[PacMasterUpdate] Pacific Masters Update, April 17th

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The 2005 Short Course yards championships are being hosted by 
TriValley Masters and Walnut Creek Masters  at the pool in 
Pleasanton. Now is the time to register and make your hotel 
The postmark deadline is this Saturday, April 16th.
The San Mateo Marlins Open water clinic is April 16th and 23rd was 
cancelled. Information is at
Davis Aquatic Masters has 20 openings for each of the 4 spring stroke 
clinics in Davis. Dates and strokes are: Sat. May 14 Free, Sun. May 
15 Back, Sun. June 5 Fly, Sat. June 11 Breast. Clinics begin at 1pm 
and last approx. 90min. Each clinic covers drills and turns for that 
stroke. DAM coaches will give individual attention and demonstrate 
drills. Cost is $10 per clinic. Clinics are geared more towards 
fitness swimmers. Civic pool in Davis is at the corner of B St. and 
5th. Send checks made out to DAM to Rick Powers, 911 Pennsylvania 
Place #14, Davis,CA 95616. Email Coach Rick at 
<mailto:rpswimmer at hotmail.com>rpswimmer at hotmail.com for more info and 
to reserve a spot.
So the Starts and Turns Clinic is  scheduled for Saturday April 23 
from 11 am to 12:30 pm.   USMS Coach of the Year Scott Williams of 
the Olympic Club will host a clinic to prepare competitors for the 
upcoming short course Pacific Championships in April.

The focus will be on  starts and turns in the Olympic Club's new 
indoor facility. 

Space is limited to 50 participants.  

Clinic Date:  Saturday, April 23
Time:  11:00 am to 12:30 pm
Location:  The Olympic Club, 665 Sutter Street, San Francisco
Cost: $25

Make checks payable to Pacific Masters, and send check with;
- a signed Pacific Masters meet registration and
- a copy of  current USMS registration to:

Leianne Crittenden
1 Indian Gulch Rd.
Piedmont, CA  94611

For more information, please contact Leianne at (650)506-3933 or by
email at <mailto:LeianneC at aol.com>LeianneC at aol.com

Thanks to Scott Williams and the Olympic Club for putting this on.
The current USMS National Short Course Records and Pacific Masters 
Short Course Yards records have been posted on the web site:
The Temescal Aquatic Masters are currently in the market for a 
Mon-Wed-Fri 6-7am coach.  All workouts are held at the newly 
renovated Temescal Pool in Oakland on 45th Street.  The pool is 33 & 
1/3 yards long, sharing it's uniqueness with it's diverse and 
energetic team members. In turn, we are looking for a coach willing 
to share his/her uncommon talents in ability to communicate stroke 
technique and provide challenging workouts.  Please contact head 
coach Karin Hurley if you are interested or would like more 

<mailto:karin.hurley at gmail.com>karin.hurley at gmail.com
(510)333-1415 (cell, anytime)
(510)595-1233 (home, between 9A-6P only, please)
The Burlingame Aquatic Club (http://www.burlingameaquatics.com), 
located in Burlingame, California is looking for a talented 
individual to take one of the most successful regional masters 
programs, and make it even more exceptional.  We are proud of all of 
our approximately 130 members, which include former Olympians as well 
as people who just want to stay in shape and become better swimmers.

Interested applicants should contact Chris Culp, Head Coach, at 
B.A.C. at chris at burlingameaquatics.com or 650-558-1298 for more 


Redwood High School in Larkspur (Marin) is looking for a water polo 
coach for the girls water polo team. For information contact Wendy 
Doherty  dosho94947 at yahoo.com
The Donner Lake swim will be on Saturday August 6th, 2006 not on 
Sunday. Please mark your calendars.
Lynne Cox's 'Swimming to Antarctica' is now available in paperback. 
It is the story of her major swims and what went right and what went 
wrong with them. It is available in your local bookstores -If you are 
going to purchase it through Amazon, please go to USMS then hit the 
Amazon link.

Pacific Masters by the numbers

		4/15/05	3/15/05
1	DAM	499	452
2	WCM	377	320
3	TCAM	313	273
4	USF	269	207
5	MELO	235	198
6	MAM	209	200
7	SCAM	204	193
8	MVM	194	157
9	STAN	184	156
10	CRUZ	172	154
11	TSUN	145	138
12	BMW	144	137
13	RINC	140	135
14	TVM	137	121
15	SMMM	123	110

Total members	6208	5287
Number of Clubs	99	93
Update List	13888	13632

>To All
>I have an update concerning the Vacaville High School Alumni meet. 
>We have decided to cap the total number of swimmers to 100. This we 
>believe will make for a much better day for all concerned. We would 
>like everyone to please get their entries sent in to me as soon as 
>possible to seed the races accurately.
>Again I would like to say this meet is intended as a fund raiser for 
>the high school, our first year we plan to start small and hope to 
>grow in the coming years.
>A little about our facility, it is a 6 lane 25 yard 4.5 foot deep 
>pool. The pool surface has been redone and is exceptionally well 
>cared for. There is not a lot of room on deck for easy-up set up but 
>there is a large parking lot adjacent to the pool. We also hope to 
>have some local vendors for athletes to take advantage of. There 
>will be a hospitality area for athletes participating with some 
>complimentary item such as water, gator aid, sandwiches, coffee etc. 
>We will also have a snack bar with other item at a nominal charge. 
>Would it be possible to let your swimmers know? I again have 
>attached a flier with all the information.
>Lastly we plan on having heats in all events for both women and men 
>and will award 8 deep for each event.
>Thank you for your time,
>Marvin Shockey
Vacaville High School Varsity Swimming
mar.julie.shockey at sbcglobal.net

During the preliminary heats of the 200 yard butterfly, three 
swimmers tied for eight place.  We would have to have a swim-off to 
see who would qualify for eighth place for finals later that evening. 
All three coaches met with the Deck Referee to determine when would 
be the appropriate time to hold this swim-off.  It was determined 
that the swim-off would be held before the relays and after the last 
individual heat for the morning.  This particular meet has both a 
heat of an A (championship) finals and a B (consolation) finals.

Situation 1:  All swimmers are disqualified in the swim-off.

Situation 2:  Two  swimmers are disqualified in the swim-off, while 
one swimmer is faster than the fastest seed for finals.

Situation 3:   Only one swimmer is disqualified, but the other two 
swimmers tie again.

Situation 4:   If the Timing Judge looked at the times in thousandths 
of a second, one of the swimmers has a faster time.  In order to 
eliminate the swimmers from swimming the 200 butterfly an extra time, 
the Deck Referee decides to use this time in  order to not have a 
swim-off.  Was this the correct procedure for the Deck Referee to 

Have a good week


#1   Possible Solution:  There will have to be another swim-off to 
determine the eighth place swimmer.  The time of the swim-off will be 
determined by the coaches and Deck Referee.  The rule book states in 
102.5.2, "If disqualifications leave a vacancy for the full 
complement of finalists, swim-offs shall be continued among the 
disqualified swimmers until a full complement of finalists is 

#2   Possible Solution: The one swimmer that swam faster than the 
fastest seeded swimmer for finals will swim as the eighth seeded 
swimmer for finals.  The two swimmers who were disqualified in the 
swim-off will swim in the consolation heat and their seeding will be 
determined by a draw.  102.5.2 states, in part, "  A swim-off is 
considered to be part of the total preliminary process of qualifying 
for the finals."  "... The official time for the swimmers involved 
shall be the time set in the original preliminary heat."  102.5.3 
states, " In finals, the times to be considered are those times made 
in preliminary heats.  If any qualifying swimmers have the same time 
their respective lanes shall be determined by draw."

#3     Possible Solution:   There will be another swim-off for the 
tied swimmers to determine the eight place swimmer. The one 
disqualified swimmer will be the tenth  seeded swimmer in this event. 
102.5.2 states, "...In the case of a disqualification in a swim-off 
the swimmer so disqualified is relegated to the lowest qualifying 
position for which he/she is competing.  Disqualification in a 
swim-off for a qualifying position in the A (championship) finals 
shall not eliminate a swimmer from eligibility to compete in the 
accompanying B (consolation) finals.  If disqualifications leave a 
vacancy for the full complement of finalists, swim-offs shall be 
continued among the disqualified swimmers until a full complement of 
finalists is assured."

#4    Possible Solution:  No, this isn't the correct procedure. 
102.16.4B states, "Timing Resolution - All timing systems, including 
manual watches, shall have a resolution of one one-hundredth of a 
second (0.01 second).  Times from all systems shall be recorded to 
hundredths of a second.  The digits representing thousandths shall be 
dropped with no rounding."  The swim-off process will have to be 
continued until a full complement of finalists are assured.

michael w. moore
michael at mwmoore.org