[PacMasterUpdate] Pacific Masters Update November 21, 2004

pacmasterupdate at PacificMasters.org Mon Nov 22 01:58:05 EST 2004

Thanks to Kerry O'Brien, Brian Stack, Rick Powers, Scott Williams and 
the The Olympic Club for  putting together both the Fitness Clinic 
and Coaches Clinic this past weekend. The featured speakers at the 
Coaches Clinic were Ernest Maglischo and Mike Bottom.

Many of the coaches from the Saturday clinic stayed over to work at 
the fitness clinic, were swimmers attended at a workout where the 
Finis Tempo Trainer was extensively used. The coaches reviewed the 
crawl and the backstroke. The swimmers were video taped both above 
the water and below the water.

The new year is just 40 days away. It is time to reregister your 
club.  Our registrar, Nancy Ridout, will greatly appreciate it if you 
register your club very soon, as once your club is registered, she 
can begin registering your members as being part of your club. 
Register now - then you can forget about registering until this time 
next year

2005 is almost here. You can now re-register for the 2005 year.
Part of your registration fee pays for Pacific Masters Swimming so we 
can provide services to you. Services that include, competitive 
swimming program, secondary insurance for your club, the Pacific 
Masters web site and the newsletter. Join early!!

Your registration also pays for the magazine from USMS on swimming.
Swimming is a primarily aerobic exercise that is easier on the body 
than most other sports. Our bodies do not suffer the pounding runners 
legs get. Swimming is not without risk, I can point to five men who 
have suffered heart attacks over the past 15 years. While most 
practices have workouts with lifeguards, not all do and where there 
are guards, they might not be paying attention at the moment when 
something happens.

Recently Rinconada had a swimmer suffer a cardiac event. Luckly, the 
swimmers and lifeguards were paying attention, the swimmer was rushed 
to the hospital and is recovering.

While swimming, pay attention to your fellow swimmers, if a fellow 
swimmer is having problems, ask if everything is ok. Ask if your pool 
has an AED, you will probably never have to use it, but it is good to 
know if it is available.
The Reno Winners meet will be Dember 4th in Reno. The preentry 
deadline is November 24th so, get your entry in this week.

If you are a non-athlete member of US Swimming (to be a coach, 
official or marshal), it is time to reregister with them.

The annual Pacific Swimming Officials Clinic will be Saturday, 
January 8th, Date and time TBD

The January Coaches clinic sponsored by NorCal will be in Napa 
January 6, 7, 8, and 9. There will be Pacific Masters will have a few 
scholarships for coaches who apply (Pacific will pick up part of the 
registration fee) More information will be in the next Update. For 
further information contact Brian Stack at  stackb at aol.com

A stroke and turn clinic will be on the evening of November 23,
2004 in Chico, California.  The place will be the Sierra Nevada Brewery.  It
will be starting this clinic at 6:30 PM, but you are welcome to come early
and eat dinner at the restaurant.

The address for Sierra Nevada Brewery is:
     1075 East 20th Street
     Chico, Ca

>From Sacramento take 99 North to Chico, take the 20th street exit, turn left
going back over the freeway.  Go thru the two lights and the Brewery will be
on your left.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Michael Hernandez at <hernandezmichaeln at sbcglobal.net>

have a Happy Thanksgiving

michael w. moore
michael at mwmoore.org