[PacMasterUpdate] Pacific Masters Update 16 April 2007

Update on Pacific Masters Swimming sent to members and friends. Tue May 1 01:37:27 EDT 2007

There will be a coaches meeting / Team leadership meeting on May 5th.
Tom Boyd, and Jim Wheeler are the featured speakers. Tom Boyd
surveyed Masters swimmers last year. Tom segmented swimmers into
different groups. Each group, whether it be the elite, tri-athlete,
competitive or "swim for exercise swimmer" has its own peculiarities
He will discuss the results of the survey and what it means for
coaches and with that knowledge how they can work better with their
swimmers. The answers may surprise you and should generate a lively
discussion for building your team's join and stay factor

Jim Wheeler will be speaking team interaction with the pool
management. Aquatic management has its own set of priorities and
needs. For the team, by addressing the needs of aquatic management in
the terms of aquatic management will insure a more harmonious
relationship. Jim has work on both sides of the aquatic table so his
insights will prove valuable for team management.

The meeting will be at the Heather Farms Community Center, Walnut
Creek, starting at 11am until 3PM. Lunch Will be provided. While
"deck entries" are accepted, please call Nancy Ridout 415 892 0771 if
you plan to attend - we want to know how many chairs to set up for.

The Parkside Aquatic Mile will be on 12 May 2007 at San Mateo,
California. The entry fee is $30.00 if paid by 5 May. there will be
race day entries. For more information contact Joel Swartz at
openwater at sanmateomarlins.org.


The Spring Lake One Mile Swim will be on 19 May at Spring Lake which
is near Santa Rosa, California. You can register on-line at
http://www.lifeguardsforlife.org before 13 May. Or you can register
at the meet.

The 33rd Davis Aquatic Masters Annual Lake Berryessa Open Water swim
will be held Saturday 2 June at Lake Berryessa. This is the most
popular Pacific Masters sanctioned swim. You are encourage to enter
early to avoid the lines on race day.

The nomination deadline for the 2007 Pacific Masters Coach of the
year is 30 May at the Pacific Masters Swimming Monthly meeting. You
are encouraged to nominate your coach before then by sending your
nomination to
Michael Moore
350 Wayland Street
San Francisco, CA 94134-1730
The award is based on a coach's activities since January 1, 2006, and
also their activities over their career. These activities are
measured on a competitive as well as a noncompetitive basis, taking
into account:
Competitive: Club and individual performance at Pacific meets and
championships as well as USMS National Championships in any
sanctioned course that reflects the coach's skill and inspiration
(including relay and individual records on a Pacific, USMS or World
record basis)
Non-Competitive: Club size, growth and vigor; participation in
volunteering, and club participation in hosting well-run events.
Other Factors to Consider: Service to Pacific Masters, USMS or other
public or private community organizations, and outstanding
professional services, including publications or participation in
clinics or other activities
Nominations: Nominations may be made by any registered Pacific
Masters club officer, in a written statement setting out how their
nominee meets these qualifications, as well as the instructional and
inspirational qualities of the coach. You may support your
nomination with supporting letters from up to four registered
Pacific Masters swimmers. Send these materials by 28 May to Michael
Moore (by email at <mailto:chairman at pacificmasters.org>
chairman at pacificmasters.org
or by mail to 350 Wayland, San Francisco, CA 94134.

If you have moved and want to still receive your copy of Swimmer
Magazine, please go to the Pacific Masters On-Line Change of Address
page. Fill it out and your address will be changed and you will
continue to receive USMS Swimmer Magazine.

The XII FINA World Masters Championships will be held in Perth,
Western Australia, Australia 15-25 April 2008. All of the aquatic
disciplines will be run concurrently, so that one can see all the
events there.

For those who would like to receive their newsletter, go to
to subscribe.

The sprints will not have any qualifying times. The distance events
will have qualifying times, but the times have not yet been posted.

Davis Aquatic Masters spring stroke clinics for novice swimmers: Sat.
May 12 Freestyle; Sunday May 13 Backstroke; Sunday June 3 Butterfly;
Sat. June 9 Breaststroke. All clinics held at Civic pool, corner of
5th and B St. in Davis from 1-2:30 pm. Cost is $10 per clinic for
non-DAM members. Contact Coach Rick Powers at
<mailto:rpswimmer at hotmail.com>rpswimmer at hotmail.com


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