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Merry Christmas
Happy Chunukah
Happy New Year

On behalf of Nancy Ridout, the Pacific Masters Registrar, Barbara
Thomas, Barry Fasbender, Bill Grohe, Joan Alexander, Clarine
Anderson, Joanne Berven and the rest of the Pacific Masters
leadership, we wish you a joyous holiday season and best wishes for a
prosperous new year.

michael moore, chairman

The website is decorated in its Christmas finery, the carol of the
bells is playing in the background.

The Meet book for the XI FINA World Masters Championships has been
posted on line. The has the meet sheets, the schedule and many things
you would need to know about the meet. It also has the meet entry
forms. Early entry is encourage.

Frequently asked questions

There are many questions that have already been asked, now the
answers have been posted. There will be a test and the test results
will go on your permanent record. :-)

Phylis Quinn who has been a great help with the Local organizing
committee sent me a private email which I accidently sent out to all
the people who are on this email list. I apologized to her this
morning and I am sorry it went out contributing to excess email being
sent to your email address. This is also the reason you are getting
this email 20 hours later than I had planned.

If you have swimming friends in other countries and know the coaches
and teams in other countries, would you be interested in telling your
friends about the XI FINA World Championships that will be held in
Northern California next year.? Much of business is done by person
to person contact, we would like you to just inform your foreign
friends about the upcoming championships and about northern
California. Please see the article at the end of the email if you are
interested. We could use your help.

It is that time again - time to re-register. The 2006 year will be a
big one for Pacific Masters Members. There will be the three annual
championships as well as the XI FINA World Championships will be held
next year at Stanford's Avery Aquatic Center. This will be a great
time to compete in great competitive conditions.

It is very important that clubs re-register, as we cannot register
members for a club UNTIL the club is registered.

For athletes that wish to change clubs without an extra cost, you can
register with a new club without waiting 60 to compete.

Forms that are available are

Individual Registration Form

The Club Application http://www.pacificmasters.org/admin/06clubapp.pdf

FAQs http://www.pacificmasters.org/admin/06regfaqs.pdf

Registration check list

Registration instructions

The January - February newsletter is available on line. The
newsletter includes all the meet sheets for December and a couple for
January. It also has the individual membership registration.

The Pacific Swimming Officials Clinic will be held at the Community
Center in Vallejo, California. This annual event will be especially
memorable as Charlie Mallery, will speak on the Referee, Janine
Dennis will talk about starting, Pat Lunsford, will speak on being a
stroke and turn judge and Jamy Pfister will speak on being an admin

Charlie Mallery has been on the rules committee ( I think he was an
official at the Soule, Olympiad). Janine Dennis has been a starter at
the Olympics and World Championships as had Pat Lunceford. These
official will be able to relate a lot of experience. The Q & A ought
to be great!!

Have a good week


Wanted: International Team liaisons for 2006 FINA Masters World Championship

Much business is done because of a relationship that one has with
another person or company. If you have a relationship with some
Masters swimmers or teams in a country outside the United States, we
would like to call upon you to contact your foreign friends to tell
them about next years FINA World Masters Championships at Stanford.

Sign up today to be an international team liaison or "Foreign Team
Captain" for the 2006 FINA Masters World Championships. Competitors
from over 60 countries will attend the event in August 2006 at
Stanford. We are looking for Pacific Masters Swimmers who have a
relationship with Master swimmers and teams from other countries.

Here are some of the suggested tasks:

1. Customize and translate the cover letter that has been written to
be applicable for usage in the team you are representing.

2. Compile list of target teams and individuals that you can contact
to tell about the 2006 XI FINA World Masters Championships at

3. Recruit your fellow swimmers or friends to help you spread the
word and work with other teams to make your countries representation
as significant as possible..

4. Create a link on your team's website as well as the websites of
other teams to help spread the word about 2006 XI FINA World Masters
Championships at Stanford.

5. Provide a monthly update via email to Brian Boeggeman -
(brian at 2006finamasters.org) on how your recruiting activities are
progressing in your country.

We promise all the foreign team captains will have a great time...and
receive a gift from our sponsor - Speedo!

To sign up, email mailto:anne at 2006finamasters.org and let us know the
foreign team you would like to represent.

Many thanks for your interest in and your support of the 2006 FINA
Masters World Championships!

Michael W. Moore
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