[PacMasterUpdate] The Update 12 January 2009

Update on Pacific Masters Swimming sent to members and friends. Tue Jan 13 01:31:58 EST 2009

As adopted by the Pacific Masters Committee the Mission of Pacific Masters is:

Pacific Masters Swimming welcomes anyone who would like to gain and
maintain fitness through swimming and encourages programs to foster
this mission.


To all of you, may you have a very happy and prosperous and healthy 2009

The Fog City Quadrathon will be at the Herbst Natatorium on campus of
St Ignatius College Prep. The Fog City meet is the first competition
of the year. It is the 500 Free, 200 Free, 100 Free and the 50 Free.
The pre-entry deadline is 20 January ($20 for the four events) You
can deck enter the meet at ($35 for the four events)

The USF Valentines Day meet will be February 7th. This is one of the
Pac Masters Swimming most popular meets attracting about 350
swimmers. All swimmers are encouraged to enter the meet on-line.

The Jon Steiner Memorial Mile is Tam's 1650 Postal event. You can
swim the event from now until the end of February. You just need to
have a person to be your timer. You can enter the event on line by
going to http://tammasters.org/PoolMileEntry (a four dollar discount
from the paper entry).

The US Masters Swimming One Hour Postal Championship is a National
Championships that you can compete in while not having to leave the
comfort of your home pool. The objective is to swim as far as
possible in one hour. The total number of yards swum determines the
order of finish


You can swim the One Hour and the Jon Steiner 1650 at the same time,
so you can get a two fer for your efforts.

US Masters Swimming continues its fitness program of tracking your
swimming millage in the "Go The Distance" program. The program is
just to track your daily yardage on an Excel spreadsheet. Once a
month send the total to the Go the Distance chief - Mary Sweat.

There are two forms that one can use. The first is the easy form of
just tracking yardage, for those who realy want to track how that
yardage was achieved - swimming, kicking, by stroke there is the
advanced version of the swim sheet. (I am lucky I can just remember
what the total yardage was for the day - let alone break it out).

Linda Schoenberger wrote about the program in her "Come Join in the
Fun" article on the US Masters Swimming web site

Congratulation to Kent Price (960 Miles), Patricial Knowles (825 mi),
Steve O'Neil (567 mi), Susan Miller (636) Jim Clemmons (619 mi),
Sally Marshall 663 Mi Grasyon Marshall 508, Amy Beisheim 567, Andrew
Scheiner 550 , Deb Bon 547. Pacific racked up 15395 miles, which was
the most of any LMSC (but then we have the most swimmers). Oceana
Zone (which includes Pacific) was fifth out of the eight zones.

I encourage all swimmers to track their yardage over the year and to
have fun. (bet with your lane mates who will swim the most miles -
loser buys dinner).

One year ago, U.S. Masters Swimming formed a branding task force
charged with the responsibility of writing a position paper on the
identity of our organization. The brand task force developed and
evaluated surveys and questionnaires, and conducted focus groups to
define U.S. Masters Swimming, its members, both current and future,
and the core beliefs of the organization. The work of the brand task
force led to a rebranding effort and today the unveiling of a new
brand logo for U.S. Masters Swimming.

"We feel that the new brand logo represents our organization, where
we are today and where we will be in the future," commented Lynn
Hazelwood, branding task force chair. "We are pleased with the
commitment of the Board of Directors and the U.S. Masters Swimming
staff to the process and we are confident that this logo successfully
defines U.S. Masters Swimming."

"The icon in our new logo embraces our tradition of pool swimming
while also coming across as very inviting to recreational and fitness
swimmers, open water swimmers and triathletes," commented Executive
Director Rob Butcher. "It was our goal to maintain our heritage while
also recognizing the future of adult swimming."

All U.S. Masters Swimming clubs and sanctioned events are encouraged
to begin using the new brand logo according to the style guide
applications. The new logo and accompanying style guide of use may
be downloaded at http://www.usms.org/logos.

An application to officiate at the US Masters Championships is at
An application is needed if you wish to work an assigned position
(deck ref, starter, chief judge). Officials can apply for their N2,
N3 certification.

As of Sunday evening there were 5099 Pacific Masters members, and 99
clubs. The club with over 90 members are:

DAM Count 442
TCAM Count 264
WCM Count 258
STAN Count 227
MAM Count 182
USF Count 181
SCSC Count 173
CRUZ Count 155
MELO Count 146
MVM Count 146
TEME Count 133
BAC Count 124
TVM Count 109
MAAC Count 108
RAMS Count 108
TSUN Count 101
RINC Count 96
SCAM Count 90

2009 Zone 2 Officials clinic on Saturday January 24, 2009 at the
Heather Farms in Walnut Creek. Please invite any friends and other
parents on your club that are interested to become a swimming
official. This is for current officials to stay up to date on the
rules, and for parents who want to become an Official. (No prior
experience is necessary, just an eagerness to learn, and help the
swimming community.)

Date: Saturday January 24th,

Time: Set up and Registration 8:00 - 8:30
Clinic/Training 8:30 - 12:00

Location: Heather Farm Park, "Club Room" - by the Pond (not by the Pool)
301 North San Carlos Drive
Walnut Creek
Directions: From I 680 North, take the Ygnacio Valley Road Exit and
turn right. Turn Left onto North San Carlos Drive, past Heather
Drive and take the next left into the parking lot.
From I 680 South, take the Treat Boulevard Exit. Turn left onto
North Main, and left onto Treat Boulevard. Turn right onto Bancroft
Road. Turn right onto Ygnacio Valley Road. Turn right onto North
San Carlos Drive, past Heather Drive and take the next left into the
parking lot.)


Cost: FREE!

Light refreshments will be provided.

This year University of California Santa Cruz will be working on its
50 meter pool at the East Field House. Thjey will be resurfacing the
entire pool, sixing and replacing tile where necessary and repairing
and replacing the gutter and lane line stays. They expect the
project will take to at leasst mid August.

Pacific will be looking for a new location for its 2009 Pacific
Masters Long Course Championships. If your team is interested in
organizing the long course championships, please contact Barry
Fasbender at BarryFasbender at comcast.net . Normally there are
400-to 600 competitors who will swim at the meet.

You can now renew your membership for 2009. You can register on line,
it is very easy, just go to:
and start filling out the forms. If you are a member of the clubs
listed below you can register with your club.

If your club is not one of the clubs listed above, you will have to
register as "unattached." And then when your club registers you can
change membership.

For those who do no want to register on-line, Pacific Masters still
has a paper registration form to send to Nancy.


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After twelve days of rest due to the pool being closed, and after
three months of not being in my regualr lane, it was fun to get back
into the water with my lane mates. I felt very good and made sure
that I was not leading the lane. It was so much different swimming at
regular speed rather than really taking it easy.

Since this was the first practice after a couple of weeks off, the
practice was much easier than a normal practice, but after about 2000
yards, the shoulder was starting to feel a little "itchy" so I got
out of the water, satisfied with the practice.

On Wednesday, the practice included twice swimming 200 yards. I swam
one in 3:01 and the other in 2:59, which I thought was rather well
for just coming back. After about 50 minutes of swimming, the
shoulder was starting to feel "itchy" so I got out again satisfied
with the practie

Today at practice, the shoulder did not bother me at all. However,
swimming a bunch of 100s did get me out of breath (not much but a
little). That actually felt pretty good to work hard in the water. At
the end of practice, I had swum with my lane mates for a regular
practice. The shoulder felt fine all during practice and did not
bother me at all during the day - almost back to normal

I will get back in the water on Wednesday. It felt good to swim hard.
A few weeks ago, I was barely swimming a 50 in a minute, now just
pulling, a couple of times I was back down to 40 seconds (most of the
pulling was between 40 and 45 seconds). My kicking as gotten a little
better, although I will have to watch out and not get back into my
lazy kick. And I can do a flip turn again,but as always flip turns do
use up a lot of oxygen.

I am looking forward to being back in the water with my lane mates
and working on getting my times down. If Laura Val keeps dropping her
times, I should be able to work hard and drop mine.


michael w. moore
michael at pacificmasters.org