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Final Results have now been posted on the web 
site. Thanks to John King, Bob Snodgrass, the 
Walnut Creek Masters and the TriValley Masters 
for putting on a great meet.  Over 800 swimmers 
entered the championships. It is the largest 
local or zone Masters meet in the United States. 
The meet went very quickly, the pool facilities 
were very fast.

Walnut Creek Masters won the Over All Team title, 
by beating USF  by about 600 points. This was 
USF's first time USF has not taken the over all 
title in 13 years.

Thirteen national records were broken.

Walnut Creek 25+	400 M FR	25+	01:43.10
Allison Wagner	200 IM	25-29	02:19.72
Suzanne Heim Bowen	1000 Free	45-49	10:38.13
Karen Humphries	200 Back	50-54	02:19.72
Karen Humphries	100 Back	50-54	01:03.24
Jim Clemmons	500 Free	55-59	05:09.48
Jim Clemmons	1000 Free	55-59	10:33.13
Carol Taylor	50 Breast	75-79	00:46.51
Gail Roper		500  Free	75-79	07:43.81
Carol Taylor	200 Brt	75-79	03:45.03
Carol Taylor	100 Brt	75-79	01:43.12
Margery Meyer	100 IM	80-84	01:51.99
William Johnson	100 IM	85-89	01:34.91

Congratulations to the swimmers who broke 
national records and congratulations to all 
swimmers who competed.

A memorial service will be held Sat. May 7th at 
8:45 am.  The location will be at
	Clarke Memorial Swim Center
	Heather Farm Park
	Walnut Creek

Simple existence can occur through inhaling and 
exhaling.  Actual "living" happens by constantly
breathing new life into those things we are 
passionate about.  A key to "living happily" is 
not only finding
balance between the things that are important and 
those that bring us joy, but by also knowing how 
find one within the the other.

That is how I would describe the life of Walnut 
Creek Masters member Brendon Wen.  His passions 
were family, swimming and his career as an 
attorney.   Brenden passed away suddenly, Sunday, 
at the conclusion of the Pacific Masters 
Championships.  All who attended and knew Brendon 
had the pleasure in
sharing in quite possibly the best swim meet of 
his life, smashing personal best's in his two 
best events-The 100 and 200 butterfly.

We were all blessed by his gentle spirit, kind 
heart, and quiet demeanor all wrapped up in that 
large strong
body with a smile to match.  He was a true friend 
to WCM members and the masters swimming community 
as a whole.  As we remember Brendon let us also 
remember his family and pray for their healing. 
 In Brendon's passing, I am again reminded 
through your love and outreach to one another, 
that we are so much more than just a swim team. 
 -Kerry O'Brien
The March monthly meeting of the Pacific Masters 
Swimming Committee will be this Wednesday, May 
11th at Heather Farms meeting room in Walnut 

ALL members are encourage to attend. It is much 
cheaper (and productive) to attend the meeting to 
address the problems and challenges of Pacific 
Masters Swimming than to create t-shirts and put 
them on cars.
The 2005 Pacific Masters Open Water Season is 
about to begin. The first open water swim is the 
San Mater Master Marlins Parkside Aquatic Park 
One Mile Swim on Saturday May 14th. The Parkside 
Aquatic Park is in San Mateo near the Joinville 
pool The race begins at 9:00am

Redwood Coast Masters is organizing the Spring 
Lake One Mile Open Water Swim. The race is in 
Spring Lake, in Santa Rosa and will start about 
9:am. You can enter on-line at 

Lake Berryessa Annual one and Two Mile Swims will 
be on Saturday June 4, 2005. You can register at 
The XI FINA Masters World Championships has an 
email list list to inform people about the 
Championships taking place at Stanford University 
in 2006.

If you would like to be on the email list go to 
to sign up.

  The first email has gone out. All email will be 
archived at 
The Pacific Masters May June Newsletter is now on line at
The news letter includes information about the 
upcoming meets. It is the beginning of the Open 
Water Season and the Long Course season. Leianne 
Crittenden has written an article about Masters 
training at the Olympic High Altitude Training 
Swim clinic with world-class coach Mike Bottom and his Olympic swimmers!

WHAT: 1.5 hour clinic including starts and turns, 
video, demonstration by Olympians, as well as
stroke work for freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and breaststroke.

WHEN: Sunday, May 8, 2005. 8 a.m.

WHERE: Spieker Pool, UC Berkeley (part of the 
Recreational Sports Facility on Bancroft Way)

HOW MUCH: Bring a check for $30 to the clinic 
made out to Bottomline Aquatics (this is a steep 
discount over the usual fee!)

LEARN MORE: www.bottomlineaquatics.com

RSVP: Please email Molly Lohman (lohman at berkeley.edu) by May 1.
Mike Bottoms is one of the best coaches in the 
world having coached the the last three mens 50 
Olympic Champions.
Davis Aquatic Masters has 20 openings for each of 
the 4 spring stroke clinics in Davis. Dates and 
strokes are: Sat. May 14 Free, Sun. May 15 Back, 
Sun. June 5 Fly, Sat. June 11 Breast. Clinics 
begin at 1pm and last approx. 90min. Each clinic 
covers drills and turns for that stroke. DAM 
coaches will give individual attention and 
demonstrate drills. Cost is $10 per clinic. 
Clinics are geared more towards fitness swimmers. 
Civic pool in Davis is at the corner of B St. and 
5th. Send checks made out to DAM to
	Rick Powers
	911 Pennsylvania Place #14
	Davis,CA 95616.

Email Coach Rick at 
<mailto:rpswimmer at hotmail.com>rpswimmer at hotmail.com for 
more info and to reserve a spot.
The Temescal Aquatic Masters are currently in the 
market for a Mon-Wed-Fri 6-7am coach.  All 
workouts are held at the newly renovated Temescal 
Pool in Oakland on 45th Street.  The pool is 33 & 
1/3 yards long, sharing it's uniqueness with it's 
diverse and energetic team members. In turn, we 
are looking for a coach willing to share his/her 
uncommon talents in ability to communicate stroke 
technique and provide challenging workouts. 
Please contact head coach Karin Hurley if you are 
interested or would like more information.

<mailto:karin.hurley at gmail.com>karin.hurley at gmail.com
(510)333-1415 (cell, anytime)
(510)595-1233 (home, between 9A-6P only, please)

Redwood High School in Larkspur (Marin) is 
looking for a water polo coach for the girls 
water polo team. For information contact Wendy 
Doherty  dosho94947 at yahoo.com
The Donner Lake swim will be on Saturday August 
6th, 2005  (this year) not on Sunday. Please mark 
your calendars.
Every year Pacific Masters honors one coach who 
has demonstrated outstanding qualities.Pacific 
Masters Swimming has many good coaches who has 
demonstrated outstanding coaching qualities.

We try to honor an exceptional coach each year 
with the "Coach of the Year" award. The criteria 
for the award will be considered first, since 
January 1 of the preceding year, and second, over 
the coach's career with his or her club. 
Outstanding contributions to his or her club and 
its individuals are measured by the following 
competitive and non-competitive factors:

Competitive factors shall include club and 
individual performance at Pacific Masters and 
USMS Championships,in any sanctioned course, as 
well as relay and individual Pacific Masters, 
USMS and World records that reflect the coach's 
skill and inspiration.

Non-competitive factors shall include club vigor, 
size and growth, club participation and 
volunteering, and club having hosted well run 
events. It shall include outstanding service to 
Pacific Masters, USMS and to other public or 
private community organizations; outstanding 
professional contributions,such as participation 
in clinics and published works. Nominations may 
be made by any registered Pacific Masters club 
officer in the form of a written statement 
addressing both the criteria above and the 
instructional and inspirational qualities of the 
coach. The nominating letter and a maximum of 
four supporting letters from registered Pacific 
Masters swimmers shall be submitted to the 
Chairman at or before May meeting of Pacific 
Masters (May 11th, this year).
Tualatin Hills Barracudas (Portland, Oregon). is 
hosting a long course meet on June 4, and wanted 
to get the word out beyond Oregon. We welcome any 
USMS swimmers - and it is a good opportunity for 
those who are planning to swim at either 
Nationals or the World games. The link for the 
entry form is:

Tempe Town Lake has 5 open water swim events 
scheduled for this season, that are held in 
conjunction with a small off-road triathlon 
series called the "Fat Tire" triathlon seriesŠ


The World Masters Games is coming to Edmonton, 
Canada July 21 - 28, 2005. This exciting event is 
an opportunity to compete against the world in an 
environment of fun, friendship and fitness. Any 
masters swimmer over the age of 25 is eligible to 
compete. This competition is sanctioned by Swim 
the sanctioning authority for masters 
competitions in the province of Alberta as the 
FINA affiliated member.

Currently there 1050 registered swimmers in the 
pool event with a cap of 1500 and 274 swimmers 
for the open water event out of 300 places.

The latest issue of In The Games, our Athletes' 
Newsletter is now available. You'll find it on 
their web site under News, and Newsletters, or 
you can click this direct link: 

Have a good week

michael w. moore
michael at mwmoore.org