[PacMasterUpdate] Pacific Masters Update, September 7th, 2003

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Five World records were set at the Mountain View Masters Short Course 
Meters meet September 9th at the Eagle Pool.  It was a great day for 
swimming at the pool. The weather was warm and the pool was fast.

Suzanne Heim Bowen set new world records in the 400 and 800 Meter 
Freestyle. Suzanne broke the Laura Vals five year old 400 meter 
standard on her way to breaking Danielle Ogier six year old mark. 
Swimming a 9:35.19 she broke the old mark by 21 seconds. In the past 
month Suzanne has broken seven world records in her freshman year in 
the 45-49 age group.

Laura Val broke her own 800 meter standard by swimming a 9:50.53 in 
the morning. Then came back to swim a 1:12.50 in the 100 meter 
Individual medley. Laura broke  Danielle Ogiers standard she set last 
year. Laura and Danielle Ogier have been breaking each other standard 
in the Individually Medley.

In the last race of the meet, Tod Spieker broke the 400 Meter 
Individual Medley record. By swimming a 5:13.29, Tod took 15 seconds 
off the old 55-59 world record  (5:28.51).

In that heat Tod Spieker (55-59) and Jim Clemmons (50-54) were seeded 
in ajoining lanes. In the fly leg, Jim was ahead by two body lengths. 
Tod, a world record holder in the backstroke, swam faster in that leg 
to surge ahead of Jim by a body length. Jim, the better breaststroke, 
was able to out pace Tod so that by the end of the breaststroke they 
were in a dead head.  Both Tod and Jim are distance freestylers so 
the race depended on who would win the freestyle leg. Both took off 
quickly. Sunday was Tod's day as he was able to surge ahead in the 
second 25 of the 100 meter leg. Tod finished two body lengths ahead 
of Jim to break the 55-59 standard.

The Folsom Lake Open Water Swim put on the Rocklin Aquatic Masters 
will be September 20th. There will be the one mile and two mile swim. 
Both of those swims will earn points for the Open Water Point 
Part of the Folsom Open Water Swim is a novice 500 yard swim. This is 
a great chance for those who have never had the pleasure of being in 
an open water swim to swim out in the lake. There are no open water 
point awarded for the 500 yard open water swim and swimmers who enter 
the 500 yard swim will not be allowed to enter the 1 mile and 2 mile 
The San Mateo Marlin Masters will be Sunday, September 28th. The 
pre-entry deadline is September 22 with race day entries accepted.

The 2003 Pacific Masters Swimming Short Course Championships will be 
held at the new Menlo Atherton High School Pool. The meet is being 
run by Rinconada Masters.

The meet is being held on three days, over two weekends. The  1500 
free will be September 27th and the other events will be on the 
weekend of October 4th and 5th. For swimmers who want to swim the 
1500, the 1500 is considered one of the seven events that you can 
swim at the meet. There is no 800 meter freestyle at this meet.

For teams that might consider entering a relay to get at top ten 
time, the short course meter relays are usually considered the 
softest of the three seasons.

Entries are due postmarked by September 15th and /or received by 
September 22, 2003.

The Donner Lake Open Water Swim results have been delayed. There was 
a problem of mixing the wet suit swimmers with the other swimmers. 
Just as soon as the results are received, they will be posted.

The September October Newsletter is now posted on the web site. The 
newsletter covers the upcoming meets. It has an article about the 
coach of the year; there is also an article in it from Coach Doug 
Huestis on "Why Swimming?"
The annual US Master Swimming convention is this week in San Diego. 
There will be over 20 Pacific Masters swimmers traveling there to 
represent the LMSC.

The Pacific Masters office will be closed next week from Monday 
September 11 through Sunday, September 17th. If you need any help 
please call  next week.

United States Masters Swimming is run almost exclusively by 
volunteers. Much of the work of the corporation is at convention 
where the delegates decide on the rules and legislation of Masters 
swimming and plan for future.

Representatives of Pacific Masters include
Joan Alexander, Walnuet Creek
Joanne Berven, TriValley Masters
Cokie Lepinski, Rolling Hills Mud Sharks
Michael Moore, Fog City Masters
Scott Williams, The Olympic Club
Rich Burns, Tamalpias Aquatic Masters
Alan Cartwright, Loch Nest Swimmers
Jon Steiner, Tamalpias Aquatic Masters
Cindy Baxter, Rinconada Masters
Barbara Thomas, Loch Nest Swimmers
Cindy Clements, Tamalpias Aquatic Masters
Paul Wrangell,  Santa Cruz Masters
Jim Wheeler
Alan Levinson
George and Tillie Cunningham , Santa Cruz Masters
Barry Fasbener   , Stanford Masters
Rick Meier-Windes, Tsunami
Cris Meier-Windes, Tsunami
Richard and Joan Smith
Bill Grohe , USF Masters
Doug Huestis, BMW

All clubs are invited to participate in an Open House at your pool on 
Saturday, October 18 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.  Schedule a 
special training session, have a team party or just have bagels & 
juice available for visitors.  PMS will give you promotional 
materials like banners and posters to publicize the event. Coaches 
and club members agree to be at the pool during the Open House hours 
to showcase your Masters program. The goal of the Open House is to 
advertise that your Masters team is there, hopefully having fun, 
throughout the winter months.

Contact Bill Grohe at (415) 681-2376 or 
<mailto:WGrohe at aol.com>WGrohe at aol.com if your club is interested in 
participating.  Let him know if PMS can help with your event 
(arranging a loan from the PMS library of training videos or 
arranging a mentor coach for the day, for example).  We'll publish a 
list of participating clubs on the PMS website at 
<http://www.pacificmasters.org>www.pacificmasters.org closer to the 
date of the event.

Have a good week

michael w. moore
michael at PacificMasters.org