[PacMasterUpdate] The Update Thanksgiving 2008

Update on Pacific Masters Swimming sent to members and friends. Thu Nov 27 11:02:51 EST 2008

As adopted by the Pacific Masters Committee the Mission of Pacific Masters is:

Pacific Masters Swimming welcomes anyone who would like to gain and
maintain fitness through swimming and encourages programs to foster
this mission.

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On behalf of the Pacific Masters Committee and the Executive
Committee, we would like to wish all the member of Pacific Masters
A very Happy Thanksgiving

As chairman of Pacific Masters I am very thankful for all the coaches
who work hard for their clubs. It is through their dedication to the
sport that Pacific Masters is the largest regional group in United
States Masters Swimming.

I am also very thankful for all the meet directors and volunteers who
spend hours organizing pool meets and open water events so that our
swimmers can compete in over thirty events throughout the year.

I am thankful for the Pacific Masters Committee, who work hard for
Masters Swimming in Northern California and Nevada. There are many
jobs to be done and they ensure that the myriad tasks of running an
LMSC is done.

I am also very thankful for Nancy Ridout, our registrar, who does
much of the adminstrative work of the LMSC. When people call about
Pacific Masters, her voice is what people hear. Besides the
registration, she takes care of the top ten, which requires reviewing
all the meet records.

I have a great job as chairman, because of all the work that is done
by everyone in the Pacific Masters family and for that I am very
The 15th Annual Reno Winners Meet will be at the Northwest Pool in
Reno, Nevada on Saturday December 6th. The meet will be at the
Northwest Pool opening at 11am and meet starts at noon. Deck entries
are accepted.


The NorCal Swim Shop Swim clinic will be .held 8 January through 11
January in Napa, California. Pacific Masters has helped coaches
attend by paying up to 50% of the registration fee. Information about
the clinic can be found at
If you are interested in attending and would like Pacific Masters to
help with the registration fee, please contact Chris Campbell at
mailto:coachchris at mvm.org .

Brian Stack of the Manatees is out for couple of weeks after an
operation. He is expect to fully recover and be on the deck soon.

Brian had been participating in the "Go the Distance" event. It looks
like his current total will be his final total for the year. We look
forward to seeing him in the water soon.

A series of swim stroke clinics is taking place at Meridian Sports
Club Rolling Hills (Novato). Each month the Club is offering a
different stroke clinic. Their first launch was a freestyle stroke
clinic on November 15th. Up next is a backstroke clinic on Saturday,
December 13th. January will be breaststroke, February will be
butterfly, and March will be Starts & Turns (dates TBA on those
three). All the clinics will be repeated throughout the year. The
clinics are taught by masters swimmers Cokie Lepinski and Susie
Powell of the Rolling Hills Mud Sharks. You don't not have to be a
club member to participate in these clinics.

Each clinic is three hours in length, with a format of part land,
part water. About 90 minutes is spent in the water and swimmers learn
or improve their stroke through a series of drills. Swimmers
eliminate bad habits, develop a more efficient and smooth stroke,
improve their breathing, and see and feel their stroke change in just
a short time. Participants are given a packet of resources complete
with all drills written out as well as a laminated card with the
drills to take to the pool and practice after the clinic. If you'd
like information on this clinic contact either Cokie or Susie. Cokie
can be reached at swimnut at mac.com or 415-827-5672. Susie can be
reached by email at swimsp at comcast.net.

Another program offered by veteran Mud Shark masters swimmer, Maggie
Tevis, is the "Swim A Mile in Six Weeks". Here participants practice
three times a week (hour long format) for six weeks building up from
just a few laps to the accomplishment of swimming a mile without
stopping at the end of the six week program. Maggie has currently
graduated over 75 people from this program and the transformation of
the swimmers, many of whom are novice level, is phenomenal. A few
have even gone on to join our masters team and many of them stay in
the water after succeeding in this program. Information on this
program can be obtained by emailing Maggie Tevis -
margaret1948_94945 at yahoo.com or Winnie Comfort (Aquatics Director at
Rolling Hills) - winnie at rollinghillsclub.com. As with the stroke
clinics, this program is open to non-members.

The RCP Mile recap will be on Comcast SportsNet Bay Area

Thu 11/27/08 7:00 PM .5 (MISC) The 9th Annual RCP Tiburon Mile Open
Water Swim (D)
Mon 12/1/08 6:00 PM .5 (MISC) The 9th Annual RCP Tiburon Mile Open
Water Swim (R)
Tue 12/9/08 6:30 PM .5 (MISC) The 9th Annual RCP Tiburon Mile Open
Water Swim (R)
Sun 12/14/08 5:00 PM .5 (MISC) The 9th Annual RCP Tiburon Mile Open
Water Swim (R)

Linda Schoenberger wrote "Come Join in the Fun" that is on the USMS web site.
It is a about the USMS fitness "Go the Distance" program, the every
popular personal fitness event. I would encourage everyone to read
the article, then join in the fun of the "Go The Distance" event

You can now renew your membership for 2009. You can register on line,
it is very easy, just go to:
and start filling out the forms. If you are a member of the clubs
listed below you can register with your club.

If your club is not one of the clubs listed above, you will have to
register as "unattached." And then when your club registers you can
change membership.

For those who do no want to register on-line, Pacific Masters still
has a paper registration form to send to Nancy.


Thanks to the over 600 swimmers who have already reregistered for 2009.

If your club has not reregistered for 2009 you can fill out the paper
registration form Nancy will hold the registration for until your
club reregisters or until 31 December (if your club has not
reregistered by then, you will be registered as unattached).
The Clubs that have registered for 2009 are listed Clubs can register
(and reregister) by filling out the 2009 Club Registration form.
If you have any questions about registration, please contact our
register, Nancy Ridout, (mailto:registrar at pacificmasters.org or call
415 872 0771)

The last issue of the Pacific Masters Newsletter for 2008 is posted
on the Pacific Masters web site. It has the list of events for 2009
and the updated list of the DVDs and tapes available from the Pacific
Masters Video Library. (If you are a member of Pacific Masters, you
can check out the DVDs and tapes.

The USMS website has a new feature "What is the Value of Swimming."

There are two new articles in the Feature Section. "Fitness program
that Motivate" and "What's With the Groth"

Rick Powers, former head coach of DAM and now a consultant to the
Philippine National Swimming Federation is organizing one more trip
for DAM swimmers, to the Philippines, next summer, June 15 to July 2.
Total cost of the trip will be approximately $2,200, including
airfare, hotels, buses. There are still eight spots available. This
will be the seventh overseas trip organized by Coach Rick. Several
Bay area swimmers have participated in the past. Itinerary follows
and includes a masters meet, open water swim and 4 days of
snorkeling/scuba diving. All interested swimmers (can bring
spouse/friend, kids)should notify Rick Powers, rpswimmer at hotmail.com
and Nicole David, nicoledavid1968 at yahoo.com ASAP.

Hotel Reservations are open for the USMS Short Course Nationals that
will be held in Clovis California in May. You are encouraged the use
of the direct link for reservations at all preferred hotels:


Many Swimmers will be ordering items on line this year. If you will
be ordering from Amazon. com, US Masters Swimming has a "store" at
the Amazon site. You can go to
to go the USMS store. US Masters Swimming will get credit for the
sale. It is a way to help Masters swimming and not cost you anything.

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OFF THE WALL - More work on the shoulder
Last week, I was kicking again and also doing the one arm freestyle
and when I wanted to burn calories, I did the one are butterfly. When
doing the freestyle, I had to concentrate on kicking when moving my
left arm. The right arm was kinda out in front, but I could not
stretch it out, so there was very little stream lining.

After seeing the physical therapist, on Wednesday, she said I could
do the freestyle, but dont pull with the right arm, just move in the
general direction of how it should be moving. Doing the breaststroke
was ok, but again not too much right arm pressure. I should not try
the backstroke because of all the torquing the arms does when
recovering over the water and then entering the water. I was told not
to even attempt the butterfly. :-)

I started out doing the freestyle. I would do two hundred free and
then either kick or do another stroke. It was difficult, to remember
not to push to hard and then remember to do a six beat kick at the
same time. I can only concentrate on one thing at a time.

The freestyle was rather humorous if you were watching me. I was
veering to the right. A left arm pulling through the water and a
right arm that was just moving through the waster sent me into the
wall going out and into the lane line coming back.

Over the past ten years, I have gotten into the habit of doing open
turns. During the last year, the coach has tried to convince me to do
flip turns. With the open turn, I grab the wall with my right
hand,with a right shoulder still bothering me, I could feel the
weight of my body still going forward when my arm grabs the wall to

When doing the freestyle, I saw the wall from just beyond the flags
and thought I would try a flip turn. It was a MISTAKE and made the
most pitiful flip turn I have ever made (and I have made many pitiful
ones) . I as not going very fast. I have always started the turn by
using my hands at my side to press down to start the turn - the left
hand could press water normally to start the flip - the right could
barely push down. (instead of evenly turning over evenly, I turned
over and twisted to the right) I was not going very fast and just
barely hit the wall with my outstretch legs. Once I pushed off, I did
a great one arm streamline - the left was out there nice and smooth.
I could not get my right arm next to my head.I wound up pushing the
water with my right arm. I did not make it half way to the flags
before I had to start my stroke.

I have never realized how much I twist and turn when getting into my
car. I use my arms to push and pull with getting out of the car. Over
the weekend, I was pushed out of the car with my right foot not in a
straight line with the rest of my body. I did something to the knee.
I could walk fine, but when I climbed stairs, the area under the knee
cap hurt,(For the rest of the week I paid attention to how I entered
and exited my car this pain went away in a few days).

I only mention it as when I was trying to push off the wall with
more pressure on my right leg than my left, the right knee hurt - I
barely pushed off the wall. I did notice that if I was careful in
pushing evenly off the wall, it did not hurt. I have not been doing
quick turns - only slow deliberate turns to protect the right
shoulder and right leg.

Monday of this week, I was feeling good. I swam sets of two hundred
free following by a hundred of kicking or breaststroke (I even tried
back stroke). I swam five sets - 1500 yards - and it felt pretty
good. Also during the day, I did the other exercises I was supposed
to do, including moving a light weight from my hips to reach out.

The next day I got in the water thinking that I would do 1800 years -
that is six 300's. It would be the first time I have swam a mile in
two months. At 700 yards, my shoulder was starting to ache and at 800
yards, I said to myself that 1000 yards would be a good day and it

The freestyle is tough to swim as I can fully press with my left arm.
Pressing hard with the right arm causes an ache in the shoulder. I
have tried to concentrate on the right arm when pulling, but when I
do that I go back into a slow ineffective two beat kick.

The breaststoke is getting there. I cannot pull very hard with the
right arm. With the backstroke, I cannot raise my right arm all the
way and when putting the right hand in the water, there is no way
that I can pull the water very effectively. I have been trying to
make the motions in these two strokes, if just to stretch out the arm.

The progress has been slow, but there is progress. I am jumping into
the water and not feeling the shoulder being pulled. I have been able
to start doing the freestyle and I can raise my arms higher than I
could weeks ago.

Have a good week and a happy thanksgiving


michael w. moore
michael at mwmoore.org