[PacMasterUpdate] Update January 1, 2003

pacmasterupdate-admin at PacificMasters.org Wed Jan 1 19:09:22 EST 2003

The first meet of the new year is the Monterey Bay Masters Clambake 
held at the Pattullo Swim Center in Seaside, California on Saturday 
January 11, 2003. The meet starts at 10am, so that swimmers from the 
bay area have time to drive down there that morning. There is going 
to be a full range of events, but this is usually not a big meet so 
back to back entries is not encouraged.

Enter now, the preentry deadline is January 5th.
January is the USMS Hour Postal Swim. For swimmers who would like to 
compete in the hour swim information may be found at:
The Hour Swim is a great opportunity to find out "where" you are 
swimming and what condition you are in, even if you just swim the 
event and dont compete.

JANUARY COACHES CLINIC - Note correct phone number at bottom
NorCal Swim will be sponsoring its annual January 3,4,5 in Napa, 
California. Dave Salo is the featured speaker. Olympian Jim 
Montgomery, the USMS  2002 Coach of the Year, will also be a featured 
speaker.  You can get  information about the clinic from NorCal Swim 
at 800-752 SWIM. (800-752-7946)

All coaches are encourage to attend the clinic. It is a great way to 
meet other coaches, to find out the newest trends in coaching and 
have a good time. Brian would like to have a coaches round table 
Saturday afternoon.

Kerry O'Brien and Brian Stack are organizing a coaches retreat and 
roundtable on Saturday, January 25th at the Clarke Swim Center, 
Heather Farms Pool. The retreat is sponsored by Finis/Lane 4, if you 
have not received an invitation contact Kerry O'Brien at 
mailto:swim4wc at netscape.net or at the Coaches clinic.

Pacific Swimming  will be having their "Pacific Officials Clinic" on 
January 4, 2003 in Alameda.The format will be: morning will be 
running a mock meet. They will be going over the Colorado System, 
Time adjustments, swim meet programs and general information on Meet 

The afternoon will start with a Stroke and Turn session for 
re-certification and answer & question
sessions.  They will then do the Referee/Starter re-certification as 
we have done in the past For more information: please contact Gerry 
Ng @ 925-829-4974  E-mail: fish_ng at hotmail.com

On Saturday evening, January 11, 2003, the International Swimming 
Hall of Fame (IMSHOF), located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, will 
induct its first class of Honorees into the International Masters 
Swimming Hall of Fame. The group consists of 15 outstanding Masters 
athletes. Included in the group are Pacific Swimmers  Ray Taft* and 
Gail Roper,
* deceased

This first-time ever induction class was selected by the IMSHOF 
Selection Committee and this induction will be held in conjunction 
with the semi-annual ISHOF Board of Directors meeting.

Burlingame Aquatic Club is hosting a beginning stroke and turn 
officials clinic on January 8, 2003 at Burlingame High School.  The 
clinic will start at 6:00 PM.   If you need to get re certified as a 
stroke and turn you can also do it at this clinic.  Please pass the 
word to any Masters swimmers that you know about this clinic. 
Pacific Swimming  and Masters needs people to become officials.  Meet 
at the pool deck and someone there will give you direction to the 
class room.
Pacific Masters registrar Nancy Ridout will be attending the mid year 
meeting of United States Masters Swimming in Phoenix, AZ this weekend 
so the Pacific Masters office will be closed Thursday and Friday. She 
will return on Monday.
Lands End is a maker of fine sports apparel for the active person. 
Click on the link to Lands' End from the Pacific Masters web site 
Lands' End will rebate some of the money of your purchase to Pacific 
If you use this link
or go to the USMS web site and hit the link there, USMS will receive 
an affiliate fee. Amazon has a great selection of books and CDs.
It is the beginning of the new year and it  is time to register for 
2003. Nancy Ridout, registrar, sent out club registration information 
to all the clubs. Clubs are asked register soon, as the club has to 
be registered before Nancy can a register a swimmer with that club.

Clubs that are registered for 2003 should be posted on line by 
Thursday evening.

Well it is January, it is now time to register - if you havent done 
it already. In the last update, I said it would be nice of everyone 
re-registered in the last couple of weeks of the year. Many of you 
did. Nancy has been overwhelmed with 2003 registrations. There has 
been over 1200 already registered and about another 1000 still 
needing to be registered. If you have registered and have not yet 
received your 2003 card, she is working on the backlog.

It is important that your club reregister. A person cannot be 
register to a club until that club has registered. This is the first 
year that a permanent number is used, so it will not be the same type 
Please be sure to write in your current registration number.

The club registration and individual registration page will not be 
available until next week (at the earliest)
From the Desk of Coach Midnight:

	A New Year means it's time to dust off those 'Resolutions' !!!

Well, in the hierarchy of New Year's Resolutions the top two on most 
American's list are losing weight and improving one's work/life 

So, it's lucky we in Pacific Masters have so many great Masters 
programs to help us achieve both those goals --- and we can; just by 
showing up to practice regularly !!!

By attending practices on a regular basis we will not only probably 
start to lose weight -- though more importantly -- you will be 
building muscle while losing bodyfat.  And by working out regularly 
you will most certainly start to achieve a better work/life balance.

But like everything that works one needs to be systematic about it -- 
so here are a few tips to make your 'plan' really work this time:

1) Don't try to achieve all your fitness goals in the first week (or 
even month). It is far better to 'ramp up' over time (both physically 
and mentally).

2) It's  "OK" to sit out a repeat, or even get out of practice early 
on occasion if you need to. By doing so you will probably come back 
just a little 'hungrier' (or perhaps -- 'guilty feeling') -- in 
either way, in the long run you will still be with the program -- 
instead of burning out.

3) Make your 'practices'  a real part of your daily schedule -- I 
don't mean practicing every day -- but when it is time to go to 
practice -- make it:  "This is my special time".

4) Look forward to seeing all your team mates/lane mates !!  This is 
the most important  factor for your own success  --- and not only 
that: it may very well be the most important factor for those other 
swimmers thrashing up and down in the lane next to you !!! 

Coach Midnight    
City Sports Magazine had their best of the bay sports article:
Burlingame Masters Watersports was named best Masters team with USF 
#2 and Santa Clara #3. USF's Koret center was recognized as the best 
lap swimming pool, with Burlingame Aquatics #2 and Letterman #3. 
Congratulations to all for the recognition.

In the last update, I thanked many people for their help during 2002, 
I also should have put out a thank you to all the volunteers who 
helped Masters swimming. Without the volunteers there would be no 
Masters swimming as we know it.

Today, the first day of 2003, it is a time to think about personal 
goals for 2003. What do you want to do this year. Well now is the 
time to think about what you want to do, then plan for it.  Pacific 
Masters will have opportunities for swimmers to make their goals. 
Pacific will have many short course yards meets and the short course 
yards championships, the long course championships, and the short 
course meter championships; the Southend Rowing Club and Dolphin 
Clubs will have the Alcatraz swim, Tsunami will be hosting the IGLA 
Championships at Stanford. There will be many open water  swims, 
where one can compete in his age group, or just go for a nice swim.

Now is the time to set your goals.

happy new year.

Judy Homen Los Gatos Swim & Racket Club Masters entered the "Escape 
With Your Perfect
Mate" contest, offered by the Nestle Coffee-Mate company.  Winner of 
the contest would receive a one
week all expensed paid holiday to Belize, an exotic Caribbean locale. 
Five essays were chosen out of
thousands of entries and mine was one of them!  The finalist and 
their stories will be on the Coffee-Mate
web site from December 17th through January 15th.  The couple with 
the most votes after thirty days wins the trip to Belize!  She has 
never been out of the country. Maybe she'll get a chance to swim 
around the island get-a-way, like Gilligan's Island.

The only way to win is through votes. Check out her story at:


Join us on January 5th and see if you have what it takes to swim with 
the Cal Women's Swim Team.

Masters swimmers are welcomeŠ

Head Coach Teri McKeever, recently named U.S. National Team Women's 
Assistant Coach for the 2003 World Championships, will lead the 
workout and provide stroke technique instructionŠ

The team will be in the pool, sharing the lanes with 100 lucky 
peopleŠ don't delay because space is limited!it will be about an hour 
to hour and a half swim with bagels, etc. afterward.  Also, there 
will be oppty's for stroke advice from Teri and that Masters swimmers 
of all levels are welcome!

Natalie Coughlin will be swimming at the practice. It is a good way 
to support collegiate swimming and the University of California 
Berkeley Bears.

Date: January 5th
Time: 8-11am, we'll provide the pool and post swim bagels
Location: Spieker Pool
Cost: $100 per person - 100% of your gift goes to support the team
More information is at:

michael w. moore
michael at pacificmasters.org