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As adopted by the Pacific Masters Committee the Mission of Pacific Masters is:

Pacific Masters Swimming welcomes anyone who would like to gain and maintain fitness through swimming and encourages programs to foster this mission.

The Pacific Masters Monthly meeting will be this Wednesday 8 September at Heather Farms. The topic for discussion will include the US Masters Swimming National Convention that will be 15-19 September in Dallas and the 2011 Pacific Masters Swim Schedule. Buffet dinner at 7:00PM; The meeting starts at 7:30 PM.

Whiskeytown Lake Open Water Swim - PacMasters Open Water Championships 12 September 2010
This year, the two mile swim has been designated the Pacific Masters Swimming Open Water Championship. Whiskeytown Lake is just outside Redding so plan to drive up the day before. This is a beautiful lake. There’s a nice shady picnic area and beach so bring the family. This event is in the early fall and the weather can be either chilly or hot. The lake is a bit cooler than Berryessa (think mid to high 60’s). If you plan to do both the 1- and 2-mile events, be prepared to feel a little cold at the start of the 2-mile. Post event snacks.

New distance for this year! Sierra Marlins is hosting a 5K and 1 mile swim. The swims will be held in Folsom Lake at Beals Point. The water will be in the 70's if not 80's. Every pre-entry receives a tee shirt. Check http://www.sierramarlins.net/Home.jsp?team=smst for more information.

7th Annual Alan Liu Memorial SCM Meet 26 September -
The 7th Annual Alan Lie Memorial SCM Meet will be Sunday 26th September. Online entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM PDT Thursday, September 23.
Special awards in memory of Coach Alan Liu for the winners of the 400 IMs, and to those who complete the Alan Liu Animal Pentathlon--400 IM, 200 Breast, 200 Fly, 200 Back and 400 Free. Award recipients for the Alan Liu Animal Pentathlon are not required to win their events.

for more information.

37th Annual Sacramento Sprint Pentathlon 3 October
The Sacramento Masters 37th Annual Sprint Short Course Meters Pentathlon will be at the Schaal Aquatic Center on the UC Davis campus on Sunday, 3 October 2010. Preentry deadline is 29 September 2010'

at https://www.clubassistant.com/club/meet_information.cfm?c=1266&smid=2507

and you can deck enter the meet.

Pacific Masters Short Course Meters Championships 8-10 October
The Pacific Masters Short Course Meters Championships will be held 8-10 October at the Clarke Swim Center, Heather Farms, Walnut Creek. The on-line deadline is 2 October - You can enter the meet at"


and there are no deck entries. This is one of Pacific's premiere meets, the weather is usually warm, the pool is very deep and Walnut Creek does a great job organizing it.


Cancelled Swims
Please note the 49 swim (16 October) and the Clovis Swim (6 November) which appear in the Newsletter have been cancelled and are no long on the calendar.

Long Course Top Ten
The Pacific Masters Long Course Top Ten is posted. Congratulations to all swimmers who achieved top ten times in the LMSC. Thanks to Nancy Ridout for putting together the top ten.
Individual http://www.pacificmasters.org/comp/10/10TopTenLCMInd.pdf

Relay http://www.pacificmasters.org/comp/10/10Top10LCMrelay.pdf

Pacific Masters Pool Championships
The Pacific Masters Swimming Committee chose the venues for the 2011 pool Championships. The Short Course Yards will be at Pleasanton, California, April 8-10. The Long Course Championships will be July 8-10, at Santa Cruz California and the Short Course Meters Championships will be October 14-16, Walnut Creek, California.

Richmond Plunge - Remodeled Pool - New Masters Team
Richmond Plunge Masters (RPM), has been formed and will begin workouts next week at the recently restored Richmond Municipal Natatorium (“The Plunge”). The Plunge is a grand 1920s-era indoor swimming facility located in Point Richmond that was closed in 2001 due to building deterioration and seismic problems. The Plunge was just reopened on August 14th following a multi-million dollar restoration and preservation effort. RPM, along with a new USA youth team (Richmond Sailfish), have been organized under Richmond Swims and the Richmond Friends of Recreation, a tax-exempt non-profit, with the mission of revitalizing youth and adult swimming in the City of Richmond. John Schonder, formerly head coach of the Oakland Barracudas, will coach both youth and Masters teams.


Do you Tweet? Pacific Masters does!
Twitter is a social media tool in which people communicate (tweet) in 140 characters or less. Twitter is free, however, to have full access, you must sign in with a username and password. Registered users may subscribe to other author tweets - known as following - and subscribers are known as followers. Twitter is another opportunity to reach out and interact with the swimming community, as well as encourage others into the sport. Twitter is, without a doubt, the best way to share and discover what is happening right now.

Our Twitter ID is @PacMastersSwim (http://twitter.com/PacMastersSwim)

Lose your Pacific Masters Card?
If you lost you Pacific Masters card and need a new one, you can go to:
where you can print out your PacMasters Card. Of course, you can contact our Registrar about getting a new card (mailto:registrar at pacificmasters.org) to get a new card.

2010 Swim Across America - 25 September
The Bay Swim is an SAA favorite - swimming under the Golden Gate Bridge is unbeatable and swimmers come from all over the country to participate. Expect to see recreational and competetive swimmers as well as a few Olympians. This years open water swim will take place September 25th, 2010 in the San Francisco Bay. Sign up for this fun 1.5 mile (or .5 mile) swim from the Golden Gate Bridge to Crissy Field Beach.Join them this 2010 in the Bay, or by starting a pool swim in the SF area.wim Across America, Inc., [SAA] is dedicated to raising money and awareness for cancer research, prevention and treatment through swimming - related events.

As of 6:05 on 6 September, Pacific Masters has 10,511 swimmers, which is about 1 percent more than were registered last year. Congratulations to all the coaches whose work improves our swimming and makes it fun. Below are the teams that have more than 100 registered swimmers.

DAM 620
WCM 486
TCAM 460
STAN 452
MELO 370
SCSC 364
USF 357
CRUZ 283
MVM 231
MAM 222
TVM 209
MAAC 207
TSUN 206
TEME 203
SERC 197
SNM 183
TOC 183
BAC 178
PCAM 171
SCAM 169
SMMM 167
RAMS 162
BAY 155
DC 155
CLOV 136
AAM 118
SRM 117
RINC 108
MMSW 106
SAC 105

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For questions about Open Water Results, please contact Glenda Carroll at OpenWater at pacificmasters.org


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