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Update on Pacific Masters Swimming sent to members and friends. Mon Nov 19 01:17:32 EST 2007

If you have moved and want to still receive your copy of Swimmer
Magazine, please go to the Pacific Masters On-Line Change of Address
page. Fill it out and your address will be changed and you will
continue to receive USMS Swimmer Magazine.

On behalf of Nancy Ridout, registrar, Barry Fasbender, Joan
Alexander, Karen Dugan, Jennifer Zietler, Joan Bervan, I would like
to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving. We hope that you will
enjoy the holiday with your friends and family.

Pacific Masters is made up primarily of volunteers. It is only
through those volunteers that we have the great programs that we have
come to expect. There has been a lot of hard work by these volunteers
that goes into the running of Pacific Masters Swimming. I am very
thankful that we have them:

Nancy Ridout has been our registrar for a long time. She is also our
Top Ten chairman. She answers all the calls people have about Pacific
Masters. I believe that Pacific is the largest LMSC because of the
hard work of Nancy. If anyone has a question about Masters swimming,
she either answers the question or finds out the answer and then gets
back to the person with the question.

Barry Fasbender has been our Vice President of Operations. He is also
our sanctions chair. Every meet that Pacific sanctions has to be
reviewed by Barry before it is granted a sanction. He reviews the
meet sheet and works with the meet director to be sure that
everything is properly done.

Karen Dugan has been out secretary for the past two years. She takes
the minutes of the general meeting and the executive board meetings.
After writing the minutes, the minutes have to be communicated to all
110 Pacific Masters clubs.

Joanne Bervan is our newsletter editor. She works on six editions
every year. All eight pages have to be written, checked and
rechecked. Then it has to be sent to the magazine people so it makes
it on time.

Jennifer Zietler has been our Treasurer for the past two years. She
made sure that everyone was paid on time. She just became a teacher
which has very much limited her extra time. We thank her for the her
work over the past two years.

Cindy Clements has done a phenomenal job working with the Open Water
Directors to produce great open water events. Cindy had to be sure
that the safety rules were adhered to and that all of the paper work
was done and properly turned it. Then after it is turned it, there
are usually errors that have to be corrected. Thank you Cindy for the
great job that you did over the past few years.

Bill Grohe has been the At-Large chair for the past two years. Bill
has worked hard with new clubs and has worked to get new meets for
Pacific Masters swimmers.

Kerry O'Brien and Brian Stack have been the coaches chair for the
past few years. They have had the experience to work with the coaches
all the while working with their own teams. Thank you Kerry and Brian.

Every meet needs officials. Caroline Lambert our officials chair has
been taking the names of all the officials who have worked Masters
meets. This data base will be available so that we can get our meets
properly officiated.

Leianne Crittenden worked hard to get Clyde Wilson to speak on
nutrition at the Olympic Club for our members. Over 60 people
attended the presentation.

Barbara Thomas, as the Administrative Vice President worked very
diligently to get the all the paperwork done for Pacific Masters
Swimming. As a very able writer she wrote many of nomination letters
that we send to USMS national. She worked tirelessly for Pacific
Masters, I am thankful that she work for us for the past few years. I
have missed her since her untimely passing.

To all the Meet directors and volunteers, we could not have had the
meets and the working of Pacific Masters without your help. You are
the unsung heroes of Pacific Masters. I am thankful for all of you
and I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving.

Yesterday, the Pacific Masters website became 12 years old. In that
we years, the results of the pool meets and the open water meets have
been posted. The Pacific Masters Newsletter have all be posted. It is
a great place to find out how well you have swum over the past 12

Reno Winners Meet
The 14th Annual Reno "Winners" Meet will be held Saturday, 1 December
2007 at the Northwest Pool in Reno, Nevada. The meet starts at noon,
so that swimmers from the Bay Area can make the four hour drive to
Reno the day of the meet. Remember Reno is at 4000 feet and that
there is not much time between events.

The Pacific Masters Swimming Annual meeting was held 14 November.
There was an election of officers. The officers for 2008-2009 are

Chairman - Michael Moore
Vice Chair Administration - Joan Alexander
Vice Chair Operations - Barry Fasbender
Secretary - Karen Duggan
Treasurer - Linda Shoenberger
At-Large - Bill Grohe

The committee reviewed it accomplishments over the past year.

The Northern California Swimming Coaches will be 4-6 January in
Napa. Chris Campbell has information about clinic. Pacific Masters
will reimburse coaches $50.00 of the clinic's $85 cost. For further
information contact Chris Campbell at coaches at pacificmasters.org

The November - December Pacific Masters Newsletter has been posted on
the Pacific Masters website. It contains the 2008 schedule and meet
information for meets in December and January.

The 2008 Pacific Masters Schedule has been posted on the web site.


Currently 35 events are planned for the next year. Included in the
schedule are short course yards, long course meters, short course
meters and open water.

Pacific Masters members can now register for the 2008 year. The
registration for is on the first page of the November - December
newsletter. The cost for 2008 is $40.00 - a $5.00 increase that will
be going to the national USMS organization.

Almost all the clubs have re-registered. Nancy has sent out invoices
to most Pacific Masters members. You might have already sent sent in
your money and still received an invoice - they are two different
systems (we are working on a new registration system for 2008). For
those who have sent in their 2009 registration, 2009 cards will start
to be sent out the end of this week (after Thanksgiving).

The Pacific Masters Committee hopes that you will register early. By
registering early, you will continue to USMS Swimmer, your club will
continue to be covered by USMS secondary insurance (if all the
swimmers are USMS members), you receive borrowing privileges from
Pacific Masters Video library and there is a central Pacific Masters
office to answer your questions:

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Happy thanksgiving
michael w. moore
michael at mwmoore.org