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International Swimming Hall of Fame
Laura Val
2003 Masters Inductee

Laura Val is the newest International Swimming Hall of Fame Masters 
inductee.  Never during the 30-year history of Masters Swimming has a 
female been more dominant in her age group in almost every event than 
Laura Val. Her Masters world records range from 50m sprints to 1500m 
distance races. She dominates backstroke, butterfly and individual 
medley events also.

Laura was inducted on May 10th at the International Swimming Hall of 
Fame in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Laura joins Gail Roper and Ray Taft 
as Pacific Masters Swimmers honoured by the Hall of Fame.

Congratulations to the Pacific Masters Swimmers who were 2002 USMS 
All Americans.
Pool All Americans.
Helen Salcedo  wrote that last week the Update forgot:
Tom McCall

The USMS Fitness Committee produces many different types of articles 
about swimming, health, and fitness, with topics ranging from 
swimming technique to nutrition.This month's article about stress 
management is by Jennifer Parks, member of the USMS Fitness Committee.

Lake Berryessa June 7th http://www.pacificmasters.org/comp/03damow.html
The on-line registration web-page is http://www.acteva.com/go/damfast 
or a link to registration can be found on the DAM webpage, 
http://www.damfast.org. Registration process can either be done 
on-line or entry forms can be downloaded and mailed in.

For those mailing in registration and fees, the deadline for early 
registration is May 21,2003.  We are expecting another great race 
day,with lunch being prepared once again this year by Dos Coyotes 
Border Cafe serving a healthy, southwestern cuisine.

TriValley Masters is having  an Open water clinic at Lake Del Valle, 
Livermore  on Sunday May 18th. Tom Fristoe will be teaching the 
clinic. It starts at 8 am and is finished about 11:30.

This year the IGLA (International Gay Lesbian Aquatics) Championships 
will be held at the Stanford Avery Aquatic Center. Any USMS member 
may compete. The meet will be in the fast new 50m x 25m pool. The 
meet will be August 22, 23, 24, 2003 - one week after USMS Long 
Course Championships. For those who try to make USMS Top Ten, Short 
Course Meters offers the best opportunity.

This will be a large meet and heavily contested in all the age groups 
and will offer great competition in a fast pool.

This years Santa Cruz Pier to Pier Swim will be the United States 
Masters Swimming 10K National Championship.

The 2003 United States Masters Swimming Short Course Nationals will 
be this week. The psych sheets are up
As a reminder, you have to check in the day before for your events. 
You will be able to check in via the Internet. You will have to go 
the USMS web site to check in. You will get a number, but sure to 
keep the number in case of any questions about your checking in.

Swimming is one of the best exercises for adults. Invite your friends 
to work out with you. Members are ambassadors for the sport. Help 
Pacific make 11,000 members this year.

We will be having a Stroke and Turn clinic on Monday May 12th at 
Arden Hills Country Club.  For the people who belong to the teams in 
the Sacramento, Roseville and Folsom areas, here is your chance to 
join USA Swimming and become a new member or just come and renew your 
membership.  This clinic
will start at 6:00 PM.

The contact person is Mike Applegate at <AppleDray at aol.com>

Lands End is a maker of fine sports apparel for the active person. 
Click on the link to Lands' End from the Pacific Masters web site 
Lands' End will rebate some of the money of your purchase to Pacific 

have a good week

michael w. moore
michael at mwmoore.org

Anneliese Eggert

April 2003
Behind the Scenes

As you sit cheering and watching your child swim a race, hoping no official
raises a hand to DQ him or her, have you ever thought of all the teamwork it
takes to put on a successful swim meet?  You may be aware of the referee and
starter plus the stroke and turn judges as they "patrol" the deck, but what
would happen if the many other "behind-the-scenes" people who we take for
granted weren't there?

*   The pool wouldn't be available and set up with lane lines, blocks,
chairs, tables, etc.  if you didn't have a hard-working meet director with
his/her set-up and take-down crew.  In fact, you wouldn't have known about
the meet if the meet director hadn't prepared a meet information sheet and
had it sanctioned.
*   The swimmers wouldn't have been entered in the meet if you didn't have
an entries chairperson to check entry fees and make sure everyone was placed
in the right event.
*   Who would make sure swimmers and spectators were behaving in a safe
manner if there weren't any marshals to monitor them during warm-up and
*   Can you imagine the chaos if swimmers weren't assigned to specific heats
and lanes?  It takes a clerk-of-course or computer operator to do the
assignments and make sure the information gets posted.
*   There wouldn't be any need to swim if you couldn't get a time for each
swimmer.  Therefore, you have to have timers/button pushers (hopefully,
three per lane) and a timing equipment operator (if you're lucky enough to
have automatic timing and someone to set it up).
*   If the watches fail on a given lane and the equipment malfunctions, you
need a head timer and a chief timing judge to be sure you get an accurate
*   If you want to keep your officials, coaches and swimmers happy  -  and
coming back to your meets  -  you'd better have a hospitality crew!!

  So, the next time someone asks you to help at a swim meet, don't forget all
the necessary, but often overlooked, "behind-the-scenes" people.  Even if
you never want to referee or start a meet, of feel you could never DQ a
swimmer, there are a lot of other things you can do.  Pick one of the
aforementioned jobs that you think you might like and have a talent for and,
most important, volunteer!!

You'll be welcomed into the group.  You'll be involved in your child's
activity. And you'll enjoy swim meets even more that you do now!!

Anneliese Eggert is the secretary of the Rules Committee of USA Swimming.
She is also a former USA Swimming officials chairperson.

I am sure Anneliese would love to hear from some of you who know her and
Walt.  I received a nice message when I asked her for permission to share
this article. You may contact Anneliese or Walt Eggert at