[PacMasterUpdate]Tragedy Mars Pac Masters Championships

pacmasterupdate at PacificMasters.org Mon May 2 01:11:19 EDT 2005

Walnut Creek swimmer Brendon Wen suffered a seizure in the pool at 
the 2005 Pacific Masters SCY Championships in Pleasanton. He was 
pulled from the water by swimmers and lifeguards, and rushed to the 
local hospital, where he died about 30 minutes later.

It was in the warm down lane after competing in the 1000 yard 
Freestyle, Brendon Wen suffer a seizure. Another swimmer noticed that 
he was exhaling under the water and not moving much. Brendon  came 
the surface but was non  responsive. A call for help went out to the 

A swimmer, who was close to stricken Wen, held him so his shoulder 
and head were above water.  A call was made to 911. A group of 
lifeguards and swimmers came  to carefully  put him on a back board, 
then pull him from the shallow water to a place on land. After he was 
pulled from the pool,  lifeguards gave him  cardiopulmonary 
resuscitation (CPR). The police quickly came to the pool followed by 
a fire engine and the EMTs.

The EMTs worked on the swimmer before transporting him to the local 
hospital, where the doctors were not able to revive him.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Brendon's family and friends.

Information about a memorial or a celebration of Brendon's life will 
be posted on the Pacific Masters web site when it is available.

There were many good things that happened at the meet. It was the 
largest Masters meet except for Nationals. There were 13 national 
records broken and many teams did well.

The computer program went down at the end of the day so the final 
reports are not available. Meet results through Saturday are posted 
on the Pac Masters web site. Another update will be released this 
week to cover the great swim meet put on by Walnut Creek Masters and 
TriValley Masters.
michael w. moore
michael at mwmoore.org