[PacMasterUpdate] Pacific Masters Update, August 24, 2004

pacmasterupdate at PacificMasters.org Wed Aug 25 02:16:39 EDT 2004


The next open water meet is the Whiskeytown open water meet on 
Sunday, September 12, 2004. This meet is held at Whiskeytown lake 
near Redding Committee.

The San Mateo Marlins Pentathlon is Sunday, September 26th at 
Joinville Swimming Pool in San Mateo.

Information on both events is in the July August newsletter:

The Monthly Pacific Masters meeting will be Wednesday August 25, at 
7:30 PM It will be at the Oak Hill Park Community Center, in 
Danville/Alamo. Directions can be found on the web page

The  meeting will consider the Pacific Masters Championships for next 
year. The committee will also consider the all the proposals for 
United States Masters Swimming. The complete convention packet can be 
found at

The convention packet includes a discussion on the governance of 
United States Masters Swimming

The Pacific Masters September-October Newsletter has been posted 
on-line. Thanks to Joanne Bervan who writes and puts together the 


Junior College
The Community Colleges have some of the best education value there 
is. One can take liberal arts, technology courses, or physical 
education course, for a very reasonable price. The community colleges 
are open to people of all ages. The fall semester are just starting 
and many classes are still open.

Pacific Masters Swimming is run primarily by Volunteers. The 
registrar is full time and he newsletter editor and webmaster receive 
some compensation for their services. The amount of time that it 
takes to run Pacific Masters is great. And what is surprising is that 
the membership gets professional level service.

That is to say that there are not things that could and should be 
done better. We need help with the getting the Top Ten in order. We 
also need someone to write about hour history. Many of the original 
members of Pacific Masters are long of tooth and we might not have 
them around much any more, we need someone to write down their story.

We also need someone who is familiar with writing for newspapers. It 
would be great that during and after our championships, we send 
information to the newspapers, telling the editor about our swimmers 
accomplishments. We have a great story and we need to get the word 

If you would like to help, please contact Michael Moore at 
chairman at pacificmasters.org or Barbara Thomas at 
barbara at 2006FinaMasters.org

Have a good week.

michael w. moore
michael at mwmoore.org