[PacMasterUpdate] Pacific Masters Update October 17, 2005

pacmasterupdate at PacificMasters.org Tue Oct 18 01:08:10 EDT 2005


Pacific Masters Short Course Meters Championships are being held on
November 4 - 6, 2005 at Heather Farms Park in Walnut Creek. At this
meet you can see if you qualify for the World Champs at Stanford in
August 2006. FINA times for 50s and 100s are easier to meet than USMS
Nationals. You may be surprised! It's not too early either - mail-in
registration for World Champs is available now, and online
registration will be available on January 1, 2006. Worlds qualifying
times can be viewed at


Convert your short course meters times to long course meters times at


For example, the Men's 35-39 100 Freestyle qualifying time for Worlds
of 1:06 LCM equates to 1:04.09 in SCM. The women's 75-79 100
Freestyle qualifying time for Worlds of 2:12 LCM equates to 2:09.62
SCM. Entries for the Walnut Creek Masters/Pacific Masters Short
Course Meters Championships must be received by FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21 -
no late entries will be accepted. Enter now to get your marks!

Remember, this meet is the first meet where the distance events will
be held on the last day.

The October Pacific Masters Swimming Monthly meeting will be held at
Heather Farms, Walnut Creek, California, Wednesday, October 19, 2005
at 7:30. All clubs are asked to send a representative. All members
are invited to attend.

The Tuolomne County Short Course Meet on October 29th has been
cancelled. All meet entry fees will be refunded.

Bay Masters (BAY) is in need of an Assistant Masters Coach to run the
evening practices at the newly opened UCSF Bakar Fitness Center (at
Mission Bay). The facility has an outdoor 6 lane x 25 yard pool on
the roof overlooking the bay. Interested candidates should contact
Annette Wheeler, Aquatics Manager at:
http://awheeler@cls.ucsf.edu or phone: (415) 502-4446.

Toulomne County Aquatic Masters (TCAM) regretfully decided to cancel
their pool meet scheduled for Saturday, October 29, 2005. Pacific
Masters would like feedback from you to assist in future meet

1. How far would you travel to a meet?
2. Would you rather attend a one-day meet on Saturday or Sunday?
3. Do you prefer to attend multiple day meets (3-day championship
meets) or one-day meets?
4. Are there certain times during the year you prefer to attend a
meet (for example, you only go to meets during summer months)
5. Any other comments on the timing or location of Pacific Masters pool meets?

Please send any responses to MAILTO:barryfasbender at comcast.net

Opportunity Knocks
- Swim for Malaria!
Pacific Masters Swimming encourages you to support the World Swim for
Malaria, a global grassroots swimming initiative partnering with
PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Speedo, and Microsoft that can be swum on or
before December 3rd. The goal is to have a million people participate
in this event. 100% of all monies raised will go toward the purchase
and installation of mosquito netting - the single most effective way
of preventing malaria.

Though we don't experience malaria first hand here in the US, at
least a million people die from malaria each year. Some put the
estimates as high as 2.7 million. 70% of the deaths are of children
under 5. You can find all the information you need at
http://www.worldswimformalaria including sponsorship forms, how to
collect and submit donations, the background and goals of this event,
and the pledges of participation of individuals, groups, Masters
teams, and corporate organizations around the world.

You can swim this event at Stanford Swimming pool this event on
December 3rd or you can organize this event at your own pool. Pacific
Masters encourages you and your friends and teammates to join in this
effort to make a real difference in the world.

Have a good week



October 1985 - October 2005

It is hard for me to believe that it was 20 years ago that I started
swimming with a Masters team. I had been running and my knees were
starting to bother me. Phil Skarshaug, who was a customer of mine,
told me about Masters Swimming. You did not have to be an elite
swimmer, just someone wanting to participate in fun, fitness and
competition. I was certainly not an elite swimmer, I could not even
do a flip turn.

He said there was a Masters team in San Francisco. I looked it up -
San Francisco Park and Red swam at the Sava Swimming Pool. Like most
swimmers, I had no idea what Masters Swimming was. I just wanted a
place to swim. It was fun. The people in my lane who were not the
fast, elite swimmers, the elite swimmers were six lanes over.

I did not get involved in Pacific Masters Swimming until Gail Roper
needed someone from USF Masters to represent the team at the
Committee meeting. I think I was there to protest something about
dual meets not being able to be sanctioned.

I have been on the Pacific Masters Board for about twelve years.
There was always some job that needs to be done and it normally does
not take a who lot of time.

I would hope that you will consider coming to the Pacific Masters
Swimming meeting. You can voice your opinion, maybe you will be the
team representative. There are a couple of committee chairs that need
to be done. Plus you meet a group of really great people. I hope you
will come out. It is very rewarding.
Michael W. Moore