[PacMasterUpdate] Update December 18, 2002

pacmasterupdate-admin at PacificMasters.org Thu Dec 19 02:10:49 EST 2002

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Pacific Masters Swimming, the 
executive committee, all the committee chairman I wish all members of 
Pacific Masters, your family and friends a
	Merry Christmas and
	Happy New Year

I would also thank all the members of the executive committee, Barry 
Fasbender, Bill Grohe, Nancy Ridout, Joan Alexander, Richard Smith 
and Clarine Anderson for all their work during the past year. There 
is no way that Pacific Masters can function as an organization 
without their leadership and help. Also the committee chairs who 
spend many many hours working for the swimmers. And I would also like 
to thank Santa Cruz Masters for putting on two championships and 
three open water meets. Pacific Masters championships would not have 
been the same without their dedication and hard work that they do in 
putting on the championships.

This is the last update of the year. Thanks to Coach Midnight who 
sometimes comes down from his fortress of solitude. Without the help 
of all these people, I would not be able to do my job. Thank you.

					Michael Moore, chairman

The first meet of the new year is the Monterey Bay Masters Clambake 
held at the Pattullo Swim Center in Seaside, California on Saturday 
January 11, 2003. The meet starts at 10am, so that swimmers from the 
bay area have time to drive down there that morning. There is going 
to be a full range of events, but this is usually not a big meet so 
back to back entries is not encouraged.

Enter now, the preentry deadline is January 5th.

The results of the Reno Winners Meet of  Saturday December 7th in 
Reno, have been posted on the web site.

The Pacific Masters Swimming January February Newsletter is posted on 
the Pacific Masters website. The newsletter includes the meet 
information for the first two and an half months of the new  year and 
has the annual calendar in it. It also has results of the:
The results of the Open Water Points competition are in the January - 
February Newsletter. Congratulations to all the swimmers who made the 
top five in open water points.

JANUARY COACHES CLINIC - Note correct phone number at bottom
NorCal Swim will be sponsoring its annual January 3,4,5 in Napa, 
California. Dave Salo is the featured speaker. Olympian Jim 
Montgomery, the USMS  2002 Coach of the Year, will also be a featured 
speaker. Pacific Masters will give Masters coaches a "scholarship" of 
50% of the registration fee if you early enter (Contact Brian Stack - 
stackb at aol.com) You can get  information about the clinic from NorCal 
Swim at 800-752 SWIM. (800-752-7946)

All coaches are encourage to attend the clinic. It is a great way to 
meet other coaches, to find out the newest trends in coaching and 
have a good time. Brian would like to have a coaches round table 
Saturday afternoon.

As information becomes available it will be included in the Update.

Pacific Swimming  will be having their "Pacific Officials Clinic" on 
January 4, 2003 in Alameda.The format will be: morning will be 
running a mock meet. They will be going over the Colorado System, 
Time adjustments, swim meet programs and general information on Meet 

The afternoon will start with a Stroke and Turn session for 
re-certification and answer & question
sessions.  They will then do the Referee/Starter re-certification as 
we have done in the past For more information: please contact Gerry 
Ng @ 925-829-4974  E-mail: fish_ng at hotmail.com
Lands End is a maker of fine sports apparel for the active person. 
Click on the link to Lands' End from the Pacific Masters web site 
Lands' End will rebate some of the money of your purchase to Pacific 
If you use this link
or go to the USMS web site and hit the link there, USMS will receive 
an affiliate fee. Amazon has a great selection of books and CDs.

Be sure to do some of your Christmas shopping there.
It is the end of the year and it will soon be time to register for 
2003. Nancy Ridout, registrar, sent out club registration information 
to all the clubs. Clubs are asked register soon, as the club has to 
be registered before Nancy can a register a swimmer with that club.

December is time to reregister for 2003. It is important that your 
club reregister. A person cannot be register to a club until that 
club has registered. This is the first year that a permanent number 
is used, so it will not be the same type number.
Please be sure to write in your current registration number. It would 
be very nice if everyone registered in the next couple of weeks - 
actually I just want to overload Nancy with mail. I want the postman 
to dread going to the Pacific Masters office

again have a merry christmas and happy new year. enjoy your holidays

michael w. moore
michael at pacificmasters.org