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pacmasterupdate at PacificMasters.org Mon Nov 15 02:41:22 EST 2004

There are many opportunities in this Update. For the fitness swimmer 
or triathlete the Fitness Clinic at the Olympic Club; for the 
competitive swimmer, there is the coaches clinic also a the Olympic. 
If you had to pay to attend either of these clinics on the open 
market you would be paying over $150. Pacific Masters is bringing 
these two clinics to you at a deeply discounted price. There is also 
a memo from USMS President Jim Miller about the new USMS  national 

Pacific Swimming is having a club seminar. We have over 100 clubs in 
Pacific Masters, at least one person from each club should go there 
to review all the things that  a club should be doing, and how to get 
your club to achieve its goals.

Sunday, November 21
Fitness Clinic At the Olympic Club
	524 Post Street
	San Francisco, CA
This day will be designed to provide tools to the "fitness minded" 
swimmers and triathletes within Pacific Masters to help make their 
swimming more enjoyable and productive through lecture, 
demonstration, practice, video, and video analysis. The clinic will 
emphasize freestyle and the backstroke.

This will be a great time for fitness swimmers and triathletes to 
work on improving your strokes.
	7:30 - 8:30: Coach's "Optionally Mandatory" Workout
	8:30 - 9:00: Welcome and Check-in
	9:00 - 11:00: Introduction
In-water demonstrations
	11:00 - 1:00: In-water Practice Session and Videotaping
	1:00 - 2:00: Lunch Break
	2:00 - 3:00: Video Analysis
	3:00 - 4:00: In-water Practice Session
Optional Q and A with coaches
Cost: 25.00 Space is Limited
Further Information: Kerry O'Brien (925) 934-5657 or Leianne 
Crittenden (PMS Fitness Chair) (510) 655-5655
Fitness Swimmers may register by completing a PMS Consolidated Entry 
Form and attaching both a copy of your USMS Card and a check for 
25.00 made out to Pacific Masters
Swimming and mail to: Leianne Crittenden
  	Pacific Masters Fitness Chair
	1 Indian Gulch Road
	Piedmont, CA 94611
Note: Remember that the size limit will be capped at 35!

Pacific Masters Swimming will be having its annual meeting on 
November 17th, 2004.  It will be at the Oak Hill Park Community 
Center, in Danville/Alamo. Directions can be found on the web page
The meeting will start at 7PM, with a pot luck dinner. We will be 
voting on changes to the bylaws.
Change to PMS By-Laws To be voted on at the Pacific Masters Annual 
meeting November 17th.

Section 103.3H Standing Committees

c. Equipment: (DELETE) The committee is responsible for maintaining 
the PMS safety signs and stopwatches.(end Delete) This committee 
shall be responsible for the maintenance of PMS Safety Signs, 
Stopwatches, and Trailer and for coordinating their delivery with 
meet directors.

(delete and renumber)f.	Hospitality:  The committee shall be 
responsible for exploring potential meeting sites (with final 
approval of the PMS committee) and for the provision of beverages and 
snack items (including purchase and set up/clean up of such items) 
for the monthly PMS meeting. This committee shall be responsible for 
the maintenance of PMS Safety Signs and Stopwatches and coordinate 
their delivery with meet directors
Saturday, November 20
Coach's Clinic at the Olympic Club, 524 Post Street San Francisco

There are 10 spots left. While this is a coaches clinic, it is also 
open to swimmers who wish to improve their swimming. This is a great 
opportunity to see two coaches who know how to get good swimmers to 
swim better.

Our headline speakers will be world-renowned coach, author, and 
swimming scientist Dr. Ernie Maglischo, presenting topics on "early 
and mid-season conditioning for the distance swimmers. Also, Mike 
Bottom, of Cal Berkeley and The World Sprint Team will share is 
unique perspective on sprint training that has made him the "go to" 
guy in his specialized field. Presentations given by nationally 
recognized coaches from within Pacific Masters Swimming will also be 
added. The day will consist of in-water opportunities, lecture, 
demonstration, social interaction, and a "Coaches Roundtable" for the 
exchanging of ideas.
  	7:30 - 8:30: Coach's "Optionally Mandatory" Workout
	8:30 - 9:00: Coffee and Bagels
	9:00 - Noon: Presentations
Noon - 1:00: Lunch
	1:00 - 3:00: Presentations and in-water demonstrations
	3:00 - 4:00: Coaches Roundtable
Cost: 50.00 (Free if you assist with Fitness Clinic Sunday)
To Register:
Coaches may register by completing a PMS Consolidated Entry Form and 
attaching both a
copy of your USMS Card and a check a 50.00 made out to Pacific 
Masters Swimming and
mail to :Kerry O'Brien
	Pacific Masters Coaches Committee
	41 Mayo Lane
	Walnut Creek, CA 94597
The Sierra Marlins Swim Team will be hosting a Stroke and Turn clinic 
immediately after the Saturday swimming session of their meet on 
November 20th.  It will be held at the Folsom Aquatic Complex.

The November-December is available on line

Pacific Swimming is holding a club leadership and business management 
school at the Holiday Inn, Oakland Airport on Saturday, December 11th.

It will cover
    the ten basic responsibilities of a board
    three legal responsibilities of a nonprofit board
    How to more effectively recruit and retain volunteers
    Characteristics of an effective board- staff partnership
    How to govern more and manage less
for more info
This is a free event, but they are asking for preregistration so they 
know how many lunches to order. This sounds like a great opportunity 
for swimming clubs to become more efficient.

The new year is just 46 days away. It is time to reregister your 
club.  Our registrar, Nancy Ridout, will greatly appreciate it if you 
register your club very soon, as once your club is registered, she 
can begin registering your members as being part of your club. 
Register now - then you can forget about registering until this time 
next year

2005 is almost here. You can now re-register for the 2005 year.
Part of your registration fee pays for Pacific Masters Swimming so we 
can provide services to you. Services that include, competitive 
swimming program, secondary insurance for your club, the Pacific 
Masters web site and the newsletter. Join early!!

Your registration also pays for the magazine from USMS on swimming (see below).

Jim Miller, MD, President, USMS

Many of you received the latest issue of SWIM Magazine and saw the 
reference to the cessation of that magazine as United States Masters 
Swimming’s official publication. Unfortunately, it was not made clear 
that USMS will have a new official publication for its members in 
2005. Here is additional information about the periodical.

USMS's contract with Sports Publications, the publisher and owner of 
SWIM Magazine, will expire at the end of 2004. Beginning with a 
March/April issue, USMS members will receive another publication with 
a new and exciting format. It will also have a new name, (USMS 
SWIMMER’. These developments followed a year-long and complex process 
of request for proposals, submissions, interviews, comparison, and 
evaluation. The 2004 House of Delegates voted to accept the 
recommendation of the Executive Committee to enter into a 
relationship with Douglas Murphy Communications to publish our 
magazine. USMS will own the magazine and its contents. While we 
specialize in content and service to you, both fitness and 
competitive athletes, Douglas Murphy will specialize in production, 
design, graphics, and writing excellence.

This opportunity is exciting to us. USMS is a dynamic organization 
which is unique among all masters organizations. We have become 
unique by dedicating ourselves to insisting upon excellence in 
education and service for all of our members. We are constantly 
looking for opportunities to enhance this service. The new 
publication will offer us the next level of service by allowing USMS 
to control quality and ensure that our members’ needs and interests 
are being addressed. A transition team composed of representatives 
from several areas of USMS is hard at work to assure the best product 
for our members..

Your new national publication will not have a new price tag. All the 
costs of development will be done within the current budget with no 
dues increase needed. I appreciate your feedback as we implement this 
change and work to provide the best service to you.

This Thursday, the Pacific Masters web site celebrate NINE years of 
service to the members of Pac Masters. When the website started a big 
day of bandwidth was 200K Bytes of transfer. We were still using 28Kb 
modems and there were still many people who were using 14.4 modems. 
We thought a t-1 line was very very fast - now I have access to a t-3 
line soon going to fiber.

Now most Pacific Masters members have cable or dsl, there are very 
few people who have phone modems. Now the average day is over 135M 
bytes of transfer.

You can find newsletters from 1996, meet results and many items of 
historical interest to the swimmers. I have used the old files to get 
times from my swims two, four, five and eight years ago.

I hope you have found the web site of interest and value to you.

The Reno Winners meet will be Dember 4th in Reno. The preentry 
deadline is November 24th so, get your entry in this week.

If you are a non-athlete member of US Swimming (to be a coach, 
official or marshall), it is time to reregister with them.

The annual Pacific Swimming Officials Clinic will be Saturday, 
January 8th, Date and time TBD

have a good week

michael w. moore
michael at mwmoore.org