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As adopted by the Pacific Masters Committee the Mission of Pacific Masters is:

Pacific Masters Swimming welcomes anyone who would like to gain and maintain fitness through swimming and encourages programs to foster this mission.

There will be a stroke-and-turn clinic on Tuesday, May 18, from 7 - 9 PM in Walnut Creek. It is for the Walnut Creek Swim Conference, but there will be a few seats available for anyone who would like to become a Masters Official. For more information, contact John King mailto:officials at pacificmasters.org

USMasters Swimming Nationals
The US Masters Swimming Short Course Nationals are being held this week in Atlanta, GA. You can go to the USMasters Swimming website and they will have the heat results as they finish. For those that are going to the meet, remember that for the long events you must check in.

FINA WORLDS - Registration Closes on 22 May
The entry dealine for the XIII FINA World Masters Championships is 22 May. The biennial event is being held in Goteborg and Boras Sweden in late July. the Euro has fallen in recent days, so traveling to the event is less expensive. Congratulations to Cokie Lepinski who has been named as one of the US Masters Swimming coaches for the event.

Spring Lake 1 mile - 22 May
A one mile loop. Water temp is normally in the mid 60’s, but last year, it was closer to 70 degrees. There are some weeds. This swim is always very well run; they will have you out of there by 11:00 am, even if you stay for the awards. Parking is easy. Nice green lawn to sit on. Post event snacks provided.

Lake Del Valle .75 & 1.5 miles - 6 June - National Championships

The 1.5 mile swim is the 2010 USMS National Open Water Championship. USMS Long Distance National championship medals will be given for 1st through 6th place in each age/sex division. Expect a crowd. If you’re new to open water swimming, try the ¾ mile swim. It’s run first. For a good workout, do both. Nice venue, plenty of parking. A good place to bring your kids: they have a swimming area that is roped off. Post event snacks provided. http://www.pacificmasters.org/comp/10tvmow.pdf

Lake Berryessa One and Two Mile 12 June - Part of new H2Open Series
One of the biggest swims of the year. This season, Lake Berryessa has been chosen to be part of a new USMS open water series, USMS H2Open. A very popular swim that brings in the crowds. Water temp is comfortable. Plenty of parking and a shuttle runs frequently to haul you and your stuff from the parking lots. Bring a chair because the grass is full of foxtails and there are only a few picnic tables to sit at. You can pre-order a lunch…or bring your own food.

The Fresno Long Course Meet will be held at the Clovis Olympic Swimming Complex, Clovis West Swimming pool 1070 Teague, Fresno. Online entries close 16 June. Deck Entries will be allowed. The meet starts at 1pm, so there is time for swimmers to drive down from the Bay Area to compete. (and also swim in the Millerton Lake one Mile swim.


June 20 Millerton Lake 1-mile

Held at Millerton Lake, 15 miles northeast of Fresno. The swim is the day after a long course meet in Clovis. Millerton Lake was created by construction of the Friant Dam across the San Joaquin River in 1944. For history buffs, the original Millerton County Courthouse, built in 1867 is at the swim site. A little more historical lore -- the lake now covers Camp Barbour, a military encampment from the 1850’s.

SWIMFEST 5-7 June - Coaches closed - Swimmers still open
Come share the deck with some of the world’s top Masters swim coaches. Join us for a weekend of clinics and instruction in a friendly, non-competitive environment. Whether you are looking to learn the basics, hone your skills or become a more efficient coach, SwimFest ‘10 is for registered Masters swimmers and coaches of all levels and abilities.Ten of the most respected Masters coaches came to one location to educate, mentor and share best practices with other Masters coaches. There were 35 coaches who attended last year's SwimFest.

Friday, June 4 is a coaches-only seminar. Saturday, June 5 will be geared towards pool swimming and Sunday, June 6 will focus on open water swimming. We suggest you register early; attendance is limited. The three-day clinic is FREE for Coaches. For swimmers, the cost is $130/day or $200 for both Saturday and Sunday.

PacMasters Calendar
The PacMasters Calendar is now in a calendar format (Monday to Sunday). It has the meet deadlines as well as the dates of the meets themselves. Thanks to Caroline Lamber who created the calendar.

What do you receive for your $42.00 for joining PacMasters and US Masters Swimming. US Masters Swimming has list on USMS website that lists the benefits of US Masters Swimming. Also add to that, you receive the The Update on a somewhat weekly basis.

The city of Walnut Creek is considering making changes in their aquatic program that will affect the Walnut Creek Masters club. Kerry O'Brien has been an employee of the city of Walnut Creek for thirty years. The Walnut Creek team has been a big supporter of Masters swimming, they have help run the SCY championships for the past few years and they organize the SCM championships.

Part of this may be the new paradigm of city finances. The political governing bodies tend to make choices on the path of least resistance or as it has been said "if they feel the heat, they will see the light." Sara Welch of Seattle wrote "Seattle is considering closing some or ALL it's public pools. PNA LMSC is organizing with others to save the pools. ... Our King County let go/boarded up all its pools 5 years ago except Federal Way. 5 are now operated by non profits." For more information:


The U.S. Masters Swimming Kerry O'Brien Coaching Award
The U.S. Masters Swimming Coaches Committee initiated a new award in 2008 with the goal of recognizing coaches who are building our membership in communities throughout our country. Originally named the Grass Roots Coaching Award, it has been renamed to honor Coach Kerry O'Brien of Walnut Creek Masters, who embodies the passion, dedication, and heart that these coaches bring to the pool deck. It is with the efforts of individuals like these that U.S. Masters Swimming will most certainly move to a greater level.

Last year Jay Christiansen of Clovis, Linda Gilchrist of Alameda Aquatic Masters and Dana Kirk of South Palo Alto Master were given the award. If you know a person who you think should be nominated, please contact either me (chairman at pacificmasters.org) or Nancy Ridout (registrar at pacificmasters.org). The nominations will be discussed at the monthly Pacific Masters meeting.

The U.S. Masters Swimming Club of the Year Award
USMS clubs are constantly trying to develop programs that draw people in, support their swimmers, and set the standard for other clubs to follow. Initiated in 2006, this annual award publicly recognizes the efforts of the great clubs that embody these attributes.

LMSCs may nominate clubs or they may encourage individual clubs to nominate themselves. Once a club receives this award, that club may not be nominated again for a period of five years.

Based upon the three core objectives: Serve, Educate, and Build Membership, each applicant should describe how the nominated club has met and is currently meeting the criteria. Clubs are encourage to nominate themselves.


The U.S. Masters Swimming June Krauser Communications Award
The June Krauser Communications Award is presented annually to an individual, or group, whose communicative efforts have contributed to the growth, improvement, or success of United States Masters Swimming.

To submit a nomination, write a one-page letter detailing why the candidate is deserving of the award and send it to Hugh Moore:
swimmoore AT comcast DOT net
2102 N Vassault
Tacoma, WA 98406
Email submissions are preferred!

The US Masters Swimming Open Water championships rotate throughout the United States. This year Pacific is honored to host the 1-3 Mile Championships at Lake Del Valle. In 2012, the western region is eligible to bid for two mile cable swim and the greater than six mile championships. The Long Distance Committee is accepting bids for the both of those events through 1 August. If your club or group is interested in organize either please contact Glenda Carroll at mailto:openwater at pacificmasters.org

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