  (They will be discovered during points analysis.)
  - Put OEVT in the Reg # field for One Event Registration participants.
Email Bob Upshaw ( or Phyllis Quinn ( if you have any questions.
A Valid CSV Example
Here is the above correct example in CSV form:

The race results that you produce are posted on the PacMasters web site, possibly the USMS web site, and other locations of your choosing.  It's advantageous for the swimmers if the format of all race results is the same across all postings.

More importantly:  your results are used as input to a program that generates the accumulated open water results for all PacMasters swimmers.  If your results deviate from the above format it's likely that there will be errors in the accumulated results, which will affect the points standings of the swimmers and their teams.  Obviously we want to strive for close-to-real-time correct results and point standings, and we need your help to do that.