[PacMasterUpdate] Pacific Masters Update, March 28, 2004

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The 2004 Pacific Masters Short Course Championships will be on the 
campus of the University of California Santa Cruz, April 2nd through 
the 4th.  It is too late to enter the meet, except as a relay 
swimmer. Come down to cheer your team mates on or to volunteer to 

The X FINA World Masters Championships will be held in June in 
Riccione, Italy. You must enter by April 3rd. No Late entries will be 
accepted. You can enter on-line (and Pay on line) at

TriValley Masters is sponsoring the Battle of the Bay,  a six hour 
team marathon. It is open to 20 teams only with a minimum of 12 
swimmers each. There are awards - $500 to the first place team, 2nd 
get $250 and third place gets $100.  Now it the time to start putting 
your team together.

San Mateo Master Marlins are sponsoring two Open Water Clinics 
followed by a One Mile swim. the Open Water clinic will be Saturdays 
April 10th and 17th. The Open Water Swim is May 8th.

RICK MEIER-WINDES 1955-2004 - Memorial Monday night
A  memorial for Rick Windes will be held Monday, March 29 from 
7:30-9:30 at the Gay and Lesbian Center, 4th floor 1800 Market 
Street, San Francisco. It will start with a potluck dinner from 
7:30-8:30 and everyone will have the opportunity to share memories of 
Rick at 8:30. If you have them, please bring any photos or memories 
you have of Rick that you'd like to share with the group. And please 
also bring something to share for the potluck.

The preliminary ONE HOUR SWIM results have been posted on the USMS 
web site (soon to be on the Pacific Masters Site).

Pacific Masters is sponsoring a contest for the design of the pin for
promotion of the XI FINA World Masters Championships to be held at Stanford
University in August 2006. Entries must be received by Monday, April 5,
2004. These pins are guaranteed to be collector's items and trading
material for those attending the 2004 FINA Masters Championships in
Riccione, Italy in June 2004. The most sought after pins generally are
not limited to a circular or square shape - you may add hanging items,
multi-color designs, laser effects.  Pacific Masters reserves the right
to the final artwork design, with credit to the artist. The winning
design will be published at www.pacificmasters.org and a $100 check will
be sent to the winner. Submit your entry by email to
FINAPIN at pacificmasters.org or fax to 415-467-8943 prior to the April 5,
2004 deadline.
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USA Swimming Situations (also apply to USMS)

22.    During the 50-yard backstroke a swimmer in Lane 4 approaches the
turn.  When the swimmer moves past vertical towards the breast to make a
flip turn, he finds himself in contact with the wall.  With out doing a flip
turn the swimmer leaves the wall past vertical towards the back.  What
action should the turn judge take?

Recommended Resolution:    No action is required.  During the turn the
shoulders may be turned past vertical toward the breast after which a
continuous single arm pull or a continuous double arm pull may (not
required) be used to execute the turn.  As the turning action was
continuous, there should be no disqualification.

Applicable Rules:   101.3.3

23.    A swimmer in Lane 3 of the 100-yard butterfly moves too close to the
right lane line.  During the recovery portion of an arm stroke the swimmer's
right arm hits the lane line causing the right arm to trail the left arm
over and into the water (alternating action).  However, the swimmer then
pulls both arms back simultaneously during the propulsive portion of the arm
stroke.  The stroke judge signals a disqualification.  Is this a valid DQ?

Recommended Resolution:    This was a correct call.  In the butterfly both
arms must be brought forward over the water and pulled back simultaneously.
In this case, the swimmer's arms were not brought forward over the water
simultaneously.  The fact that the lane line prevented the swimmer from
recovering both arms simultaneously is not germane to the judging of the

Applicable Rules:   101.2.2, 103.13.1

24.    After the start of the backstroke the swimmer in Lane 2 breaks the
surface of the water. He then resubmerges and re-surfaces prior to reaching
the 15-meter mark.  The swimmer remains on the surface for the duration of
the race except as permitted in the turns.  What, if any, is the proper

Recommended Resolution:   The swimmer is permitted but not required to be
completely submerged prior to reaching the 15-meter mark.  There is no call.

Applicable Rules:   101.3.2

25.    A young swimmer approaches the turn of the 50-yard backstroke. The
swimmer rolls from the back to the breast, takes a single arm pull and
initiates his turn.  After completing one full somersault-style turn, the
swimmer returns to a position facing the wall without ever touching the
wall.  The swimmer looks up at the official and does another somersault
turn, touching the wall this time, leaves on the back and finishes the race.
The turn judge makes no call.  Was this correct?

Recommended Resolution:    The swimmer should be disqualified for failure to
perform a continuous turn.  The second "turn" is not part of the initial
rollover turn and is viewed in the same way as sculling back to the wall.

Applicable Rules:   101.3.3

26.    After passing under the flags and preparing for a turn during a
100-yard backstroke event, a swimmer turns past the vertical towards the
breast and extends his arm while kicking. He does not take an arm pull but
continues to kick into the wall then executes a flip turn, leaving the wall
on his back.  Should he be disqualified?

Recommended Resolution:    The swimmer should be disqualified for a
non-continuous turning action.  As there is no initiation of the turning
action after the shoulders pass vertical, the turning action is not
continuous.  The fact that the swimmer was kicking has no bearing on the

Applicable Rules:   101.3.3

27.    In an 8 & under 25-yard backstroke event, the stroke judge recommends
a disqualification based on the fact that the swimmer swam elementary
backstroke and not a "crawl" backstroke.  Should the swimmer be

Recommended Resolution:    The swimmer should not be disqualified.  The
backstroke rules do not specify any particular stroke or kick requirements,
only that the race be swum on the back.  There is no requirement that the
stroke must be "crawl" or that the kick be a flutter kick.

Applicable Rules:   101.3.2

28.    In a senior 100-yard breaststroke event the turn judge recommends a
disqualification because the swimmer in Lane 2 was not on his breast when
leaving the wall at the first turn.  Upon quizzing the turn judge about what
was observed, the referee determines that the judge observed the following
sequence of events:
*    The turn judge picks up the swimmer in Lane 2 as the swimmer is headed
away from the wall
*    The turn judge sees that the swimmer is not on his breast
*    The turn judge shifts her eyes to the feet of the swimmer and sees that
they are off the wall
*    The turn judge raises her hand.
Should the swimmer be disqualified?

Recommended Resolution:   The swimmer should not be disqualified.  The rule
requires that the "shoulders must be at or past the vertical towards the
breast when the swimmer leaves the wall..."  In the sequence that was
described, it is possible that the swimmer's feet were still on the wall
when the turn judge observed the swimmer not on the breast.  By the time the
turn judge's eyes had shifted to the feet of the swimmer, the swimmer had
left the wall.  To give the swimmer the benefit of the doubt, the turn judge
must first observe the swimmer leave the wall and then check the position of
the shoulders.

Applicable Rules:   101.1.4

29.    At the turn in a 50-yard butterfly event, the turn judge recommends a
disqualification for a one-hand touch.  Upon quizzing the turn judge, the
chief judge determines that the turn judge observed three swimmers in his
jurisdiction come into the wall simultaneously.  As the turn judge shifted
his eyes across all three lanes, the turn judge observed the swimmer in Lane
3 pulling away from the wall with only the left hand in contact with the
wall.  Because the turn judge did not observe the right hand of the swimmer
in contact with the wall, he raised his hand to make a call.  Is this a
valid DQ?

Recommended Resolution:    The chief judge should recommend to the referee
that the call not be accepted. Stroke and turn judges should call only what
they see, not what they don't see.  While it is possible that the swimmer
did not make a two-hand touch, it is also possible that a two-hand touch was
made, but made before the turn judge had shifted his eyes to that lane.

Applicable Rules:   101.2.4

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