Age Group Swimmer of the Year (AGSOY) Tabulation


The annual tabulation involves the calculation of the following:

1.      Pacific Masters Top Ten for SCY, LCM, SCM in each age group.

2.      USMS Top Ten for SCY, LCM, SCM in each age group

3.      Pacific Masters Records for all courses

4.      USMS Records for all courses

5.      Open Water Results

The tabulation is due by March 1st of the following year.  The awards are given at the SCY Pacific Championship meet.

The Calculation of points is as follows:

1.     Pacific Masters Top Ten:  Calculate placings from  1-10 scoring 11-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (limit to best 8 scoring swims for each swimmer by course)

2.     USMS Top Ten:  Calculate placings 1-10 scoring 22-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2

(limit to best 8 scoring swims for each swimmer by course.)

     *3.  Open Water:  Use accrued Category 1 Open Water points from the Open Water season.

 (i.e. 6 Open Water swims X 6 first places (22 pts.) = accrued Open Water total of 132 pts.)

   **4.  Pacific Masters Records:  25 points for each record.

   **5.  USMS Records:  50 points for each record.


Beginning in 2018, if a swimmer ages up during the covered seasons, we will merge in points from the prior age group.***


Additionally, each swimmer must have swum in at least three Pacific Masters sanctioned meets or open water events to be considered for SOTY, unless waived by a majority vote of the Laura Val Swimmer of the Year Committee.

Laura Val Swimmer of the Year (LVSOY)

All and only Age Group Swimmers of the Year are eligible to win the Laura Val Swimmer of the Year (LVSOY).  The LVSOY award will be determined by the LVSOY Committee.  The LVSOY Committee will consist of:  Laura Val (if not available, then the Committee will choose a replacement), the VP of Pools, the VP of Open Water, 1 past recipient, and 1 volunteer.  The winner will be decided by a majority vote of the Committee.  The LVSOY will be presented at the Pacific Masters Short Course Yards Championship Meet. 


Laura Val Female and Male Swimmer of the Year:  $200.00 Gift Certificate each

Age Group Swimmer of the Year:  First - $100.00 Gift Certificate, Second - $50.00 Gift Certificate, Third - $25.00 Gift Certificate

Awards denominations may be adjusted by a majority vote of the LVSOY Committee.

All winners receive a frame-ready certificate of achievement from Pacific Masters Swimming.


*Determination of Open Water season points can be found at:

**In an event, if multiple records are set during a season, only the last record holder will receive AG SOY points.

*** If a swimmer competes in one age group during the SCY season, those points will be used.  If a swimmer competes in two age groups, their points will be combined by choosing their best eight rankings, regardless of age group, but will not accrue points from the same event in both age groups. (The better of the two rankings will be used in this case.) For example, if a swimmer ends the SCY season ranked 5th in 45-49 50 Free and 3rd in 50-54 Free, we will use points from the 50-54 age group.