[PacMasterUpdate] Help Needed for Worlds

pacmasterupdate at PacificMasters.org Tue Jul 25 01:47:17 EDT 2006


We need help for the World Championships.

Pacific Master Swimming is the host for the 2006 FINA World Masters
meet being held at Sanford's Avery Aquatic Center August 3-17.
Nearly 8,000 swimmers, divers, water polo players, open water and
synchronized swimmers from 74 countries have entered this meet..

Many people and teams have already signed up to help but many, many
more volunteers are needed. Here is the list of the volunteers still
needed to get through this week long swim meet:

We need timers. You get a great seat and watch the swimmers from the
best seat in the house. There are going to be great fast heats. There
are over 170 Olympians who have entered the meet. You will have shade
and we will feed you. If you are swimming in the morning, work the
afternoon shift or vice versa.

We need help in accreditation. You will help swimmers get their badge
so they can get on to the pool deck. You will work on a computer in
Maples Pavilion. If you are familiar with computers and work well
with people, we can use your help there.

We need your help. Go to


and check on "volunteer."

For those who are bringing a significant other, maybe they would love
to sit in the best seat in the house to watch the competition. You
can sit together in the shade.

If you know of any volunteer organizations who would like to help let us know.

The success of the meet will greatly depend upon our volunteers who
will be the ones who make this meet work. The Organizing Committee
can only do so much. We have brought the meet here and we are in
position to have a great meet. Now it is up to you to bring the meet
home. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Michael W. Moore, chairman
XI FINA World Masters Championships
Stanford University
Stanford, California

michael at 2006FINAMasters.org