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September 26th, 2004

On Sunday October 3th is the 31 Sacramento Pentathlon
to be held at the Schaal Aquatic Center on the Univ of
California, Davis campus. You may preenter by sending
in your entry by September 28th.

October 8th, 9th and 10th is the Pacific Masters
Swimming 2004 Short Course Meter Championships be
organized by the Walnut Creek Masters. You must
pre-enter the meet by September 27th.

Mountain View Masters is sponsoring the Alan Liu
Memorial swim on Sunday October 24th  Eagle Pool in
Mountain View.

Meet entries can be found at: 

Results from the following meets have been posted
	Lake Del Valle 2x1 Open Water
	Whiskeytown Lake Open Water
	San Mateo Marlin Master  Pentathlon

Thanks to the Manatee Masters, the San Mateo Marlins
and the Redding Masters for putting on the meets.
Without the teams putting on the meets, we would not
have the high quality meets we which  we have become

United States Masters Swimming had it 2004 convention
at Lake Buena Visa, Florida (just outside Orlando)
Pacific Masters was represented by 
	Joan Alexander
	Leianne Crittenden
	Bill Grohe
	Doug Huestis
	Kristina King
	Dore Schwab
	Barbara Thomas
	Cris Allen
	Barry Fasbender
	Jon Steiner
	Scott William
	Jim Wheeler
	Laura Collette
	Michael Moore
As a volunteer organization USMS and Pacific Masters
is forever grateful the hundreds of talented
volunteers who give their time, talent and expertise
to help all phases of our programs. Two Pacific
Masters members were recognized for giving of their
time and talents. Cris Meier Windes and Joan Alexander
were recipiants of the Dorothy Donnelly USMS Service
Award. Pacific has benefited from all the work they
have given this organization, so thank you Cris and

The House of Delegates chose Coral Springs will be the
site of the 2006 USMS Short Course Nationals.

United States Masters Swimming is run by its
volunteers, most of its work is done through its

The Monthly Pacific Masters meeting will be Wednesday
September 29, at 7:30 PM It will be at the Oak Hill
Park Community Center, in Danville/Alamo. Directions
can be found on the web page

The  meeting will consider the Pacific Masters meets
for next year. 

To All,  Burlingame Aquatic Club will be hosting a
stroke and turn clinic in a classroom by their pool. 
The room is 502 at Burlingame High School and the
start time is 6:00PM.  You can go to the pool and ask
the coaches where the room is.  Coaches please tell
all of your parents about the clinic.  It is for
parents and swimmers  who wants to learn how to become
an official or officials that need a refresher course.

Darryl Woo
Zone 1N official's Chair
758 Prairie Creek Drive
Pacifica, CA  94044-3823
email:  dwoo94044 at sprintpcs.com
email:  ewoo at muse.sfusd.edu        

Nancy Ridout, registrar of Pacific Masters Swimming
will be out of her office Thursday and Friday. If you
need to get in touch with her, please contact her
Wednesday or before or next week.

Here are the number of swimmers by club  for  this
year and compared to their number and position at the
end of last year.

Remember that registration for the rest of 2004 is
only $20.00 (instead of $30.00). Congratulations to
Stanford and Tualomne County Masters who both has show
an almost 25% increase in membership.

	# of 		# of	Last year place
	Swimmers	Swimmers
		Club	 EOY 03	
1	702	DAM	792	1
2	429	WCM	447	2
3	358	STAN	290	7
4	344	TCAM	278	8
5	315	USF	373	4
6	286	MELO	416	3
7	272	MAM	272	9
8	253	CRUZ	250	10
9	232	SCAM	291	6
10	231	MVM	248	11
11	216	SCSC	295	5
12	189	RINC	195	12
13	175	TSUN	180	15
14	171	RAMS	189	13
15	170	SMMM	186	14
16	162	SERC	138	18
17	160	BMW	150	17
18	157	TVM	164	16
19	124	SNM	119	23
20	120	SAC	106	24
21	115	TOC	131	19
22	114	DC	131	19
23	108	TAM	104	27
24	107	AAM	126	22
25	106	TEME	130	21

have a good week

michael w. moore
michael at mwmoore.org

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