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Strawberry Canyon Aquatic Masters will be sponsoring the SCAM 
Invitational on Saturday March 23. There will only be a limited 
number of spots for the 500 Freestyle and that event must be 
pre-entered, all other events may be deck entered. The pre-entry 
deadline is March 13th.

Menlo Masters and Team Sheeper MultiSport invite all Masters swimmers 
to participate in the second annual Pre-Season Training Festival at 
Lake Del Valle on Saturday, April 20.

The Festival, benefiting the Child Advocates organization for abused 
and neglected children, is a fun, organized training day in which 
athletes can complete a full triathlon course in preparation for the 
upcoming season. Participants may choose from a one or two mile lake 
swim, a hilly 30 or 58 mile bike ride and a five or eight mile (also 
hilly) trail run. Swim, bike and run clinics are hosted by world 
class athletes. Whit Raymond, the announcer at Ironman Hawaii, 
Alcatraz, Wildflower and other triathlon events around the world, 
will be there as announcer and DJ, making sure to keep things fun. 
Also included with entry fee are the Finishing Kick Sprint Races, 
gourmet lunch, t-shirts, Power Dream Energy Drinks, Cliff Bars and 
Cliff Shots, G-Push and water.

Full information and details can be found at 
www.teamsheeper.com/events/festival . The event is limited to 500 
participants, and entry fees are less for those who sign up early. 
Volunteers are also needed. Anyone volunteering for a three hour 
shift is welcome to take part in the activities at no cost (before or 
after their shift).

The March 9th Rinconada Spring Meet results have been posted on the 
web site. Thanks to Coach Carol MacPherson, meet director Jim Shaw 
and all the Rinconada Masters who made it a successful meet.

If you would like to officiate at the Hawaii Short Course   Nationals 
and receive USA-Swimming National championship certification, please 
go to
and fill out the form.

Ken Garcia wrote about the Dolphin Club in Sunday's Chronicle.
This is the 125 Aniversary of the founding of the Dolphin Club and 
the 25th year since women have been allowed to join.

Lands End is a maker of fine sports apparel for the active person. 
Click on the link to Lands' End from the Pacific Masters web site 
Lands' End will rebate some of the money of your purchase to Pacific 

Bruce Ajari of Sierra Nevada LSC will be holding a clinic for 
re-certifying officials on Tuesday evening March 12 at Truckee High 
School, 6:00 to 8:30 p.m.  Bruce is also going to run a new officials 
clinic on Saturday, March 23. It will also be at Tahoe-Truckee High 
School from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. >  If you have any questions on these 
two Tahoe-Truckee clinics, email Bruce at: <brajari at hotmail.com>

Officials Clinic Saturday, March 23, 2002
   8:30 AM Registration
   9:00 - 12:00 Classes
    Independence High School, San Jose
       DIRECTIONS:  Take Hwy 680. Exit McKee Rd. west.  Right on to 
Jackson. High School is on your left.

For more information contact:
Darwin Takaki, Zone 1S Officials Chair H (408) 268-7154
 From the desk of Coach Midnight:

Swimmer 'heal thyself'

I have been pondering what really separates the really 
fast,accomplished swimmers from ones who is not at that level. 
Granted  there are those who say 'genetics' is what it is all about 
-- in fact, one of the most internationally respected exercise 
physiologists once said: "If you would be an Olympic Champion, choose 
your parents wisely."

That being said  --  I would also agree that there is nothing like a 
lot of hard work, discipline, and 'focus' on what you are doing to 
bring out your fullest potential.

So what's this  'heal thyself' in the title of this missive?   Quite 
simply the athletes I have trained over the years that really 
accomplished something in their sport had at least this one thing in 
common:  They were always 'self-analyzing' what they were doing as 
they swam in each and every practice.

So run through this short list of 'attributes' and  see where you fall ---

1) Do you try to maximize your efficiency on all repeats -- or do you 
flail away till you drop?

2) Do you count the number of strokes per length with the intent of 
decreasing that number over time -- or do you  just slog up and down 
the pool?

3) Do you experiment with different depths pushing off the walls and 
type of kick -- or do you just push off right at the surface and  get 
right into 'stroking'?

4) Do you know what all your repeat times are when your coach asks 
you --or do you have a 'brain cramp' every time he or she asks?

5) Can you predict what your time will be for a given repeat -- 
midway through that swim  -- or will it be 'potluck'?

These are just a few things that all  -- yes, ALL swimmers  -- can 
do to become much, much better swimmers.   Try it for a few months 
and see!!

Coach  Midnight

Have a good week.



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