[PacMasterUpdate] Cinco de Mayo, 2003 Update

pacmasterupdate-admin at PacificMasters.org Mon May 5 00:47:13 EDT 2003

Congratulations to the Pacific Mastesr Swimmers who were 2002 USMS 
All Americans.
Pool All Americans
Anya Kolbison
Christina Cains
Megan Olson
Nicole omphroy
Iris Nishimoto
Grace Cornelius
Jessica Baron
Helen Salcedo
Limin  Liu
Laureen Welding
Michele Dixon
Joan Schriger
Suzanne Heim- Bowen
Patty Landers
Laaura Val
Carolyn Boak
Debbie Swigert
Linda Schoenberger
Kristina King
Nancy Ridout
Susan Munn
Gail Roper
Ann Hirsch
Margery Meyer
Jae Howell
Marjorie Sharpe
Saly Joy
Hilda Buel
Audrey Etienne

Jeff Maynor
Andy Nonaka
Damien Carranaza
Lee Wanie
Jeff Henderson
Roque Santos
Nenad Rodic
Scott Greenwood
Dan Veatch
Blake Porch
Chris Cavanaugh
John Keppeler
George Tidmarch
David Boatwright
Lee Rider
Jim Clemmons
Robert Strand
Rich Burns
Jim De Lacy
John Sultan
Edward Cazalet
Ed Cazalet
Allan Cartwright
Richard Bassi
Richard Kitchell
Don Brown
Barry Fasbender
Dick Peterson
Don Hill
Robert Cunningham
Ray Taft
Richard Smith
Aldo Da Rosa

Long Distance All Americans
Lynn Jolly
Regina Brittingham
Susan Munn
Gail Roper
Audrey Etienne
Margot Lenigh
Harry Ein
Blake Porch
Joshua Woodruff
Tom Fristoe
Sandy MacDonald
Aldo Da Rosa
Kent Price
Bill Page

You are on the above lists because you swam well and became USMS All 
Americans. Also, because Nancy Ridout and I were able to recognize 
your name from a two pages of lists with names in very fine print on 
it. If we missed you, it was because we did not recognize your name 
(keep swimming and we may recognize your name in the future  :-)   ) 
. If there is someone who we missed, you or a team mate send an email 
to mailto:michael at pacificmasters.org and we will mention you in the 
next Update.

The first two meets of the 2003 season are coming up:
	Spring Lake May 10th  http://www.pacificmasters.org/comp/03rcmow.html
The Spring Lake meet is a great meet that  is not too long and if you 
have never swam in an open water event, it will make a great first 
open water swim. It is about a month away so if you have never swam 
an open water swim before, practice then make it a goal to swim.
	Lake Berryessa June 7th http://www.pacificmasters.org/comp/03damow.html
The on-line registration web-page is http://www.acteva.com/go/damfast 
or a link to registration can be found on the DAM webpage, 
http://www.damfast.org. Registration process can either be done 
on-line or entry forms can be downloaded and mailed in.

For those mailing in registration and fees, the deadline for early 
registration is May 21,2003.  We are expecting another great race 
day,with lunch being prepared once again this year by Dos Coyotes 
Border Cafe serving a healthy, southwestern cuisine.

TriValley Masters is having  an Open water clinic at Lake Del Valle, 
Livermore  on Sunday May 18th. Tom Fristoe will be teaching the 
clinic. It starts at 8 am and is finished about 11:30.

The 2003 United States Masters Swimming Short Course Nationals will 
be coming up in less than ten days. The psych sheets are up
As a reminder, you have to check in the day before for your events. 
You will be able to check in via the Internet. You will have to go 
the USMS web site to check in. You will get a number, but sure to 
keep the number in case of any questions about your checking in.

The results of the Tamalpias Aquatic Masters 1650 Postal Swim have 
been posted. Thanks to Jon Steiner and the TAM team for putting on 
the meet.

Swimming is one of the best exercises for adults. Invite your friends 
to work out with you. Members are ambassadors for the sport. Help 
Pacific make 11,000 members this year.

We will be having a Stroke and Turn clinic on Monday May 12th at 
Arden Hills Country Club.  For the people who belong to the teams in 
the Sacramento, Roseville and Folsom areas, here is your chance to 
join USA Swimming and become a new member or just come and renew your 
membership.  This clinic
will start at 6:00 PM.

The contact person is Mike Applegate at <AppleDray at aol.com>

The Spring issue of Streamlines in available on the net.
Streamlines is the quarterly newsletter about the running of US 
Masters Swimming.

Lands End is a maker of fine sports apparel for the active person. 
Click on the link to Lands' End from the Pacific Masters web site 
Lands' End will rebate some of the money of your purchase to Pacific 

have a good week

michael w. moore
michael at mwmoore.org