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As adopted by the Pacific Masters Committee the Mission of Pacific Masters is:

Pacific Masters Swimming welcomes anyone who would like to gain and maintain fitness through swimming and encourages programs to foster this mission.

Pacific Masters Championships
The 2010 Pacific Masters Short Course yards championships will be held at the Dolores Bengston Aquatic Center, Pleasanton, California. Led by Walnut Creek Masters (167 Swimmers), University of San Francisco (149) and Davis Aquatic Masters (111), 911 swimmers will make this the largest Pacific Masters short course yards championships.

We are going to try to have real time meet results on the web site. The URL will be
You can track your friends to see how they are doing. If you are at the event you can get results of each heat on your cell phone if you have a browser on your cell.

For competitors
Come cheer your club's swimmers. Early this week psych sheets are available on the Walnut Creek web site

Here are a few items that may help you prepare for the Pacific Masters Championships starting this Friday in Pleasanton.

As a reminder, this is a pre-seeded meet for all events 200 yards and less; check-in is only required for events of 400 yards or more. Please check the meet sheet for check-in requirements. Also remember the 1650 and 1000 free will be swum with men and women combined.

This year, in addition to checking in at the pool on the day of competition, you will have the option to check-in online for the 1650 by going to the following site (you may need to cut and paste into your browser):


Or you can go directly to www.swimphone.com and scroll down until you find Pacific Masters Championships. Online check in begins at 6:00 pm on Wednesday and continues until 5:00 am Friday morning. Please be aware if you check-in online that we have 16 fewer entries than last year for the 1650 so you may be swimming earlier than you might have expected.

If the Pacific Masters Championships is your first meet or your first meet in many years here are a few things to know about the competition and various competition procedures and rules (modified from a tip sheet created by Kerry O'Brien for Walnut Creek Masters swimmers).

1. If you are swimming events 400 or longer, you need to check in for those events at the check-in desk in front of the pool. All events shorter than 400 do not require check-in, as they are pre-seeded.

2. The competition pool will be open for warm-up prior to competition each morning. During the meet, a separate warm-up/warm-down pool will be available.

3. Never dive into a warm-up pool unless it is a designated sprint lane.

6. Start Procedures:

a. The shorter the event, the sooner you should be near the starting end.

b. There will be two competition courses, be sure you are at the correct one.

c. When the heat before you finishes, the meet referee will blow his whistle multiple times for you to come forward and stand behind your block.

d. Once all the swimmers are behind the blocks, the referee will then blow one long whistle. This is when swimmers will step up on the starting block. On the starting block, one foot must be at the front edge of the block. The long whistle is also your signal to enter the water if you are swimming backstroke or using an in the water start for another stroke.

e. The starter will give the command to "Take your mark." Come down to your start position and hold still.

f. When the start horn sounds, just dive in and enjoy the experience. You will do great.

g. After your event, exit the pool as quickly as possible. It is ok to swim over to the ladder but do not interfere with other swimmers. You should warm down in the warm-down pool.

7. If you are swimming a relay, only the starting swimmer should follow the above starting procedures. All other relay swimmers should stay behind the timers or crouch down to allow the timers to see the starting strobe. At the end of your relay leg you should either exit the pool immediately or hang on the lane line to avoid touching the finish pad.(please hang on at least three feet from the end of the course).

Peter Guadagni, Co-Meet Director

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