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Results - Santa Cruz Rough Water

The results of the Santa Cruz Rough Water Swim, Cruz Cruise, and Pier 
to Pier have been posted on the web site. The TOC Trans Tahoe Relay 
has also been posted as well as the Tamalpias Postal Mile.

Thank to the meet directors and all the people who put on the meet 
for putting on the meet. A special thanks to the Joel Wilson, The 
Santa Cruz Life Guards and the Santa Cruz Masters for putting on the 
The Pacific Masters Open Water Championships.

The Manatees 2x1 Lake Del Valle Open Water Relay will be August 19th 
at Lake Del Valle near Livermore.
This is an update on the Manatee 2x1 Open Water Relay Swim at Lake 
Del Valle.  Some of you may have heard the news back in June that 
water from Lake Del Valle was being diverted to supply water 
purveyors due to an emergency leak on the California Aqueduct.  This 
situation has since been fixed and water is being released back into 
the Lake.  As of last Tuesday, the lake is just 1.5 feet short of its 
normal elevation.  We expect the lake to be back to its normal 
elevation well before the race on August 19th.

The Manatee 2x1 Open Water Swim is definitely still on for Lake Del 
Valle, Sunday August 19th.  Vincent Pons, meet director  also 
extended the Pre-registration deadline to August 10th.  All 
preregistered swimmers will receive a t-shirt this year.  It should 
be a great swim.

For more information or an entry form,

Pinecrest Lake Open water swim is August 25th at Pinecrest Lake (east 
of Sonora)

Pacific Masters NEW AFFILIATE
Lands End

Pacific Masters entered into a new affiliate relationship with Lands' 
End Apparel . Lands' End is a maker of fine sports apparel for the 
active person.

If you click on the link to Lands' End from the Pacific Masters web 
site (like the link above or the link in the navigation bar) Lands' 
End will rebate some of the money of your purchase to Pacific 
Masters. Pacific will only receive funds if you click on the Lands 
End web site from the Pacific web site

The Pacific Masters Logo'ed shirts that meet officials wear are from Lands End.

Marcia Benjamin has sent out to each club the forms to get on the 
Pacific Masters schedule. If you did not receive a set of forms 
please contact Marcia mailto: msbenjamin at earthlink.net . If you are 
thinking about scheduling a meet, but have not put one on before or 
it is not on the current schedule, contact either Barry Fasbender for 
pool meets mailto:fasbenderb at aol.com or Jim Wheeler 
mailto:jwheeler at sanselmo.org for open water meets. Both can tell you 
about what is needed to put on a meet and give you the "inside" 

I'm sure a lot of you watched, and marveled, at Lance Armstrong's win 
in the latest Tour de France.  There was an newspaper article in the 
New York Times recently (Sunday/July 29) that talked about and 
interviewed Lance. I recommend that you try to find it  --very 
interesting article.

Two things stuck in my mind: one was his emphasis on "TRAINING" -- 
when asked how he can outclimb the other racers in the Alps and/or 
Pyrenees without looking 'strained' he replies: "You should see my 
face in January or February..............it's not a pretty face."

He is, according to the article, a rarity among professional 
bicyclists in that he spends more time training than racing to 
sharpen his form.  According to Lance: "I never miss a day of 
training: Never."

How does this apply to Masters Swimming??  Well, obviously we will 
never 'swim' the equivalent of the Tour de France -- but there is 
something to be said for realizing the need for hard, consistent 
training to create the 'environment' where one has a legitimate and 
honest chance of attaining one's true potential.  The ordeal one goes 
through to achieve one's goal makes the attainment all that more real 
and personal.

The second thing brought up in the article was the fact that the bulk 
of his training was geared toward raising his aerobic threshold, that 
is, the point where lactic acid being produced in the muscles starts 
to build up faster than it is being 'cleared out' or re-synthesized. 
He stated that ....."the purpose is to push your threshold up and I 
believe that the only way to push it up is to train below it. If you 
train above it ( if too often, my personal thoughts on this), 
ultimately you're going to push the threshold down."

The end result is that like Lance, if you have a strong aerobic base 
and foundation to your training, when you do 'shift into' anaerobic 
mode deep in a race, or way up a mountain, as in Lance's case -- you 
can speed by the competition because they have been 'pushed' into the 
anaerobic realm a lot sooner, and are hurting a whole lot longer!!

   BTW - an interesting tidbit: Lance Armstrong, according to the 
article, ....... "was a crack swimmer as a youth........"

There you go, yet another 'plus' in the "why one should be a swimmer 
column." Maybe when he retires from bike racing we can get him to 
become a Masters Swimmer !!!
    Coach Midnight

Fog City Masters is looking for a person to coach three of the five 
evening workouts of the well established evening crowd. Salary DOE. 
Contact Diane Davis 415 731 2522 or mailto:ddavis at siprep.org

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