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2004 has begun and there are many scheduled events for Pacific 
Masters swimmers. Tamalpias Aquatic Masters is sponsoring two events: 
The One Hour Postal Swim and the Postal 1650. Both events can be done 
at your home pool. The One Hour Swim must be done by January 31st. 
The 1650, by the February 29th (an extra day this year).

The Olympic Club is sponsoring the "The Mile" which is being held 
January 24th at Koret Center on the USF campus. While there is a 
limit of the number of swimmers, in the past the limit has not been 
met. This is a pre-seeded meet, you must send your entry in by 
January 10th.

Fog City is sponsoring the Winter Quadrathon meet on Sunday February 
1st. Swimmers may swim four events, and the swimmer with the fastest 
total time for the four events. Swimmers may also enter any of the 
individual events. The pre-entry deadline is January 18th .

All of the meet sheets can be obtained on the Pacific Masters schedule page

The results of the Sacramento Masters have been posted on the web 
site. The bulkhead became loose and was measureed short at the end of 
the meet so the times will not count for top ten or record times. 
Thanks to the Sacramento Masters and Andy Brennan who put a lot of 
work in so that swimmers could compete.

The January-February newsletter has been posted on the web site (pdf 
version). On it are the meet sheets for the first meets of the year. 
It also has the results of the "Open Water Points Competition."

The Pacific Coaches Clinic will be on the 9th, 10th and 11th of January 2004
The Pacific Masters Coaches Committee announces the annual Pacific 
Coaches Clinic Masters Coaches Scholarship program.  The Annual 
Pacific Coaches Clinic will be held at the Napa Marriott Hotel, on 
the Friday Jan 9, Saturday Jan 10, and Sunday Jan 11, 2004.    For 
more informaiton contact Pacific Nasters Coaches Co Chair Brian 
Stack(brianstack at sbcglobal.net)

Date and location set for 2004 Pacific officials clinic -- Pacific's 
annual officials clinic will be held Saturday, January 10, 2004, at 
the Holiday Inn at 500 Hegenberger Road near I-880 in Oakland.  More 
information is found on the Pacific Swimming web site:
The clinic will begin at 8am.

It is time to renew your Pacific Masters/United States Masters 
Swimming membership. When you renew you will continue your 
subscription to Swim Magazine, continue to receive your Pacific 
Masters Swimming newsletter and you have the privilege of 
participating in any Pac Masters and USMS sanctioned postal, pool, 
open water event or clinic. Your membership fee also pays for a 
central Pacific Masters Office to answer any of your swimming 
questions, toll free access to the USMS National Office 
(800-550-SWIM), It also pays for the Pacific Master website. Your 
renewal does help.

Team representative can go to the Pacific Masters web site and get a 
list of the teams members:
Remember to be covered by USMS secondary insurance, every member of 
your team must be a USMS member. If you have any questions about 
being able to get the form on line, contact Michael Moore at 
michael at pacificmasters.org , If it is a question about the 
registration of a swimmer contact Nancy Ridout at 
registrar at pacificmasters.org

To register a swimmer who is a member of a club, the club has to be 
registered first. So far the clubs that have re-registered for 2004 
are on
If your club is not registered talk to you club representative. If 
the club representative has any questions, he/she should contact 
Nancy Ridout at 415 872 0771 or registrar at pacificmasters.org

US Aquatic Sports, United States Masters Swimming made a bid to FINA 
to hold the XI FINA Masters World Championships 2006 at Stanford 
University in August 2006. The bid was sent to Lausanne, Switzerland 
and met the due date of December 31.

It is a waiting game right now to see if other venues have also bid 
for the championships. We have heard that Egypt, Hong Kong and Brazil 
may be bidding for the games. The decision should  be made by the 
FINA Bureau. Meanwhile the Local Organizing Committee continue to 
plan work with the assumption that Stanford will be awarded the games.

There  will have a Stroke and Turn Clinic for all officials who want 
to register for USA Swimming's year of 2004.  This could include any 
one who would like to become officials for the first time or 
experienced officials just wanting to renew their certification 
again.  This clinic will take place on Saturday, January 10, 2004, in 
Davis, California.

Sierra Nevada Swimming has the same Davis High School room as we did 
last year.  We will use room number 31 which is located in the 
Humanities Hall. Humanities Hall is the first right hand building as 
you enter the school property (going east to west) from the parking 
lot that also services the
Veterans Memorial Building and the Community Swimming Pool.  We will 
start the Stroke and Turn Clinic at 9:00 AM which will last until 
about noon, if we want to talk about other aspects of officiating. 
We will be there early for you to register with USA Swimming for 2004 
and visit with other

The parking lot is across from St. James Catholic Church which is located at
14th and B Streets.

6.    In a 9-10, 100 yard breaststroke event, a swimmer completes 50 yards
and, thinking that the race is over, pushes back from the wall to read the
scoreboard.  At this point, realizing that the race is only halfway over,
the swimmer returns to the wall, then pushes off on the breast and completes
the required distance in good form.  What, if any, call should be made?

7.    During a 200-yard IM, a swimmer in the backstroke leg at the turn end
rolls onto the breast and his outstretched hand immediately touches the
wall.  The swimmer thereupon grabs the gutter, places one foot on the wall
and the other in the gutter, clearly above the water surface.  He pushes off
past vertical toward the back and completes the event.  Did a violation

8.    In the butterfly event, a swimmer misjudges the wall.  He finishes the
race with his head only, stopping the electronic timing system.  Should he
be disqualified?

9.       In a backstroke event, a swimmer stands up in the middle of the
course. He does not walk or spring off from the pool bottom, but rests and
then resumes swimming.  Is there a disqualification?

10.    After the start of a butterfly event, a swimmer incorrectly believes
that there has been a recall.  He stands up but, realizing that no one else
has stopped, he then resumes swimming.  Is there a disqualification?

BTW - if you looked up and the sun did look a little bigger today and 
you think that you are tanning faster right now, the earth was a 
perihelion today (it was closest to the sun in its orbit). The earth 
will be farthest from the sun around July 4th.

Have a Happy New Year

Michael Moore, chairman
Pacific Masters Swimming

ANSWERS FROM THE BOOK Rules refer to USA-Swimming rule numbe.rs
6 Recommended Resolution:   The swimmer left the wall, probably on the back,
and then returned to the wall before resuming the stroke.  One violation
that could be called would be that the swimmer was not on the breast when
leaving the wall.  Additional violations could include the arm stroke not
being simultaneous depending on what was observed by the judge.

(editors note  referring to rule 101.1.4 (Turns . . . Once the touch 
has been made, the swimmer may turn in any manner desired . . . - an 
argument can be made that the swimmers turn included checking the 
time  then pushing off - therefore no DQ should be made. MWM ).

Applicable Rules:   101.1.4, 101.1.2

7 Recommended Resolution:  No violation occurred.  On intermediate turns in
the IM, the stroke rules apply and it appears that there would be no
possibility of a non-continuous turn if the touch occurred immediately upon
rolling past vertical onto the breast.  Once a legal touch has been made in
any stroke, the swimmer may turn in any manner desired.  The only
requirement is that the swimmer must be "in a position on the back"  when
the feet leave the wall and according to the description this requirement
was met.
Applicable Rules:   101.5.3A, 101.3.3, 5 June 1999 Rules and Regulations
Committee Interpretation

8 Recommended Resolution:    Yes.  A two-hand touch is required for the finish
of the butterfly event.

Applicable Rules:   101.2.5

9 Recommended Resolution:    Yes.  A two-hand touch is required for the finish
of the butterfly event.

Applicable Rules:   101.2.5

10 Recommended Resolution:    Yes.  Once the swimmer stands, he is no longer on
his back.  The rule book states "The swimmer shall push off on his back and
continue swimming on the back throughout the race."  Moreover, a swimmer is
not permitted to stand on the bottom during any stroke other than

Applicable rules:   101.3.2, 102.10.5

michael w. moore
michael at PacificMasters.org