[PacMasterUpdate] Pacific Masters Update January 8, 2006

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Happy New Year

2006 will be a great year for swimming in
northern California. Pacific Masters will be
having it regular Short Course Yards, Long Course
Meters and Short Course meters championships.
Stanford University will be the site of the XI
FINA World Masters Championships, where we expect
over 5000 swimmers to compete over seven days for
the World Championships. Besides the
championships, there will be the regular high
quality pool meet where swimmers can compete.

There will also be great open water competition
this year. Besides the normally great open water
swims available, the XI FINA World Masters
Championships Open Water swim will be at Crown
Point, Alameda, California. The World
Championship will be a 3KM swim.

The 2006 schedule is on the Pacific Masters website

The Walnut Creek Intensive Training Camp will be
March 3, 4 and 5th at the Heather Farms Pool in
Walnut Creek. The Coaches will be Kerry OBrien,
Debbie Santos, Mike Heaney, Steve Stahl, Brian
Stack and Scott William. The Camp is open to all
2006 USMS Registered Swimmers with registration
being taken on a "First Come Basis". Space will
be limited to 50 swimmers.

The Camp is not the place to begin your training,
but to continue it. By registering, you are
confirming the fact that you are in good physical
health, have been competitive swim training for
at least 8 weeks, and are capable of swimming two
workouts a day (approximately 6,000-8,000 yards).

We ask that, if possible, you bring your own
pulling gear. All swimmers who register for the
camp prior to February 13th will receive a
commemorative T-shirt. For further information,
call Kerry O'Brien (925) 943-5856.

The first meet of the new year is the Monterey
Bay Masters, Bob Walthour III Masters Clambake on
January 21st, Seaside, California. Pre-entries
must be received by Sunday, Jan 15. Race day
entries will be accepted.

Fog City Masters has the Quadrathon will be on
January 29th at the Herst Natatorium, St Ignatius
College Prep, San Francisco.

On February 11th is the University of San
Francisco Masters Valentine's Day meet.

Your team is invited to attend the Cal/Stanford
BIG dual meet on Saturday, February 11th! All
masters swimmers will be admitted at no charge if
they reserve tickets in advance. The attached
flyer is aimed at all swimmers. Your swimmers
would (obviously!) not need to give their age or
grade in school! Be sure that any of your
younger masters swimmers understand that they
cannot accept free admission if they are still
considering swimming in college (NCAA rules).
Please forward the attached flyer to members of
your team and/or post it at your pool and on your
team website. You can either send me a list of
swimmers who would like to attend, or else have
your swimmers contact me individually. The five
coaches who bring the most swimmers will receive
a free 15” straw hat. Thank you!

Melanie Davis Home: (925) 682-4857 Cell: (925) 330-3069

If you have swimming friends in other countries
and know the coaches and teams in other
countries, would you be interested in telling
your friends about the XI FINA World
Championships that will be held in Northern
California next year.? Much of business is done
by person to person contact, we would like you to
just inform your foreign friends about the
upcoming championships and about northern
California. Please see the article at the end of
the email if you are interested. We could use
your help.

So far 60 clubs have re-registered for 2006.
People who have sent in their individual
registration form that belong to any of those 60
clubs have been sent their registration card. For
swimmers who have registered with a club that has
not re-registered, you registration will be held
for a couple of weeks to give your club a chance
to re-register. If your club does not
re-register, you will be registered as
"unattached". (Just a note, to swim in the FINA
championships, you must be registered with a club.

A list of all the clubs that have re-registered is at:

Re-registration forms that are available are

Individual Registration Form

The Club Application http://www.pacificmasters.org/admin/06clubapp.pdf

FAQs http://www.pacificmasters.org/admin/06regfaqs.pdf

Registration check list

Registration instructions

You should have at least Adobe Acrobat Reader v5.0 or later.

There are 2618 members of Pacific Masters
Swimming, leaving only 7000 swimmers who have yet
to re-register. In the re- registration of clubs
- so far 64 clubs have re-registered.

The January - February newsletter is available
on line. The newsletter includes all the meet
sheets for December and a couple for January. It
also has the individual membership registration.

For the XI FINA World Masters Championships, we
will need office help in Palo Alto during the
day. Much of the work will involve office work,
answering mail, sending out meet books and
helping doing the work that is needed to help run
the meet. If you have the time please contact
michael at 2006finamasters.org or
anne at 2006finamasters.org

More Help needed
We need a creative person who is incharge of the
goodie bags. That person needs to think of
things that would be interesting to Masters
swimmers, then to get those times. Finally we
will have to put all of the items into goodie

The Meet book for the XI FINA World Masters
Championships has been posted on line. The has
the meet sheets, the schedule and many things you
would need to know about the meet. It also has
the meet entry forms. Early entry is encourage.

Frequently asked questions

Happy New Year


Wanted: International Team liaisons for 2006 FINA Masters World Championship

Much business is done because of a relationship
that one has with another person or company. If
you have a relationship with some Masters
swimmers or teams in a country outside the United
States, we would like to call upon you to contact
your foreign friends to tell them about next
years FINA World Masters Championships at

Sign up today to be an international team liaison
or "Foreign Team Captain" for the 2006 FINA
Masters World Championships. Competitors from
over 60 countries will attend the event in August
2006 at Stanford. We are looking for Pacific
Masters Swimmers who have a relationship with
Master swimmers and teams from other countries.

Here are some of the suggested tasks:

1. Customize and translate the cover letter that
has been written to be applicable for usage in
the team you are representing.

2. Compile list of target teams and individuals
that you can contact to tell about the 2006 XI
FINA World Masters Championships at Stanford.

3. Recruit your fellow swimmers or friends to
help you spread the word and work with other
teams to make your countries representation as
significant as possible..

4. Create a link on your team's website as well
as the websites of other teams to help spread the
word about 2006 XI FINA World Masters
Championships at Stanford.

5. Provide a monthly update via email to Brian
Boeggeman - (brian at 2006finamasters.org) on how
your recruiting activities are progressing in
your country.

We promise all the foreign team captains will
have a great time...and receive a gift from our
sponsor - Speedo!

To sign up, email mailto:anne at 2006finamasters.org
and let us know the foreign team you would like
to represent.

Many thanks for your interest in and your support
of the 2006 FINA Masters World Championships!

Michael W. Moore