[PacMasterUpdate] [PacMastersUpdate] Richard Smith / extension of USMS SCY Deadline

pacmasterupdate at PacificMasters.org Sun Apr 9 23:32:43 EDT 2006


The USMS Short Course Yards National Championships are May 11-14 at
the Coral Springs Aquatic Complex has been extended until 9PM PDT 10 April


Many of you know Richard Smith, Ransom Arthur Award winner and has been
involved in Pacific Masters Swimming for many many years. I received this
from Karen Duggan - you may have seen it posted on the USMS web site.

"Richard Smith (85) had a heart attack and collapsed on the deck this
morning after warming down from the 500. Thankfully, Marissa Wong (our
team, ER nurse) and Craig Dennis (our team, doctor) were nearby. They lost
his pulse and breathing. Performed CPR and broke out the AED
(defibulator). Thank God they brought him back to us :) It was scary.

"You know he'll be OK because in typical Richard style, when they asked
him what day it was he said, "Of course I know what G*!-damn day it is!"
And, "Get me off of this thing!" (stretcher), and "Why should I care who
the President is!" He'll be fine. :)

"Thanks to Marissa and Craig :) And in a way, to Brendon, because of his
death last year they made sure that they had the AED on deck :) "

I guess Richard is becoming a politician in his old age. He said something
but did not answer the qustions.

Lets keep Richard and Joan in our thoughts and prayers.

There will be another Update this week. I am in Shanghai, China- I made a
presentation to the FINA Bureau about the championships.