[PacMasterUpdate] Pacific Masters Update, October 17th, 2004

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Mountain View Masters is sponsoring the Alan Liu
Memorial swim on Sunday October 24th  Eagle Pool in
Mountain View.

Tuolumne County Aquatic Masters is having its first
Short Course Yards meet, Saturday October,30th and the
first SCY meet of the season. This meet will be held
in Sonora, California This is the first Masters meet
in Sonora, California and we wish them well.

Meet entries can be found at: 

The Monthly Pacific Masters meeting will be Wednesday
October 20, at 7:30 PM It will be at the Oak Hill Park
Community Center, in Danville/Alamo. Directions can be
found on the web page

We need a volunteer typist to help with the meet book
for the XI FINA Masters World Championships. We need
pages retyped into a text file that we can later put
in the book. Pages would be either faxed or emailed to
you (in pdf) and  I would need it back as a simple
text or Word file. If you can help contact
michael at pacificmasters.org.

Vacaville swim club is looking for a Masters Coach.
Contact mar.julie.shockey at sbcglobal.net
The Sierra Marlins Swim Team will be hosting a Stroke
and Turn clinic immediately after the Saturday
swimming session of their meet on November 20th.  It
will be held at the Folsom Aquatic Complex.

If you have moved since your registered this year,
please let the registrar know by filling out the
change of address form at

By filling out that form you will continue to get your
copy of Swim Magazine coming to your current address.

USA Swimming Situations
Starter/Deck Referee Situations 1-6

1.    In the girls 10 & under 50 yard breaststroke,
the starter has just
finished giving the command “take your mark” when the
swimmer in lane 4
comes down and immediately falls in the water
headfirst.  The referee could
not tell why the swimmer went into the water; however,
the starter indicates
that she thought the swimmer had lost her balance when
she came down for the
start.  What should occur and why?

Recommended Resolution:   The starter should “Stand
up” the remaining
swimmers. It should be determined if the swimmer had
any outside
interference, which they responded to such as a flash
camera or horn sound.
If the referee agrees that the swimmer fell before
becoming set and this was
not a starting motion, the swimmer should be allowed
to swim with the heat.

Applicable Rules:   102.14.5A, 102.14.4C, 102.14.4D,

2.    At a long course Sectional, several National
Team and Olympians are
seeded into the championship final.  Each swimmer will
be competing in major
international meets representing the USA later that
summer. Just prior to
the start and after the command is give to “Take your
mark” the lane 4
swimmer twitches his right knee.  Reacting to the
movement, the lane #5
swimmer takes off.  No starting signal has been given.
 What is the ruling?

Recommended Resolution:    If it is determined that
this swimmer started
before the start signal and both the starter and
referee confirm this, the
offending swimmer in lane 5 should be disqualified. 
The referee should
first, however, determine that there were no
extenuating circumstances such
as a flash from a camera, etc.  If the starter and
referee both saw movement
in lane #4 as well and felt that it was a starting
action, the swimmer in
lane #4 should also be disqualified.

Applicable Rules:   102.14.5A, 102.14.4C

3.    During the 1000 yard freestyle the turn judge,
having been given the
jurisdiction to sound the warning signal, rings the
bell over the leader in
Lane #4 at 900 yards.  The leader and the swimmer in
second place, Lane #5,
continue beyond 950 yards and complete the race.  The
coach of the swimmer
in Lane #4 files a written protest stating that his
swimmer visibly
increased his pace to a sprint at the sound of the
warning bell.  Realizing
that he was not done and having nothing left, he was
only able to finish
third instead of second, causing his team to lose the
meet team
championship. What decision should be made with regard
to the protest?

Recommended Resolution:    The protest should be
disallowed.  Although a
warning signal is required, USA Swimming Rules and
Regulations also state
that it is the responsibility of the swimmer t
complete the prescribed

Applicable Rules:   102.14.6, 102.5.6E

4.    A swimmer makes finals in the 100 backstroke at
a preliminary/finals
A/B meet where the penalty for failure to show in a
preliminary seeded heat
is being barred from individual and relay events for
the day.  At the start
of his next event, the 100 butterfly, the coach asks
the referee if his
swimmer may be disqualified for delay of meet since he
wants to save his
energy for finals in the 100 backstroke.  What should
the referee do?

Recommended Resolution:    The Starter may disqualify
a swimmer who
deliberately disobeys a starter’s command to step on
the block with the
concurrence of the Referee.  The Referee may now
permit a “Declared False
Start” in order to keep the meet going and not
unnecessarily disrupt the
start of a heat.

Applicable Rules:   102.14.7A, 102.14.5D

5.    A backstroke heat is started with one swimmer
having curled his toes
over the gutter prior to the start.  The starter and
deck referee did not
notice although the meet referee and the turn judge
did.  The swimmer had
stopped moving and was in a set position at the start,
yet clearly gained an
advantage.  How should this be handled?

Recommended Resolution:    As there was no movement at
the start, no false
start occurred.  Since the toes were already above the
water and the toes
curled over the gutter at the time of the start, no
stroke violation
occurred.  Since no call/warning was made prior to the
start, no call may be
made afterwards.  This situation is an example where
the expeditious recall
of the heat could have corrected the advantage gained
by the swimmer in
question over the rest of the field.

Applicable Rules:   101.3.1, 101.3.2, 102.14.5,

6.    A swimmer in the backstroke event stands on the
edge of the pool with
his back to the pool and his heels in the water.  The
starter starts the
race and the swimmer dives backward from the edge of
the pool and wins the
race.  Is this legal?

Recommended Resolution:    The starter should not have
started the race as
the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations state that “the
swimmer’s feet,
including the toes, shall be placed under the surface
of the water” at the
start.  However, the swimmer cannot be disqualified
for having an improper
starting position.   It is the starter’s
responsibility to ensure that all
swimmers have taken a proper starting position.

Applicable Rules:   101.3.1, 102.14.4C

have a good week


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