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Coach Midnight returns  ! ! ! (see below)

PACIFIC MASTERS ANNUAL MEETING -  7 PM - early starting time
The Pacific Masters Swimming annual meeting will be  Wednesday, 
November 20, 2003 at 7 PM. All members are encouraged to attend. It 
is a pot luck, but if you have never attended, just bring yourself to 
the Oak Hill Park Community Center in Danville. All members are 
welcome to attend.

There is a link to a map with directions on the Pacific Masters home page.
November 23, Pacific Masters will have a meeting to look at where 
Pacific Masters is and where Pacific Masters is going. Interested 
swimmers are invited to attend. Meeting will be from 9am to 3pm with 
lunch provided. If you would like to attend, please contact Nancy 
Ridout registrar at pacificmasters.org
10 am-12 noon		Group 1 - Marketing your club.
			Group 2 - Stroke & coaches Mentor Clinics in your area.
			Group 3 - Participation in the PacMasters 
Swimming program and the role of PacMasters Swimming in club support.
Noon-1 pm	Lunch - provided by PacMasters Swimming
1 pm-3 pm	Focus Groups of interest to your club and Wrap-up: 
All or a selection will be held depending upon the interest of the 
participants.  PMS specialists in these areas will be present.
      1) Webmasters & Newsletter Editors (share ideas, software and 
technical advice)
      2) Coaches (liability, required certifications, workouts
      3) Club Administration (insurance, growth, registration, 
non-profit status)
      4) Hosting pool meets, open water events, clinics.

Join us Saturday, Nov. 23rd at Marin Academy, Cottage & Mission, San Rafael.
      Time - 9:30 am until 3 pm.
      Continental Breakfast and Lunch will be provided.
      Workout (optional) with TAM - 7:30-9 am.
      Parking available in lots or on street (if the parking is full).

More information on the Pacific Masters web site:

The Reno Winners Meet will be Saturday December 7th in Reno. This 
will be the first short course yards meet of the season and the last 
pool meet of the year. If you are planning to go, remember it is a 
small meet, so back to back events are not encouraged.

JANUARY COACHES CLINIC - Note correct phone number at bottom
NorCal Swim will be sponsoring its annual January 3,4,5 in Napa, 
California. Dave Salo is the featured speaker. Olympian Jim 
Montgomery, the USMS  2002 Coach of the Year, will also be a featured 
speaker. Pacific Masters will give Masters coaches a "scholarship" of 
50% of the registration fee if you early enter (Contact Brian Stack - 
stackb at aol.com) You can get  information about the clinic from NorCal 
Swim at 800-752 SWIM. (800-752-7946)

All coaches are encourage to attend the clinic. It is a great way to 
meet other coaches, to find out the newest trends in coaching and 
have a good time. Brian would like to have a coaches round table 
Saturday afternoon.

As information becomes available it will be included in the Update.

Pacific Swimming  will be having their "Pacific Officials Clinic" on 
January 4, 2003 in Alameda.The format will be: morning will be 
running a mock meet. They will be going over the Colorado System, 
Time adjustments, swim meet programs and general information on Meet 

The afternoon will start with a Stroke and Turn session for 
re-certification and answer & question
sessions.  They will then do the Referee/Starter re-certification as 
we have done in the past For more information: please contact Gerry 
Ng @ 925-829-4974  E-mail: fish_ng at hotmail.com

SPMA had to move their annual short course meters championship from 
Long Beach to Las Vegas. Their championships will be December 13-15 
at the University of Nevada - Las Vegas natatorium. It will be a good 
chance to swim those good times before everyone ages up on January 1.
For those who want to swim the distance events you must enter early 
to be assured of being able to swim.
Lands End is a maker of fine sports apparel for the active person. 
Click on the link to Lands' End from the Pacific Masters web site 
Lands' End will rebate some of the money of your purchase to Pacific 
Be sure to do some of your Christmas shopping there.
It is the end of the year and it will soon be time to register for 
2003. Nancy Ridout, registrar, sent out club registration information 
to all the clubs. Clubs are asked register soon, as the club has to 
be registered before Nancy can a register a swimmer with that club.

November is time to reregister for 2003. It is important that your 
club reregister. A person cannot be register to a club until that 
club has registered. This is the first year that a permanent number 
is used, so it will not be the same type number.
Please be sure to write in your current registration number.
(Coach Midnight was called by Agents Muldur and Skully to work on 
something so secret that it could not be found by Google. The coach 

OK, OK  --  so there has been a bit of "unexplained loss of time" for 
me as I honestly can not explain for the extreme passage of time 
since my last missive.

However, time has not dulled my razor sharp memory in regards to 
'where I was last'  ---

So ----       "Let's get Pumped" -- number 3!!

I was last talking about for the validity of incorporating a strength 
training program into your swim training.  As I mentioned before: if 
you had two identical twins who both had the same aerobic talent, 
same stroke technique and 'will to succeed'  -- if one, ALSO, was 
doing a strength training program to enhance his/her power output -- 
that swimmer would almost certainly be the faster.

Having gone over the "Prime movers" used for swimming and which 
exercises are best suited to develope them;  all that remains to be 
explored is how many 'reps' and 'sets' to do for each exercise -- and 
how much rest is needed between.

I can still remember an article in "Swimming" magazine many, many 
years ago -- in which they were interviewing a NCAA Div I coach (a 
very successful one) -- and he was explaining how he set up his 
dryland training program. He had talked to the football coach at that 
university to get some ideas as to proper number of repetitions 
('reps').  The swimming coach said he was thinking of having his 
swimmers do "a large number of reps" --and the football coach asked 
him how a typical 'swim practice' was constructed.  After hearing 
that he remarked: "You know, what you want to do in the weight room, 
compared to what you do in the pool, is like washing and waxing your 
car --then driving it around the block or two; and washing and waxing 

It's funny because in his down home/home spun analysis -- the 
football coach noted something that recent exercise science has 
validated -- that is, if you want to be able to generate more "POWER" 
-- swim practices by themselves will not do it.  What you want is 
called "Neural Adaptation", the positive changes in both the motor 
unit recruitment and synchronization of those motor units to act in 
unison.  And if you can train your muscles to recruit more fibers in 
any given muscle contraction during your dryland work, you should be 
able to 'bring on line' more fibers -- and thus generate more power 
-- in the pool. And, no, you do not and can not encounter enough 
'resistance' in the water to do the same job.

So  -- to maximize this you need to do sets with repetitions in the 5 
to 8 'reps' range with high resistance ("heavy weights"). You will 
need to know, or find out, your "1 RM" (the maximum weight able to be 
lifted for 1 rep). The percentage  of that number needs to be in the 
order of 80 % to 88% of that "1RM" for those 5 to 8 reps.  So, as an 
example,  if you can lift 100 pounds for 1RM  -- then you should be 
using at least 80 pounds for your 5 to 8 repetition set.

There is no clear cut consensus as to "how many sets are best"  -- 
but generally, 3 sets of a particular exercise is the preferred 
number.  And, as it is "POWER"  you are trying to develop -- give 
yourself adequate rest between sets -- at least 1 minute or more.  If 
you don't, you will not be able to perform at the required intensity 
needed to facilitate the "Neural Adaptations" you desire.

So:  get in the weight room and "More Power to You".

Coach Midnight	     

The Pacific Masters Website turns 7 tomorrow. An idea from the 1995 
Pacific Masters retreat was to start a web site about Pacific 
Masters. The world wide web was beginning, but this was before the 
dot.coms boom had started.  When the web page first started, a good 
day was 200k of information transferred. Now in some months the 
average day is 70MB or about 350 times more than what it was before.

Almost all the Pacific Masters forms, records, results and minutes 
are now on the web site so that any member may find it.


The Update is taking next week off.

have a good week and a Happy Thanksgiving  and Happy Hanukhah! ! !

michael w. moore
michael at pacificmasters.org