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The Annual Donner Lake Swim is Sunday August 10th. This is a straight 
swim from the east end of Donner Lake to the west end. Expected 
temperature is 65-70  and the  lake is at 5900 ft. The lake is just 
of I-80 on the eastern side of Donner Lake

The Manatee's Lake Del Valle 2 x1 is Sunday, August 17th. This is a 
great meet to bring a friend and swim the relay.

The Second Annual Pinecrest Lake Open Water Swim will be Saturday 
August 23, 2003 at Pinecrest Lake - east of Sonora California. The 
Swim has a one mile open water swim and a two mile open water swim. 
Pinecrest is at 5600 ft.

This is the first year of the Mountain View Masters Short Course 
Meters meet. It will take place on Sunday September 7th. The 800 Free 
is limited to 64 pre-entered swimmers. All the other events may be 
deck entered.

The results of the Santa Cruz Masters Pier to Pier Swim and the Cruz 
Cruise have been posted.
The Pier to Pier swim was a US Masters Swimming National 
Championship. Congratulations to Santa Cruz Masters for holding the 

Lands End is a maker of fine sports apparel for the active person. 
Click on the link to Lands' End from the Pacific Masters web site 
Lands' End will rebate some of the money of your purchase to Pacific 

SICK CALL - Glen Dillon (Sally Dillon's Husband)
Many Pacific swimmers know Sally Dillon. She swam with Sierra Nevada 
Masters and helped run the Donner Lake Swim and the Winners meet. She 
is currently secretary of United States Mastesr Swimming. She writes:
>"My husband was in a serious car accident yesterday on his way home 
>from hiking on Mt. Baker, WA.  He has been in the Bellingham 
>hospital the last 24 hours but is being care-flighted to Harborview 
>in Seattle tonight.  I returned  home to gather stuff together for 
>an extended stay in the city.
>Glen has fractured his C 6&7 and they will have to be fused.  He is 
>currently in traction and hopefully the surgery can take place soon. 
>He has other injuries but the injury to his spinal cord is the most 
>severe.  We are not sure if it is damaged or just bruised but he 
>cannot move below his nipple line.  He does have sensation and some 
>reflex activity.
>. . .   We expect he will be in a "halo" for a number of months and 
>in therapy for quite some time as well.
>Prayers are appreciated,"

On Friday, July 25, Scott Henderson of Stanford Masters was struck by 
an automobile while crossing a street on Cisco campus. He sustained a 
major head injury and was rushed to San Jose Medical Center. He is 
stable and in San Jose Medical Center. More information may be found 

Menlo Masters went before the Menlo Park City Council asking that the 
current plan for a 25 yd by 25 Meter pool be changed to a 50 Meter by 
25 yard pool. They went there with a plan on how to do it and  were 
backing it up with funds. The Council voted to have staff look at the 
plan to see if an agreement can be worked out so that there will be a 
50 meter pool in Menlo Park. Congrats to the Menlo Masters team for 
being able to work with the Council to perhaps get a large pool for 
the City.

Getting the pool will depend on how an arrangement with Menlo Masters 
can be structured so that money is contributed to the city for the 
building of the pool and for the maintenance of the pool. There is a 
long road ahead but at least the first step has been taken.

5K and 10K POSTAL
For those swimmers who want to swim long distances in a pool ( a 50 
meter pool) there is the 5k and 10K Postal Swim. (To swim a 10K at 
1min 48 seconds /hundred will take 3 hours to swim it).
2003 USMS 5K/10K Postal Championship PST-LD; Mel Goldstein, 5735 
Carrollton Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220, 317-253-8289, 
goldstein at mindspring.com; Sponsored by Indy SwimFit; 
www.usms.org/longdist/ldnats03/5k10kentry.pdf; Sanctioned by IN LMSC.

For those who have access of a 50 meter pool, might want to swim the 
5K just to see what shape you are in.

Scheduling Chair Marcia Benjamin is putting together a schedule for 
next year. Her first task is to put together the Championship 
schedule - If your club is interested in hosting a Pacific Masters 
Championship (SCY, LCM, SCM or Open Water) you must apply by 
Wednesday August 20th. All Club Reps should have received a letter 
about the bid selection process, but if you have not, please be sure 
to contact Marcia at
msbenjamin at earthlink.net .(You will get a letter about the scheduling 
process and an application. (You are encourage to apply).

If you have a meet in January or February, It is best to get on the 
schedule soon, so your meet can be publicized in the NOV/DEC issue of 
Swim magazine.

If you have moved, please let our registrar know. They you will be 
sure to receive Swim Magazine, and the Pacific Masters newsletter. It 
is simple to let the registrar know that you have moved, just to to
and fill out the form. Then your address will be updated.


1.    Johnny Jackson is a terrific butterfly swimmer, but he takes only one
kick and then one arm stroke before that one arm stroke brought him to the
surface of the water.  Is he allowed to take more strokes while under the
surface of the water?

2.    During the officials' briefing, one of the presenters said that during
the beginning of the first arm pull, the position of the body can be in any
position, just as long as the head breaks the water surface before the 15
meter mark.  What is wrong with this statement?

3.    Shirley Jones is young and has a hard time bringing her arms
completely out of the water during the arm recovery of the butterfly.  Every
time she recovers her arms, half of her arms stay in the water.  The
official on the turn end of the pool disqualifies her for not recovering her
arms completely out of the water.  How should the coach react with this

4.    Russell Crowe likes to keep his feet separated while kicking to the
surface of the water at the beginning of the butterfly event.  He was
disqualified for not having his feet and legs together while he was doing
the butterfly kick.  Is this a valid disqualification?

5.    Martha Peterson completes her butterfly event with a two hand touch.
One hand is under the water and one hand is out of the water, above the
water surface, on this simultaneous finish.  The stroke and turn official
disqualified her for not having both of her hands either out of the water or
under the water.  Should Martha have been disqualified?

6.    At our local championship meet, Coach Smith noticed that many swimmers
were dropping their shoulders after the final arm pull and prior to the
touch.  Coach Smith taught his swimmers to keep their shoulders level with
the water until the touch was made.  He went to the Head Referee to protest
the lack of action from the Stroke and Turn Officials.  What should the Head
Referee tell Coach Smith?

7.    At the finish of the butterfly, Mike Bibby was so close to the wall
that as he was recovering his arms out of the water on the last few feet of
the butterfly stroke, his head touched for the finish before the hands.  He
was disqualified by the turn judge on the starting end of the pool for not
touching with his hands.  Was this a legal disqualification?

have a good week


1. No, he is allowed no more arm pulls while under the water but he would be
allowed to kick as far as he wanted to kick just as long as  he remembered
to make sure his head surfaced before the 15 meter mark. 101.2.2 states,
..."The swimmer is permitted one or more leg kicks, but only one arm pull
under water, which must bring the swimmer to the surface."

2 The presenter should have said that from the beginning of the first arm
pull, the position of the body shall be such that, the swimmer's shoulder's
must be at or past the vertical toward the breast.  101.2.2

3 The coach should question the Head Referee with his/her interpretation of
rule 101.2.2, where it states, ..."Both arms must be brought forward over
the water and pulled back simultaneously."  During my involvement with
swimming, some part of the arms recovering over the water is sufficient for
satisfying this rule.  The glossary defines the "arm" as the area between
the wrist and the
shoulder. As long as any part of that area breaks the surface, there
should be no disqualification.

4. No, 101.2.3 states, ..."The position of the legs or the feet need not be on
the same level, but they shall not alternate in relation to each other."

5 No, she should not have been disqualified.  Rule 101.2.5 states that, "At
the finish, the body shall be on the breast and the touch shall be made with
both hands simultaneously at, above, or below the water surface."  In fact,
if she got disqualified on a butterfly turn for this infraction, the Head
Referee should overrule this disqualification, because 101.2.4 states that,
"...The touch shall be made with both hands simultaneously at, above, or
below the water surface."

6 After 1998's Rule Book was published and sent out to all USA Swimming
members, we had to copy and paste USA Swimming's new interpretation of some
of the rules.  The butterfly finish, in relation to the shoulder, was one of
these rule changes.  FINA changed their interpretation, so USA Swimming did
likewise in order to better coach our world class athletes.  Both 101.2.4 &
101.2.5 state the touch without mentioning the position of the shoulder,
therefore the shoulder position at the turn or finish doesn't have to be
level with the water, because it is not mentioned in the rule.  The only
time these rules mention a shoulder is in 101.2.4, when the touch has been
made,  the swimmer may turn in any manner desired. After the turn, the
shoulders must be at or past the vertical toward the breast when the swimmer
leaves the wall.  This same rule applies in both yard and meter competition.

7 Yes, 101.2.5 states, "At the finish, the body shall be on the breast and the
touch shall be made with both hands simultaneously at, above, or below the
water surface."
michael w. moore