[PacMasterUpdate] Pacific Masters Update, September 24th, 2004

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This Sunday is the San Mateo Master Marlin Pentathlon being held at 
the Joinville Pool. the meet starts at 10am. You may deck enter.

On Sunday October 3th is the 31 Sacramento Pentathlon to be held at 
the Schaal Aquatic Center on the Univ of California, Davis campus. 
You may preenter by sending in your entry by September 28th.

October 8th, 9th and 10th is the Pacific Masters Swimming 2004 Short 
Course Meter Championships be organized by the Walnut Creek Masters. 
You must pre-enter the meet by September 27th.

Mountain View Masters is sponsoring the Alan Liu Memorial swim on 
Sunday October 24th  Eagle Pool in Mountain View.

Meet entries can be found at:  http://www.pacificmasters.org/comp/schd.html

  The 9th Annual Swim a Mile for Women with Cancer event, to be held 
at Mills College on October 2 and 3.  Last year they raised over 
$200,000 for women with cancer.  More information, including online 
registration, can be found at their website at 

United States Masters Swimming had its 2004 convention in Orlando 
last week. Pacific Masters Swimming was well represented by 15 
members from Pacific. The convention is a working convention where 
much of the business of US Masters Swimming is done.

USMS tackled the tough business of governance in the new century. 
USMS has been primarily run by volunteers for the thirty years it has 
been existence. With over 42,000 members, the House of Delegates 
voted to change the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.

The House in a close vote also voted to establish a new magazine to 
send to its members. Swim magazine after the Jan-Feb issue sent to 
members will no longer be the main information vehicle from USMS to 
its members.

Scott Williams, of The Olympic Club, was chosen the 2004 USMS Coach 
of the Year. Scott has been a coach at the Olympic Club, he has 
served as an on deck coach at the national championships and at the 
international championships. He has also coached at the Masters 
clinic at the Olympic Training Center.

The award was given at the Aquatics Banquet on Saturday night where 
Scott gave a heart felt speach about what masters has meant to him 
and how proud he is to be a Masters swimmer and Masters coach.

Scott joins Kerry O'Brien, Michael Collins and Mo Chambers as Pacific 
Masters Swimming coaches who are recipients of the SPEEDO/USMS COACH 

The Monthly Pacific Masters meeting will be Wednesday September 29, 
at 7:30 PM It will be at the Oak Hill Park Community Center, in 
Danville/Alamo. Directions can be found on the web page

The  meeting will consider the Pacific Masters meets for next year.

To All,  Burlingame Aquatic Club will be hosting a stroke and turn 
clinic in a classroom by their pool.  The room is 502 at Burlingame 
High School and the start time is 6:00PM.  You can go to the pool and 
ask the coaches where the room is.  Coaches please tell all of your 
parents about the clinic.  It is for parents and swimmers  who wants 
to learn how to become an official or officials that need a refresher 

Darryl Woo
Zone 1N official's Chair
758 Prairie Creek Drive
Pacifica, CA  94044-3823
email:  dwoo94044 at sprintpcs.com
email:  ewoo at muse.sfusd.edu



5.    A swimmer likes to swim the butterfly. He would like to do the
butterfly during the freestyle event.  An official tells his coach that he
can swim butterfly, but he can't alter the stroke at any time during the
race.  Was this a correct statement made by the official?

6.    A young swimmer can't make up his mind what stroke he wants to swim.
During the first length of a 50-yard freestyle, he decided to do the
backstroke and the butterfly during the first 25 yards and the breaststroke
and freestyle during the last 25 yards.  He did a forward start and then a
corkscrew to get into position to do his backstroke.  The official on the
turn end of the pool raised his hand to disqualify him for not completing
the backstroke until he touched the wall at the finish of the first 25 yards
of this event.  Was this a correct infraction?

7.    A swimmer got very tired on her 500-yard freestyle.  She decided to
stop and rest.  By resting, her feet touched the bottom of the pool.  After
the short rest, she sprang from the bottom of the pool and completed the
race.  Should she have been disqualified?

8.    A young "freestyler" just completed the only turn in the 50-yard
freestyle, but didn't touch the wall.  She started to swim and got as far as
the middle of the pool when she decided to return to the turn end of the
pool and touch without doing a flip turn.  In the meantime, the official
raised his hand and wrote a disqualification slip.  Was this a valid

9.    During the turn of the 50-yard freestyle, a swimmer got so close to
the wall that only his toe touched the wall.  At the finish, he touched the
wall with his head because he was looking under the water at the swimmer in
the next lane and not looking for the wall in his lane.  Was this a legal
touch at the turn and finish?

Pacific Masters Swimming is run primarily by Volunteers. The 
registrar is full time and he newsletter editor and webmaster receive 
some compensation for their services. The amount of time that it 
takes to run Pacific Masters is great. And what is surprising is that 
the membership gets professional level service.

That is to say that there are not things that could and should be 
done better. We need help with the getting the Top Ten in order. We 
also need someone to write about hour history. Many of the original 
members of Pacific Masters are long of tooth and we might not have 
them around much any more, we need someone to write down their story.

We also need someone who is familiar with writing for newspapers. It 
would be great that during and after our championships, we send 
information to the newspapers, telling the editor about our swimmers 
accomplishments. We have a great story and we need to get the word 

If you would like to help, please contact Michael Moore at 
chairman at pacificmasters.org or Barbara Thomas at 
barbara at 2006FinaMasters.org

Have a good week.


Rule resolution - the applicable rules applies to USA Swimming rule numbers

5 Recommended Resolution:    No. In an event designated as freestyle the
swimmer may swim any style.  In a medley relay or an individual medley
event, freestyle means any style other than butterfly, breaststroke or

Applicable Rules:   101.4.2

Recommended Resolution:    No. In an event designated as freestyle the
swimmer may swim any style. In a medley relay or an individual medley event,
freestyle means any style other than butterfly, breaststroke or backstroke.

Applicable Rules:   101.4.2

Recommended Resolution:    Yes.  Standing on the bottom during a freestyle
race shall not disqualify a swimmer, but a swimmer must not leave the pool,
or walk, or spring from the bottom. Standing on the bottom during any other
stroke shall result in disqualification.

Applicable Rules:   102.10.5

Recommended Resolution:    No, the disqualification should be pulled. Upon
completion of each length, the swimmer must touch the wall.  She should not
have been disqualified if she went back and touched the wall at the turn end
prior to touching the wall at the finish end.

Applicable Rules:   101.4.3

Recommended Resolution:    Yes, upon completion of each length the swimmer
must touch the wall and the swimmer shall have finished the race when any
part of his person touches the wall after completing the prescribed

Applicable Rules:   101.4.3, 101.4.4
michael w. moore
michael at mwmoore.org