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The Monthly Pacific Masters meeting will be Wednesday January 14th, 
at 7:30 PM It will be at the Oak Hill Park Community Center, in 

2004 has begun and there are many scheduled events for Pacific 
Masters swimmers. Tamalpias Aquatic Masters is sponsoring two events: 
The One Hour Postal Swim and the Postal 1650. Both events can be done 
at your home pool. The One Hour Swim must be done by January 31st. 
The 1650, by the February 29th (an extra day this year).

The Olympic Club is sponsoring the "The Mile" which is being held 
January 24th at Koret Center on the USF campus. While there is a 
limit of the number of swimmers, in the past the limit has not been 
met. This is a pre-seeded meet, you must send your entry in by 
January 10th.

Fog City is sponsoring the Winter Quadrathon meet on Sunday February 
1st. Swimmers may swim four events, and the swimmer with the fastest 
total time for the four events. Swimmers may also enter any of the 
individual events. The pre-entry deadline is January 18th.

All of the meet sheets can be obtained on the Pacific Masters schedule page

There will be an officials clinic at Mitchell Park Community Center, 
free of cost.  The clinic will be Tuesday evening Jan. 27, from 7:00 
p.m. to 10:00 p.m. in room #1.  The officials clinic is a great way 
to learn the technical rules of swimming.

We are honored to have Marvin and Joyce Lamphere as Referee's. They 
will have  the registration forms with them to join the United States 
Swimming. We have  to  do this for insurance to be on the deck.  The 
cost is $40.00. If you  complete the coarse and take the open book 
test and work at either an  age group or
master meet, (not Championship Meets,) the PMS will pay you back the 
$40.00  registration fee after you have worked two meets

The address of Mitchell Park Community Center is, 3800 Middlefield 
Rd. Coming  in either from North or South 101, turn west on 
Embarcadero/Oregon  Expressway. It is a little shorter to stay on the 
Oregon Expressway. Go 2 miles to  Middlefield Rd. Turn South (left). 
Drive 3 miles on Middlefield Rd., past East
Meadow and the Community Center is the driveway past the stoplight on 
the left at  Mayview. Turn  right into drive way. ( no name to drive 

If you are coming in from Mt. View or Menlo Park, get to Middlefield 
Rd. The  Community Center is between East Meadow and Charleston, 50 
feet or  so from   the stoplight of Mayview.

Our Master swimmers will appreciate seeing the fantastic stroke and 
turn  film. It is  one of the best I've seen.

If you want to get in touch with me call Cindy at (650) 326-6630 or 
e-mail me at cindybax at aol.com

It is time to renew your Pacific Masters/United States Masters 
Swimming membership. When you renew you will continue your 
subscription to Swim Magazine, continue to receive your Pacific 
Masters Swimming newsletter and you have the privilege of 
participating in any Pac Masters and USMS sanctioned postal, pool, 
open water event or clinic. Your membership fee also pays for a 
central Pacific Masters Office to answer any of your swimming 
questions, toll free access to the USMS National Office 
(800-550-SWIM), It also pays for the Pacific Master website. Your 
renewal does help.

Team representative can go to the Pacific Masters web site and get a 
list of the teams members:
Remember to be covered by USMS secondary insurance, every member of 
your team must be a USMS member. If you have any questions about 
being able to get the form on line, contact Michael Moore at 
michael at pacificmasters.org , If it is a question about the 
registration of a swimmer contact Nancy Ridout at 
registrar at pacificmasters.org

To register a swimmer who is a member of a club, the club has to be 
registered first. So far the clubs that have re-registered for 2004 
are on
If your club is not registered talk to you club representative. If 
the club representative has any questions, he/she should contact 
Nancy Ridout at 415 872 0771 or registrar at pacificmasters.org. Nancy 
will be back from the mid year meeting of the USMS exec board on 

Answers at the end.
11.    A swimmer leaves the pool believing that he has finished his 
freestyle race.  Finding out that he has not swum the correct number 
of lengths, he enters the pool again to finish.  Is this legal or 
should he be

12.    A swimmer believes he has finished a freestyle race and walks 
a few steps away from the wall.  He is advised to swim two more 
lengths.  He returns to the wall and completes the required distance. 
Should he be disqualified?

13.    In a backstroke start, a swimmer keeps his toes under the 
water until the gun sounds and then slides them up and takes off from 
the gutter. Should any action be taken?

14.    Near the finish in a butterfly race, a swimmer starts his 
final stroke and finds himself too close to the wall to make a full 
recovery, so he ducks his head under and reaches forward 
simultaneously with both hands underwater from the breast to touch. 
Is this legal?

15.    In a breaststroke turn, the swimmer touches with his left hand 
and then touches immediately after with his right hand.  The turn 
judge raises a hand, signaling a disqualification.  The coach argues 
that the turn is legal because both hands were on the wall at the 
same time.  Does the disqualification stand?

Have a Happy New Year


11 Recommended Resolution:    He should be disqualified.  USA Swimming Rules
and Regulations states, " ... a swimmer must not leave the pool, or walk, or
spring from the bottom."

Applicable Rules:   102.10.5

12 Recommended Resolution:    The swimmer should be disqualified. USA Swimming
Rules and Regulations states, "  ... a swimmer must not leave the pool, or
walk, or spring from the bottom."

Applicable Rules:   102.10.5

13. Recommended Resolution:    USA Swimming Rules and Regulations states,
"Standing in or on the gutter or bending the toes over the lip of the gutter
before or after the start is prohibited."  Since the infraction took place
after the start, the stroke and turn judge should make the disqualification

Applicable Rules:   101.3.1

14. Recommended Resolution:    No, this is illegal.  According to USA Swimming
Rules and Regulations "Both arms must be brought forward over the water... "

Applicable Rules:   101.2.2

15. Recommended Resolution:    Yes, the rule is very clear.  USA Swimming Rules
and Regulations states, "At each turn, the touch shall be made with both
hands simultaneously... "  Therefore, the hands must touch at the same time,
not one after the other.

Applicable Rules:   101.1.4
michael w. moore
michael at PacificMasters.org