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The 2007 Pacific Masters Short Course Yards Championships will be
held 20--22 April 2007 at the Dolores Bengston Aquatic Center in
Pleasanton, California. You may enter on line at
Or you can enter on line. the postmark deadline is 2 April 2007.

The Dolores Bengstron pool is very fast pool. Ribbons will be
presented to first through eighth place.

New England Masters has 829 swimmers register for the New England
Championships. It would be fun to have at least 830 swimmers compete
at the Pac Masters Championships.

The 2007 USMS Short Course Yards Championships will be held at the
Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center, Federal Way, Washington
17-20 May 2007. Information is now on line at
You can also register on line now. The on-lineregistration deadline
is 12 April 2007.

Pacific Masters announces the a new model for teams in Pacific. After
a lot of work put in by the Team Committee, The Pacific LMSC will go
to the New England team model. In the model, there is one team for
competing at National and worlds, but for local events, the teams
will compete as workout groups. Except for teams trying to break a
record (see below).

There will be a coaches meeting / Team leadership meeting on May 5th.
Tom Boyd, and Jim Wheeler are the featured speakers. Tom Boyd did a
survey of Masters swimmers last year. He will be discussion the
results and what it means for coaches. Jim Wheeler will be speaking
on getting along with the pool management.

Bay Area Underwater Hockey team will be hosting a beginners
day/clinic Sunday, April 22nd at San Jose State Masters swimmers are
invited to attend

Pacific Masters is now 6,370 swimmers for the year. If you have not
re-registered, now is the time. Be sure that you continue to get your
copy of USMS Swimmer Magazine.

Many of you know Judy Strauss, who swims for Menlo Masters. Last year
she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a Mastectomy in May and
later reconstructive surgery. Shie is doing very well with no
detectable cancer. She was able to swim at Worlds this summer and is
now trying to get back into shape to swim at Nationals. She would
like to get a group of people together that are swimmers that have
had chest surgery or injuries so that we can share some insights of
what helps. If you would like to get together a group or just talk
about your experiences contact Judy at judystrauss at sbcglobal dot

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Pacific Masters announces the a new model for teams in Pacific. After
a lot of work put in by the Team Committee, The Pacific LMSC will go
to the New England team model. In the model, there is one team for
competing at National and worlds, but for local events, the teams
will compete as workout groups. Except for teams trying to break a

At the XI FINA World Masters Championships, there were many relay
teams that combined for the World Championships. In the 200 Mixed
Medley relay 200-239 a combined Colorado team beat a combined Florida
for the event and also lowered the World record by 4.5 seconds.-
Walnut Creek, a team with a single practice location beat the WR by
1.5 seconds an came in a distant 3rd.

Pacific Masters were disappointed. and I was asked as chairman what
we could do about it. I appointed a committee of Barry Fasbender,
Vice President of Operations, Kerry O'Brien of Walnut Creek Masters
and Coaches co chair and Nancy Ridout, registrar and past USMS
President to see what Pacific could do to be competitive in national
and world records.

The result was to implement the New England LMSC model in 2007. In
that model, most teams will no longer exist except as workout groups.
See page about teams). All swimmers will be registered as members of
Team Pacific (TPAC) unless they formally opt out to be "unattached"
or to registered with a team.

Starting next year, Team Pacific will be the main team from Pacific
Masters for US Nationals and FINA World Competition. Team Pacific
will be able to draw from its over 10,000 athletes to compete in
these prestigious events. Worlds and Nationals are such great events
that Pacific wants to honor these events by allowing our best
athletes to compete against the best athletes from other parts of the
nation. Without being limited to just the local single pool team,
Pacific can compete against the great teams of Team Tyr, Colorado and

Kerry O'Brien will be the head coach, besides overall coaching
management of the Team Pacific, he will be the mens head coach (Men's
relays). Brian Stack will be assistant head coach and have charge of
the women (women's relays). Scott Williams and Tim Sheeper will be in
charge of the mixed medley relays.

Brian said Pacific has always had such a strong contingent of women
swimmers, I am proud to be the head coach. Imagine have a relay team
of Laura Val, Leanne Crittenden, Debbie (Meyer) Webber and Suzannne
Heim-Bowen as a 200+ relay team

Next year is the XII FINA World Masters Championships in Perth
Australia, Pacific will be picking up half the air fare for the four

So that swimmers who know how well they are swimming, if they plan to
go to worlds in Perth, USF is making a change in their Valentines day
meet. For the first time in 16 years, USF will host a long course
meet. Cathy Huang, aquatics supervisor, said that the having a long
course meet at that time of the year will be difficult, but USF had
so much fun at the Stanford meet, that USF is willing to help in the
new model.

For all those swimmers who will be traveling to Perth, Pacific is
asking all to swim at the USF meet next February just to meet the
coaches and to see how they are doing.

Rich Burns who designed the mascot of the XI FINA World Masters
Championships will be designing the Team Pacific Logo and Mascot.
After discussion with NorCal Swim wear to become the exclusive dealer
with Team Pacific. Pacific LMSC has spoken with Stu Isaacs of Speedo
and Roque Santos of Nike about becoming the official team supplier of
Team Pacific.

The Pacific masters Short Course Yards championships will be held at
the deep water pool in Pleasanton in late May this in 2008 after the
World and USMS Championships in Austin. Team Pacific will be be going
after all the short course relay records.

Jody Smith of Stanford Masters has been working with the Athletic
Department to have the Pacific Masters Long Course Championships at
the Avery Center. Due to the use of the pool in the summer, the
Belardi pool will be available either the last weekend in July or the
first weekend in August, thus giving the athletes time to compete
then rest before Nationals in Oregon. This will be the long course
meet for those who could not travel to Perth.

We have so many great swimmers that I think I have challenged the
coaches to get half the short course records and 2/3 of the USMS
Long course relay records.

We've seen how well Masters swimmers have performed over the past 25
years., We know that masters swimmers, but getting allowing some of
the top USMS swimmers to compete on a team, we can really show the
world what masters swimmers can do.

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