[PacMasterUpdate] Pacific Masters Update, Labor Day, 2003

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This is the first year of the Mountain View Masters Short Course 
Meters meet. It will take place on Sunday September 7th. The 800 Free 
is limited to 64  swimmers. All the other events may be deck entered. 
The 800 Free entry has been extended until there are 64 competitors. 
You may still register

The meet is scheduled for the same weekend as the Mountain View Art 
and Wine Festival.  Eagle Park Pool is 2 blocks away from Castro 
Street (downtown MV), so expect traffic to be heavy and parking
to be tough.  The best advice is to carpool, and/or arrive early. 
I'm going to talk to the Police Department to see if we can get 
parking in the Eagle lots restricted to swim meet people.  Keep your 
fingers crossed on that one. I'll get back to you.  The positive spin 
on this scheduling SNAFU is that swimmers can compete in one session 
(maybe even both), and spend some time wandering through a very big 
and fancy Street Fair that's less than a 5 minute walk away.  A bunch 
of the restaurants on Castro Street will have food booths set up, and 
there will be lots of great wine-tasting.  What a neat way to spend a 

The Whiskeytown Open Water Swim sponsored by the Redding Swim Team 
will be on Sunday September 7th at Whiskeytown Lake. The preentry 
deadline has passed.

Lands End is a maker of fine sports apparel for the active person. 
Click on the link to Lands' End from the Pacific Masters web site 
Lands' End will rebate some of the money of your purchase to Pacific 

The Donner Lake Open Water Swim results have been delayed. There was 
a problem of mixing the wet suit swimmers with the other swimmers. 
Just as soon as the results are received, they will be posted.

There was an article about Speedos in the Chicago Tribune.

The September October Newsletter is now posted on the web site. The 
newsletter covers the upcoming meets. It has an article about the 
coach of the year; there is also an article in it from Coach Doug 
Huestis on "Why Swimming?"
The annual US Master Swimming convention is next week in San Diego. 
There will be over 20 Pacific Masters swimmers traveling there to 
represent the LMSC.

The Pacific Masters office will be closed next week from Monday 
September 11 through Sunday, September 17th. If you need any help 
please call this week or the week of the 18th.

All clubs are invited to participate in an Open House at your pool on 
Saturday, October 18 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.  Schedule a 
special training session, have a team party or just have bagels & 
juice available for visitors.  PMS will give you promotional 
materials like banners and posters to publicize the event.  Coaches 
and club members agree to be at the pool during the Open House hours 
to showcase your Masters program.  The goal of the Open House is to 
advertise that your Masters team is there, hopefully having fun, 
throughout the winter months.

Contact Bill Grohe at (415) 681-2376 or 
<mailto:WGrohe at aol.com>WGrohe at aol.com if your club is interested in 
participating.  Let him know if PMS can help with your event 
(arranging a loan from the PMS library of training videos or 
arranging a mentor coach for the day, for example).  We'll publish a 
list of participating clubs on the PMS website at 
<http://www.pacificmasters.org>www.pacificmasters.org closer to the 
date of the event.

Labor Day has passed and many pools are closing, but the 50 meter 
pool at the  Petaluma Swim Center, located on E. Washington St. just 
west of Hwy 101 in  Petaluma will be open until October 31 for both 
Masters and Lap swimming. Through the efforts of the local aquatics 
community over 3 years, we were
able to extend the season. But in this era of tight municipal budgets 
WE NEED TO  PUT BODIES IN THE WATER or the use of this unique and 
wonderful aquatics  facility could easily become an economic 
casualty. Whether you are a Masters swimmer or just enjoy swimming 
laps, you need to  show up. Increased prices putting you off--make it 
a point to come to the Swim  Center at least once a week -- we need 
you! Here's the schedule:
Lap Swim
M, W, F 5:30-7 am
Sat & Sun  9 am- 12 noon
Mon thru Fri 4-7pm

1.    Sam Thompson, the Stroke and Turn Judge on the start end of the pool,
observes an infraction on the turn end of the pool.  He raises his hand
when he sees that the Stroke and Turn Judge on the turn end pool did not
raise their hand for this obvious disqualification.  The pool's jurisdiction
is split in four parts, with four officials watching four equal parts of the
pool.  Was this a valid disqualification?

2.    Sherry Johnson, the Head Referee, has wondered why she wasn't
receiving any signed disqualification slips from Jason Blue, the Stroke and
Turn Judge on the far end of the pool.  She has seen Jason's hand go up
several times throughout the session.  Sherry finally goes up and asks Jason
if he has any Disqualification Slips.  Jason said that he does and was just
waiting for someone to pick them up.  He thought that someone would pick
them up and that he was just reporting the calls by the hand signal.  Was
this proper protocol?

3.    During the 50 yard breaststroke, the Deck Referee was watching the
Stroke and Turn Judges for an infraction.  He didn't see any hand go up, but
did see the Stroke and Turn Judge on the turn end of the pool writing a
disqualification slip.  After the race, the Stroke and Turn Judge came to
the swimmer and informed her of a violation.  The Deck Referee asked the
Stroke and Turn Judge if she raised her hand and she said,  "No."   She said
that the infraction was so obvious and that she had to get to the other end
quickly that she just started filling out the disqualification slip.  Even
though this was an "obvious" disqualification, was this proper procedure for
the Stroke and Turn Official to follow?

4.    Amy Robinson, an eight year old swimmer, was doing the 25 yard
backstroke.  She got to close to the lane lines and grabbed them.  She
pulled on the lane lines just a little to get back on track in the center of
the lane.  This situation happened very close to the center of the pool
which could  have been either of the judges call.  Both judges didn't see
the infraction.  What is the rule covering this illegal technique?

michael w. moore

1. No, 102.10.1 states, "A disqualification can be made only by the official
within whose jurisdiction the infraction has been committed..."

2. No, 102.15.3 states, "Stroke Judge - Shall  operate on both sides of the
pool, preferably walking abreast of the swimmers during all strokes except
freestyle, during which events they may leave poolside, at the Referee's
discretion;  shall ensure that the rules relating to the style of swimming
designated for the event are being observed; and shall report any violations
to the Referee on signed slips detailing the event, the heat number, the
lane number, the swimmer's name and the infraction."  102.15.4 also states,
"Turn Judge - Shall operate on both sides of the pool; shall ensure that
when turning or finishing the swimmer complies with the turning and
finishing rules applicable to the stroke used; and shall report any
violations to the Referee on signed slips detailing the event, the heat
number, lane number, the swimmer's name and infraction observed."

3. No, 102.10.1 states, "A disqualification can be made only by the official
within whose jurisdiction the infraction has been committed.  Except for the
relay take-off judges when dual confirmation relay take-off judging, as
provided in 102.15.6B, is used, the Referee, stroke, turn, or relay take-off
judge upon observing an infraction, shall immediately raise one hand
overhead. If the official does not do so, there shall be no

4. This is stated very clearly in 102.10.11, "Grasping lane dividers to assist
forward motion is not permitted."
have a good week

michael w. moore
michael at mwmoore.org