[PacMasterUpdate] Pacific Masters Update 24 December 2006

Update on Pacific Masters Swimming sent to members and friends. Sun Dec 24 13:17:18 EST 2006

On Behalf of Nancy Ridout, register; Barbara
Thomas, Barry Fasbender, Karen Duggan, Jennifer
Zeitler and Bill Grohe, and all the committee
chairmen, we wish you the best for the holiday
season and may you have a prosperous and
successful 2007.


A Story that will be running this Sunday, Dec. 24
(7PM ET/PT on CBS) on ì60 MINUTESî that I thought
you might be interested in. Itís a great piece on
an amazing athlete youíre probably familiar with:
ocean swimmer Lynne Cox. When Cox, who had
already set records in the English Channel and
performed other extraordinary swimming feats,
needed a new challenge a few years back, she
picked a doozy: trying to swim a mile in the
coldest water on earth. So did she succeed?

Itís a great and inspiring story, and weíre
trying to get word out about it to people we
thought would be particularly interested. To that
end, we were hoping youíd consider sending out
something to your listserve and/or posting
something on your website. Further information
will also be available on our website

You can listen to 60 Minutes on KCBS Radio - I
think you might be able to download the story
from the CBS 60 Minutes web site.

The 2007 USMS registration year is upon Pacific
Masters. All club and individual registrations
expire on 31 December. From 1 November, clubs and
individuals can register for 2007. The individual
membership is $35 / year, the same as 2006 and
includes a subscription to USMS Swimmer Magazine,
the Pacific Masters newsletter. Membership also
includes a secondary accident insurance policy,
borrowing privileges from the video library and
the privilege of participating in any of our pool
and open water events.

The 2007 individual application is available
along with the 2007 Club and Individual
Registration instructions and the Frequently
Asked Questions.

The 2007 Pacific Swimming Clinic will be on
Saturday January 6th at the Gresham Center, US
Coast Guard Island Alameda. This is for All
Officials - new to experienced and Lunch is
provided. More information can be found at

The Pacific Swim Coaches Clinic is 4-7 January at
the Marriott Hotel in Napa, California. Speakers
include Randy Reese, Tori Eubanks, Scott Shea,
Keith Moore, Mike McDonald and Jozsef Nagy.
Information about the swim clinic can be found at

There are touch pads that are available for sale.
They will fit into a 25 yard wide pool. The touch
pads were only used at one meet and are in very
good condition. If you are interested please
contact Michael Moore at michael at

To contact Pacific Masters please use
mailto:chairman at pacificmasters.org

From Singapore Masters
The Standard Chartered Masters Swimming Series
will stage its first event of the 2007 season
with the Asia Pacific Masters Swimming Meet from
9-11 Feb 2007 in Singapore. With the support of
title sponsor Standard Chartered Bank, we are
looking to roll out a series of masters swimming
events to grow local and regional interest in
masters swimming.

We would like to extend an invitation for you to
participate / encourage your membership to
participate and assist us in promoting the event
to anyone who may be interested in taking part in
masters swimming. We encourage adult swimmers of
all ages and ability to come take part in the
spirit of fitness, fun and friendship. The event
takes place a week prior to Chinese New Year and
it will give overseas visitors a chance to come
see the festivities and savour the Chinese New
Year atmosphere in Chinatown.

Your help in spreading the word about Masters
Swimming and upcoming events, to friends in
Singapore and around the region would be much
appreciated. We'd like to get participants from
the Asia Pacific region to come to Singapore for
the event. We've had interest from Australia,
Hong Kong and Taiwan so far and we're looking to
contact swimming enthusiasts from Japan, Korea
and the region to come participate as well. The
website is the best source of information and we
will update the site periodically. Please share
the website link with anyone who may be


If you need further assistance, please do not
hesitate to contact us at
helpdesk at singaporemasters.org or call us at +65
6435 0930.

Have a good week


Michael W. Moore